2021 Team of the Year Standings


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Ace Marquez (Slab City Barbecue)11112.0
2Richard Fregia (Kommunity Kookers)11012.0
3Phong Vuong (Xtreme Texas Cookers)1912.0
4Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)1812.0
5Paul Martinez (Po'Meskin Cookers)1712.0
6Carlos Reyes IV (Tri-City Smokers)1612.0
7Chris Cannon (Smokin Panda?s BBQ)1512.0
8Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers)1312.0
9Joe Castillo (The Worms)1212.0


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Richard Fregia (Kommunity Kookers)11112.0
2Chris Cannon (Smokin Panda?s BBQ)11012.0
3Ace Marquez (Slab City Barbecue)1912.0
4Kevin Caldwell (Wholey Smoked Cookers)1712.0
6Phong Vuong (Xtreme Texas Cookers)1512.0
7Ira Green (Flying G Barbcue)1412.0
8Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)1312.0


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Carlos Reyes IV (Tri-City Smokers)11112.0
2Joe Castillo (The Worms)11012.0
3Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)1912.0
4Phong Vuong (Xtreme Texas Cookers)1712.0
5Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers)1612.0
6William Purvis (Chicken Fried BBQ)1512.0
7Tom Clarke (JC?S GOOD OL? BOYS)1412.0
8Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers)1212.0

Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Paul Martinez (Po'Meskin Cookers)11112.0
2Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers)1912.0
3Ace Marquez (Slab City Barbecue)1812.0
4James Pavia (Team Tito's #3)1612.0
5Ira Green (Flying G Barbcue)1312.0
6Kevin Caldwell (Wholey Smoked Cookers)1212.0

2021 Regional COY Standings

Region 1

PlaceHead CookPoints

Region 2

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Ace Marquez (Slab City Barbecue)1112.0
2Richard Fregia (Kommunity Kookers)1012.0
3Phong Vuong (Xtreme Texas Cookers)912.0
4Caleb Warden (Kickin Kajun Smokehouse)812.0
5Paul Martinez (Po'Meskin Cookers)712.0

Region 3

PlaceHead CookPoints

Region 4

PlaceHead CookPoints

Region 5

PlaceHead CookPoints

Out of State

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Chris Cannon (Smokin Panda?s BBQ)512.0