Head Judge of the Year

2023: Josh Kovar

2022: Robin Myers

2021: Kevin Miller

2020: Rose Simola

2019: Kesa Giles

2018: Christy Rosson

2017: Laverne Akin

Head Judges

Melissa Briggs

Judge since 2014

Mary Lynn Gammill


Alicia Kendrick

Judge since 2024

My husband, Randall Kendrick, has cooked IBCA BBQ contests on and off since 2018. He really started chasing points when we moved to Texas in 2020, and that is what got me into BBQ. Personally, I prefer to Bake! Randall & my daughter Braylee LOVE Sweets! I am a Country Girl at heart, who loves her Farm Animals and playing in the dirt. I just love to watch flowers and vegetables grow.

Debbie Miller

Judge since 2017

As a kid I use to BBQ with my Dad and still enjoyed it after he passed away. But it wasn’t until I met my husband Kevin that BBQing changed and went to a whole new level. He built a smoker for our son-in-law who started competing in BBQ competitions. The BBQ competitions peaked our interest so Kevin built a cooker for us, then in 2012 we started competing. Our team name when he is Head Cook is Tequila Sunrise BBQ Team. We enjoyed cooking IBCA events and started becoming interested in other aspects of the organization. Kevin ran for Region Director in 2016 and we also became interested in being Head Judges. So, in February of 2017, we were both certified as Head Judges. In June of 2017, I decided I wanted to be the Head Cook of our team because Kevin was focused on IBCA BOD business. I created Tequila Sunrise Part 2 with me as Head Cook and Kevin helping me. I enjoy competing and judging in IBCA events(only). Nothing is more exciting than getting our numbers called. It is also very exciting to judge an event and be happy for each team that walks. I am a lifetime member of IBCA and Kevin and I like hanging out with our BBQ Family at competitions.

Kevin Miller

Judge since 2017

I love to cook competition bbq with my wife. We started judging because we wanted to learn all aspects of the competition world and it is a way for us connect with our bbq family when we are not cooking.

Ed Myers

Judge since 2010

Most people know me. I have doing bbq for about 30 years. Started with my dad in the 90s on his competition team. Back then there were no money just bragging rights.

Robin Myers

Judge since 2010

We were living in Katy next door to a wonderful Lady that did BBQ Cook offs. She is the one that got me started cooking. I truly loved it and was fascinated in how the Judging was handled. Soon I was training to be a Head Judge along with my Husband Ed Myers. We started cooking as 1 team in 2009 but soon I wanted my own team and branched out on my own in 2011. I am now the Head cook of my team Lady M&M. I am more than happy to answer any questions a Team may have at any time and do whatever I can to help them. I love working the Judging area and seeing all the cooks and the product that is turned in. If you ever see us at a cook off whether we are judging or cooking please stop by and visit.

Cindy Niles

Judge since 2018

I got into BBQ judging as I volunteered at several cook offs, and fell in love with it. I’ve been a promoter and know what it takes to run a successful cook off. I enjoy working with promoters as well as the cooks.

Leslie Rodriguez

Judge since 2023


Jenn Sewell

Judge since 2021

I started the BBQ journey by sponsoring and volunteering at an event in 2015. I fell in love with BBQ and the people. I am now a Promoter, Head Judge and cook. IBCA is an organization that I am proud to be a part of.

James Simola

Judge since 2014

I started competition BBQ cooking in 2009, I became a lifetime member of IBCA in 2011, became a Head Judge in 2014. I enjoy being a head judge and will continue to do so as long as I keep having fun.

Rose Simola

Judge since 2013

My husband, Jim Simola, is also a head judge and we judge as a team. We started training to become head judges in 2013 and were certified in 2014. We do approximately 15 events a year.

We also have a competition cook team – Smokin Roses – and have been competing since 2009.

We became IBCA members in 2010 and are also co promote two successful annual cook offs in Region 3 – The No Excuses BBQ Challenge in June and the Chupacabra BBQ Throw Down in December.

In addition to judging, promoting and cooking, we also co own a BBQ Supply Store, South Texas BBQ Emporium with our daughter, Reba Beard. We opened in 2016 and love all of our South Texas customers.

Noel Smith