IBCA Members’ Committee Mission Statement

To provide a path for member involvement with the operations and continuous improvement of the IBCA processes. Add value by providing assistance and input to the IBCA Board of Directors on matters pertaining to IBCA and the members. Ensure that integrity and fair competition remains the core value within IBCA.

IBCA Members’ Committee Goals

Actions taken by the Members’ Committee shall result in:
I – Invite and Inspire all cooks to participate in IBCA events as well as ignite the passion that we all have for this sport!
B – BBQ fairness for all! “Educate members and non-members on the IBCA judging process.”
C – Cookers choose IBCA! “Help promote IBCA in a positive way.”
A – All around the U.S. and Abroad Competition! “Research avenues to broaden IBCA’s
presence throughout the nation and abroad.”


Jamie Robey

Board of Directors Liaison

Team Name: Texas Smoke

IBCA Director at Large

Randall Kendrick

Committee Chair

Team Name: Hide-A-Way Ranch

Region 2

Rita Marczewski

Committee Vice Chair

Team Name: Bet Yur Ash BBQ

Region 1

Amy Wilson

Team Name: Crooked Crown

Region 2

Darrin Thumann

Team Name: Lucky 7

Region 2

Chris Wilder

Team Name: BBQ AF

Region 2

Steve Granat

Team Name: No Quarter Que

Region 1

Sam Friese

Team Name: Triple Up BBQ

Region 3

Zach Smith

Team Name: Meat Locker

Region 3

Richard Fregia

Team Name: Community Cookers

Region 2

Paul Flores

Team Name: Nut’n But Smoke

Region 2

Jason Sagmiller

Team Name: Race Crew Drum Smokers

Region 2

Leonard Love

Team Name: LTA BBQ

Region 3

Vince Colonnetta

Team Name: Smoking Wizard

Region 2

Ted Skinner

Team Name: Mad Scientist Social Club

Region 2