2023 Cook of the Year Standings


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 31211231.0
2Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse) Region 2129692.0
3Ed Foster (9 Finger Q) Region 2129365.0
4Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 2129361.0
5Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 2129084.0
6Bo Daniel (Totally Bodacious BBQ) Region 3108584.0
7Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW DRUM SMOKERS) Region 2118128.0
8IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue) Region 376070.0
9Dwain Garber (Mid-Coast Cookers) Region 375678.0
10Justin Fortune (On Point BBQ) Region 264908.0
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PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Ed Foster (9 Finger Q) Region 21210551.0
2Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse) Region 21210278.0
3Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 3129752.0
4Bo Daniel (Totally Bodacious BBQ) Region 3118948.0
5Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 2118109.0
6Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 2107627.0
7Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW DRUM SMOKERS) Region 296579.0
8Dwain Garber (Mid-Coast Cookers) Region 375578.0
9Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke) Region 454929.0
10IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue) Region 364806.0
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PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 31211659.0
2Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 2108722.0
3Ed Foster (9 Finger Q) Region 2108048.0
4Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 286599.0
5Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse) Region 296014.0
6IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue) Region 3105797.0
7Ted Skinner (Mad Scientist Social Club) Region 274554.0
8Bo Daniel (Totally Bodacious BBQ) Region 374496.0
9Chris Wilder (TXBBQAF) Region 274346.0
10Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW DRUM SMOKERS) Region 284134.0
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Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse) Region 2129723.0
2Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 2128778.0
3Ed Foster (9 Finger Q) Region 2128183.0
4Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 3117655.0
5Bo Daniel (Totally Bodacious BBQ) Region 3107442.0
6Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW DRUM SMOKERS) Region 2116746.0
7Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 2106193.0
8Justin Fortune (On Point BBQ) Region 265008.0
9Dwain Garber (Mid-Coast Cookers) Region 364942.0
10Chad Warden (Smoke Therapy) Region 254369.0
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2023 Regional COY Standings

Region 1

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Eddy Morales (The Pitfather BBQ)3886.0
2Scotty Bryce (East Texas Smokers)3024.0
3Vinny McNamara (Steel Smoke BBQ)2382.0
4Aaron Bisher (Smoked N Qued)2024.0
5Tim Balch (Balch's Blazin BBQ)1916.0

Region 2

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)9692.0
2Ed Foster (9 Finger Q)9365.0
3Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke)9361.0
4Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers)9084.0
5Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW DRUM SMOKERS)8128.0

Region 3

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Blake Schendel (Alley cats)11231.0
2Bo Daniel (Totally Bodacious BBQ)8584.0
3IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue)6070.0
4Dwain Garber (Mid-Coast Cookers)5678.0
5Grady Speed (Grade A BBQ)4141.0

Region 4

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke)4629.0
2Jaime Garcia (Jaime Garcia Barbecue Co.)2765.0
3Carlos Guerra (Smokin’ Dirty)2155.0
4Jorge Flores II (CSM Cooking)2130.0
5LOUI JAIMES (Los Angeles BBQ)1684.0

Region 5

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Tommy Smith (Bent Nail BBQ)3218.0
2Merrick Hager (Smokin Raiders)3044.0
3Aaron Lesley (Texas Oil Dust)2744.0
4Kevin Ebeling (Smokin' Stache)2618.0

Out of State

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Reginald Winn (Smokey Winn's BBQ)1174.0
2Samantha Daniel (Buckle Up BBQ)936.0
3Donnie Hill (The Right Stuff BBQ)738.0
4Bobby Haggerton (Bo Diddleys’ BBQ Team)580.0
5Garrett Hatch (Big Country Barbecue)238.0