2024 Cook of the Year Standings


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 21211245.0
2IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue) Region 31210132.0
3Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 2128070.0
4Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 397119.0
5Ted Skinner (Mad Scientist Social Club) Region 295948.0
6Steven Foster (D & S Cookers) Region 3105945.0
7Zach Smith (Meat-Locker Misfits) Region 3105462.0
8Ashley Hoefling (Nastycookers) Region 365442.0
9Tony Longoria (Los 239 Grillers) Region 364079.0
10Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers) Region 343281.0
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PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue) Region 3129296.0
2Zach Smith (Meat-Locker Misfits) Region 3128743.0
3Ted Skinner (Mad Scientist Social Club) Region 297705.0
4Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 2117309.0
5Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 396926.0
6Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 2106391.0
7Gerald Johnson (Burnin' My Money) Region 365551.0
8Ashley Hoefling (Nastycookers) Region 343628.0
9Darrin Thumann (Lucky 7 bbq) Region 243578.0
10Mickey Lang (Lang’s Bad To The Bone BBQ) Region 253279.0
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PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 2108085.0
2IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue) Region 3117115.0
3Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 286958.0
4Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 395403.0
5Steven Foster (D & S Cookers) Region 385155.0
6Tony Longoria (Los 239 Grillers) Region 374555.0
7Zach Smith (Meat-Locker Misfits) Region 374488.0
8David Lindquist (No Maintenance) Region 263900.0
9Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers) Region 353737.0
10Ed Foster (9 Finger Q) Region 253555.0
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Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers) Region 2129613.0
2Blake Schendel (Alley cats) Region 397833.0
3Darrin Thumann (Lucky 7 bbq) Region 295855.0
4Ted Skinner (Mad Scientist Social Club) Region 2105736.0
5Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke) Region 285529.0
6Steven Foster (D & S Cookers) Region 385425.0
7IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue) Region 365212.0
8Ed Foster (9 Finger Q) Region 254573.0
9Zach Smith (Meat-Locker Misfits) Region 374336.0
10Bill Manning (BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ) Region 254156.0
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2024 Regional COY Standings

Region 1

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Patrick Wiltse (Swine-01)3076.0
2Eddy Morales (The Pitfather BBQ)2688.0
3Rita Marczewski (Bet Yur Ash BBQ)1982.0
4Mike Gomez (Mike’s Q)1838.0
5Jamie Beran (Post Oak Cookers)1528.0

Region 2

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers)11245.0
2Jamie Robey (Texas Smoke)8070.0
3Ted Skinner (Mad Scientist Social Club)5948.0
4Ed Foster (9 Finger Q)3196.0
5Darrin Thumann (Lucky 7 bbq)3176.0

Region 3

PlaceHead CookPoints
1IRA Green (Flying G Barbcue)10132.0
2Blake Schendel (Alley cats)7119.0
3Steven Foster (D & S Cookers)5945.0
4Zach Smith (Meat-Locker Misfits)5462.0
5Ashley Hoefling (Nastycookers)5442.0

Region 4

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Fidel Sanchez (Somky Cattle)1984.0
2Carlos Guerra (Smokin’ Dirty)1966.0
3Jaime Garcia (Jaime Garcia Barbecue Co.)1686.0
4Los Milagros QCrew (Los Milagros QCrew)1054.0
5LOUI JAIMES (Los Angeles BBQ)984.0

Region 5

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Tommy Smith (Bent Nail BBQ)3072.0
2Aaron Lesley (Texas Oil Dust)2446.0
3Kevin Ebeling (Smokin' Stache)1878.0
4Erik Torres (UPPERCUT Smokers)1670.0
5Greg Phillips (The Smokin Cajun)1484.0

Out of State

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Anthony Montez (Nena Q BBQ)1102.0
2Donnie Hill (The Right Stuff BBQ)1092.0