2021 COY Pork Spare Ribs

Cook of Year standings track points from July 2020 to July of 2021. 

Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Phil Breeden (Lucky Charms)32595.0
2Daniel Ramirez (Comin In Hot)21743.0
3Cody Malin (Smokin’ Aces BBQ)21630.0
4Zach Wooldridge (Burn Barrel BBQ)21602.0
5Tim White (American-Made Kookers)21555.0
6Bill Manning (BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ)21255.0
7Paul Martinez (Po'Meskin Cookers)11112.0
8Ira Green (Flying G Barbcue)21110.0
9Charlie Ruyle (Going South BBQ)11098.0
10Tammie Robey (Wine-A-Bit)21061.0
11Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)11054.0
12Scott Olson (Sonny Jim BBQ)11042.0
13Mike Ramirez (New Level BBQ Smokers)11032.0
14Scotty Bryce (East Texas Smokers)21002.0
14Duane Anderson (Real Smoke BBQ)21002.0
16Robert Smith (First Class BBQ)1942.0
17James Powell (J.P. Cooking Co.)1932.0
18Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers)1912.0
19Tim Wooldridge (Smoke Showin)2902.0
20Mike Steele (Pigs & Cows Gone Wild)1860.0
22Clay Ganey (South 36 Cookers)1832.0
23Liz Shamlian (HotMes!)1819.0
24Ace Marquez (Slab City Barbecue)1812.0
25Merrick Hager (Smokin Raiders)1722.0
26Kit Polk (Kanned Heat)1719.0
27Curtis Jorgenson (Big Red's BBQ)1654.0
28Christopher Chaney (C2 Cookers)1632.0
29James Pavia (Team Tito's #3)1612.0
30Mike Seely (Double S Smokers)1601.0
31Greg Menotti (Chillin & Grillin)1554.0
32Wesley unger (Bullspit Cookers)1532.0
33Aaron Lesley (Texas Oil Dust)1522.0
34Eddy Morales (The Pitfather BBQ)1519.0
35Jared Jones (Just-A-Smokin)1432.0
36Donald Alejandro (The Prime Timerz)1422.0
37Roddy Trevino (Rodstarr BBQ)1419.0
38Gary Kelley (Road Crew Bbq)1398.0
39Fernando Ruiz (Texas Family Kookers)1354.0
40Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke)1319.0
41Johnny Dunn (Bourbon Cowboy Cookers)1301.0
42Tony Tenace (All Ways Smokin)1298.0
43Chris Henry (Crazy Henry Cookers)1232.0
44Kevin Caldwell (Wholey Smoked Cookers)1212.0
45Ray Chacon (Lago Smokers)1198.0
46Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers)1132.0