2021 COY Chicken

Cook of Year standings track points from July 2020 to July of 2021. 


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Carlos Reyes IV (Tri-City Smokers)21866.0
2Duane Anderson (Real Smoke BBQ)21702.0
3Cody Malin (Smokin’ Aces BBQ)21430.0
4Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers)21410.0
5Phil Breeden (Lucky Charms)21341.0
6Fernando Ruiz (Texas Family Kookers)21155.0
7Chuck Long (Texas Rebel Smokehouse)11122.0
8Liz Shamlian (HotMes!)11119.0
9Oscar Garcia (O3 BBQ)11098.0
10Debbie Miller (Tequila Sunrise Part 2)11054.0
11Daniel Ramirez (Comin In Hot)11042.0
12Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers)11032.0
13Merrick Hager (Smokin Raiders)11022.0
14Daniel Garcia (STX Smokers)11019.0
15Joe Castillo (The Worms)11012.0
16Michelle Castillo (AMP Cookers)11001.0
17James Dodson (LimpBrizkit BBQ)1988.0
18Christopher Chaney (C2 Cookers)1932.0
19Kevin Wise (KW BBQ)1922.0
20Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)1912.0
21Adam Martinez (Damn If I'm Po)1901.0
22Daniel Doran (Get?N Sauced BBQ)1898.0
23Scott Olson (Sonny Jim BBQ)1842.0
24Tracy Douthit (Howl at the Moon BBQ)1822.0
25Brian Erbe (Big B BBQ)1788.0
26Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke)2761.0
27James Powell (J.P. Cooking Co.)1732.0
28Tommy Smith (Bent Nail BBQ)1722.0
29Danny Leal (DAMMIT BOYZ)1719.0
30Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke)2717.0
31Phong Vuong (Xtreme Texas Cookers)1712.0
32Robert Shadle (SmokeEaters BarBQ)1701.0
33Tammie Robey (Wine-A-Bit)1660.0
34Tim White (American-Made Kookers)1654.0
35Chris Henry (Crazy Henry Cookers)1632.0
36Scotty Bryce (East Texas Smokers)1560.0
37Bill Manning (BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ)1554.0
38Tim Wooldridge (Smoke Showin)1542.0
39Todd Nelson (DOUBLE BARREL COOKERS)1532.0
40Steve Shamlian (Team SAS)1519.0
41William Purvis (Chicken Fried BBQ)1512.0
42Aaron Cruz (Cruz Bros Bbq)1498.0
43Robert Smith (First Class BBQ)1442.0
44Tom Clarke (JC's Good Ol' Boys)1412.0
45Kyle Clemmons (287 Smokers)1388.0
46Jared Jones (Just-A-Smokin)1332.0
47Charlie Ruyle (Going South BBQ)1298.0
48Mike Seely (Double S Smokers)1254.0
49Curt Harbers (CC's Country BBQ)1232.0
50Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers)1212.0
51Cody Lubyinesky (B&K Cookers)1198.0
52Gammy Perez (Cypress Backyard Cookers)1154.0
53Andy Ables (Bad Luck Bbq)1142.0