2021 COY Overall

Cook of Year standings track points from July 2020 to July of 2021. 


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Phil Breeden (Lucky Charms)98081.0
2Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)53817.0
3Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke)53487.0
4Bill Manning (BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ)43150.0
5Daniel Ramirez (Comin In Hot)33001.0
6Eddy Morales (The Pitfather BBQ)42956.0
7IRA GREEN (Flying G Barbcue)42946.0
8Michelle Castillo (AMP Cookers)32853.0
9Scott Olson (Sonny Jim BBQ)32802.0
10Liz Shamlian (HotMes!)42740.0
11William Purvis (Chicken Fried BBQ)42561.0
12Brian Erbe (Big B BBQ)32548.0
13Tim White (American-Made Kookers)32505.0
14Robert Smith (First Class BBQ)42452.0
15Christopher Chaney (C2 Cookers)32426.0
16Fred Robles (Rio Valley Meat)32240.0
17Allan Freeman (Chickapicow)32153.0
18Merrick Hager (Smokin Raiders)32150.0
19Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers)32103.0
20Daniel Garcia (STX Smokers)21869.0
21Scotty Bryce (East Texas Smokers)21840.0
22Debbie Miller (Tequila Sunrise Part 2)31810.0
23Mike Steele (Pigs & Cows Gone Wild)21748.0
24Kyle Clemmons (287 Smokers)21668.0
25Kit Polk (Kanned Heat)31665.0
26Cody Malin (Smokin’ Aces BBQ)21630.0
27Mike Seely (Double S Smokers)31603.0
28Zach Wooldridge (Burn Barrel BBQ)21602.0
29Ryan Hernandez (2D BBQ)21528.0
30Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke)31474.0
31Oscar Garcia (O3 BBQ)21394.0
32Paul Martinez (Po'Meskin Cookers)31363.0
33Adam Martinez (Damn If I'm Po)21322.0
34EJ De Leon (Los Buzzards)21312.0
35Tommy Smith (Bent Nail BBQ)21274.0
36Chris Cannon (Smokin Panda?s BBQ)21262.0
37Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers)21261.0
38Mike Ramirez (New Level BBQ Smokers)21196.0
39Todd Nelson (DOUBLE BARREL COOKERS)21153.0
40Hector Cantu (BBQ-HOLICS)11150.0
40Robert Shadle (SmokeEaters BarBQ)11150.0
42Chuck Long (Texas Rebel Smokehouse)11122.0
43Tony Garza (Iron Horse Cooking Team)21112.0
43Ace Marquez (Slab City Barbecue)11112.0
45Clay Ganey (South 36 Cookers)11106.0
46Rene Gonzales (Gonzales Family Barbecue)11103.0
47Joe Garcia11094.0
48Sean Larkin (The Dirty Underwear Gang)11050.0
49Ed Myers (M&M Cookers)21042.0
50Richard Fregia (Kommunity Kookers)11012.0
51James Menotti (James Menotti)11006.0
52Daniel Doran (Get?N Sauced BBQ)1998.0
53Paul Whitaker (Scooter's BBQ)1996.0
54BRADY BAUDIN (Sweet Bayou BBQ)1988.0
55Vivian Freeman (ChickaChew BBQ)1964.0
56Phong Vuong (Xtreme Texas Cookers)1912.0
57Clifford Archer (Hooked BBQ)1903.0
58Duane Anderson (Real Smoke BBQ)2902.0
59Charlie Ruyle (Going South BBQ)1898.0
60John Segura (2 Live Q)1894.0
61Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW BBQ)1888.0
61Anthony Ceballos (Del Rancho)1888.0
63Dwayne Turnbo (Steel Smoke)1880.0
64Tracy Douthit (Howl at the Moon BBQ)2872.0
65Aaron Lesley (Texas Oil Dust)1850.0
66James Powell (360 BBQ)1832.0
67Robert Arocha (Bullhorn BBQ)1821.0
68Gammy Perez (Cypress Backyard Cookers)1807.0
70Carlos Guerra (Smokin C?s)2755.0
71Johnny Dunn (Bourbon Cowboy Cookers)1721.0
72Chris Davis (CROSSED RIFLES BBQ)1703.0
73Ozzie Trevino (Let It Ride Smokers)1688.0
74Gene Pipes (Smokin Pipes BBQ)1680.0
75Tom Clarke (JC's Good Ol' Boys)2671.0
76Tammie Robey (Wine-A-Bit)2661.0
77Justin Flores (Family Grillers)1658.0
78Dylan De Leon (Tejas Q)1652.0
79Tim Balch (Balch's Blazin BBQ)1650.0
80Tony Valentine (The Outdoor Chef)1648.0
81Carlos Reyes IV (Tri-City Smokers)1612.0
82Paul Carnell (PJ's Smokehouse)1606.0
83Adam Gautreau (CAJUN BLAZE)1588.0
84James Dodson (LimpBrizkit BBQ)2568.0
85Fernando Ruiz (Texas Family Kookers)1554.0
86James Garza (The Republic of 'Que)1550.0
87Craig Hall (Hall-B-Q)1548.0
88Stacy Breneman (Big Horn Cookers)1521.0
89Kevin Caldwell (Wholey Smoked Cookers)1507.0
90Arnold Garza (Texas Pit Stop BBQ)1506.0
91Justin Fortune (On Point BBQ)1498.0
92Victor Garcia (Uncle Vic's BBQ)1494.0
93Joshua Campbell (Tipsy Texan)1488.0
94Steve Cumbie (Rafter C Barbecue)1480.0
95Cesar Mejia (Smoking & Toasting BBQ Crew)1450.0
96Jorge Flores II (CSM Cooking)1422.0
97Tim Wooldridge (Smoke Showin)2402.0
98Chris Henry (Crazy Henry Cookers)1332.0
99Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers)1312.0
100Ray Chacon (Lago Smokers)1294.0
101John Hernandez (Smoking J's BBQ)1280.0
102Yadi Robles (Salty Seed BBQ)1260.0
103Santiago Bernal (SPG's Deep South BBQ)1252.0
104Bryan Crawford (Crawford's BBQ)1250.0
105Wesley unger (Bullspit Cookers)1232.0
106Kevin Wise (KW BBQ)1222.0
107William Harrison (Heavenly Smokers)1221.0
108Joe Castillo (The Worms)1212.0
109Robert Fuentes (Smokin' Roadrunners)1203.0
110Steve Shamlian (Team SAS)1194.0
111Enrique Munoz (Not To Worry BBQ)1188.0
112Mel Murphy (Full Metal Pork)1180.0
112Donna Pipes (Smokin' Pipes 2)1180.0
114David Gonzalez (Blowin' Smoke Cooking Team)1160.0
115Ram Benitez (2 Bros BBQ)1158.0
115Cole Clifton (Clifton Chevy Cookers)1158.0
117Greg Menotti (Chillin & Grillin)1154.0
118Jared Jones (Just-A-Smokin)1132.0