Board of Directors

Lea Anne Lemon


I’ve been involved with IBCA for about 14 years. I started when my husband, Tim, helped create Rio Grande BBQ Assoc, pit and I would help him in the judging area. I was asked to fill in at the last minute at cookoff and never stopped working as a head judge. From there I got more involved with IBCA and ran unsuccessfully for assistant pit director after RGBA split into Coastal Bend BBQ Assoc & Southern Smoke. I continued as a head judge and in 2015 Craig Sharry formed the Executive Head Judge committee. He asked me and Laura Blount to be on that committee. As an Executive Head Judge, we travelled around the state working with the head judges and assistants to create consistency in the judging area. I spear headed the creation of the scoring tool for the head judges. Over that 4 year period I felt I had more to offer and with the encouragement of several friends, I decided to run for president.

When we’re not at a cookoff, Tim and I enjoy travelling, camping and NASCAR. While at home, I enjoy DIY home improvement projects of which I have several half done since we do spend a good deal of our free time at cookoffs. Our family is continuing to grow as our kids marry and start their own families. We currently have 9 grandkids ranging in age from 20 to 1 year and one more due at the end of 2020.

Terry Blount


I am 1 of 9 founding fathers that started this organization in 1987 and took 2 years to get it ready to go live. My father in law Jeff got me started as one of his team members and shortly after that I started my own team with my wife Laura and our 3 sons hence the name 3B BBQ . I have been lucky enough to have won many grand champions throughout this time frame with being the only cook so far to have won the IBCA cook off 3 times which is now traveled all over the state to different regions annually.

I have served on the IBCA board at different times throughout its 30 year history as a member at large, Pit Boss of Texas BBQ Association and now as Region 1 director.

I have enjoyed getting to travel, cook, compete, help in judging area and meet many new friends that I call family.
Being a regional director is a great experience in getting to work with the promoters to help them have successful events. Listening to our members and trying to help the organization grow.

Dawn Mason


I started cooking with my husband over twenty years ago. I met several people during this time and even-tually joined IBCA myself. I served as Pit Boss for South Texas for a few years and was approached to run for Secretary. I was aware of the time and commitment needed to hold the position so decided to run.

Laura Blount


I have been involved in BBQ for over 30 years. My husband and father are 2 of IBCA’s Founding Fathers.

I have been a Head Judge about 29 years. I have served on many IBCA boards throughout the years as secretary and treasurer.

I am one of two IBCA Executive Head Judges who helps guide and train over 50 Head Judges and Assistants.

Danny Helms


I always enjoyed it growing up and decided to start learning how to do it. Then I heard of competition and decided to try it. The rest is history !! I cook almost everyday I get a chance.

Bill Manning


Some of my best memories are sitting around a BBQ pit with my dad cooking BBQ for friends and family. I started learning how to BBQ as a teenager from him and in 2016 after many years of cooking BBQ for friends and family I started to get interested in doing BBQ competitions. In 2017 I took the plunge and cooked my first competition which was an IBCA event. The best thing about the event was the great people I met and I was hooked. I have been cooking competitions ever since and making new friends along the way. Supporting IBCA and the great people that cook, promote, sponsor and support these events is my goal and the reason I became a Director at Large.

Region 1

Judy Keeney

My husband and I started competitively cooking BBQ in 1999. After years of helping where I could I become because a Head Judge in 2008.I was honored to be asked to represent Region I of IBCA in 2018. With the years of cooking/judging experience I am able to represent our Region and relay any and all information and concerns we may have. During my time as a head judge with IBCA my husband and I have been able to travel all over the country doing what we love….BBQ.I am a PROUD LIFE TIME MEMBERS of IBCA.

Cody Malin

Region 2

Robin Myers


I have been a cook for over 10 years and a head judge for 9 years. I enjoy working with the Promoters and helping Cooks as they start their journey to becoming comp cooks. I felt one way I could help Promoters and cooks be heard was to run for the board. I have been a Regional Director for 3 years and truly love doing what I can to help everyone.

Maria Henry


I was introduced to the BBQ world through my husband. He became addicted in 2013 and when our daughters left for college I joined him on his weekend excursions. In 2016, he decided to focus on IBCA. After a couple of years of me micro-managing him, he suggested I try my hand in the judging room. I found I love working with the promoters and cooks while judging the events. I am passionate about the future of IBCA and look forward working on the board.

Region 3

Josh Kovar


Back in 2013 I got involved with IBCA as a promotion. I was ask to help put on a cook off for the Bee county Stock show. I thought to my self how hard could it be drink beer and eat BBQ. Boy was I wrong!! From that point I went on to promote 5 successful cook offs and become a head judge in the process. In my time with IBCA I have come to meet a lot of people from all over the state. I enjoy judging events with my wife Candace who is an assistant HJ and with my son Blake who is a Head Judge in training!! I look forward to serving the membership in Region 3 and hope that I can help grow this great organization.

Tim Lemon


Region 4

Oscar Garcia


My name Is Oscar Garcia and I am a region 4 director. I have been involved in competition cooking for about 5 years. The BBQ family that makes up IBCA and my passion for competition cooking is why I chose to be an IBCA member. I became a director to join a great team on preserving the greatness of IBCA.

Good food, good friends, that folks is a good life. –Clint Swindall

Liz Shamlian


For the past ten years my husband Steve and I have been part of the BBQ competition circuit. Just like many competition cookers we started out at a home town cook off and got that first walk and we were hooked. We soon learned about IBCA and realized there are a lot of people just like us; people that love to cook, meet new friends and enjoy friendly competition. We have also enjoyed being part of the IBCA family and how it has grown through the years. Like everything else the organization has had its ups and downs but because of our members and leaders having so much passion and drive, it has continued to thrive.
This was the reason I wanted to be part of the IBCA board. I wanted to represent people that want to be the best they can be and have respect for their fellow members of men and women that love this sport.

Region 5

Chuck Long


I have been cooking BBQ a long time for friends and family and always wanted to compete. In 2016 found out a little about competitions and started competing. In the 4 years I have been competing I have met many great friends I now call family. IBCA is a great organization and want to be able to help the sport of competitive BBQ evolve and grow.