Regional COY Standings

Region 1

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Scott Olson (Sonny Jim BBQ)2802.0
2Brian Erbe (Big B BBQ)2548.0
3Eddy Morales (The Pitfather BBQ)1953.0
4Scotty Bryce (East Texas Smokers)1840.0
5Kyle Clemmons (287 Smokers)1668.0

Region 2

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Phil Breeden (Lucky Charms)6667.0
2Bill Manning (BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ)3150.0
3Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)2953.0
4Christopher Chaney (C2 Cookers)2120.0
5Daniel Ramirez (Comin In Hot)2043.0

Region 3

PlaceHead CookPoints
1IRA GREEN (Flying G Barbcue)2252.0
2Kit Polk (Kanned Heat)1665.0
3Charlie Ruyle (Going South BBQ)898.0
4Justin Flores (Family Grillers)658.0
5Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers)458.0

Region 4

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke)3487.0
2Liz Shamlian (HotMes!)2437.0
3Daniel Garcia (STX Smokers)1869.0
4Oscar Garcia (O3 BBQ)1394.0
5EJ De Leon (Los Buzzards)1312.0

Region 5

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Merrick Hager (Smokin Raiders)2150.0
2Ryan Hernandez (2D BBQ)1528.0
3Chuck Long (Texas Rebel Smokehouse)1122.0
4Paul Whitaker (Scooter's BBQ)996.0
5Tracy Douthit (Howl at the Moon BBQ)872.0

Out of State

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Michelle Castillo (AMP Cookers)1789.0
2Mike Steele (Pigs & Cows Gone Wild)1748.0
3Tim White (American-Made Kookers)1555.0
4Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers)1339.0
5BRADY BAUDIN (Sweet Bayou BBQ)988.0