Fellow IBCA Members,


Effective May 6, 2016 I accepted the resignation of Danny Titus as Louisiana Pit Director. Danny had served as Pit Director since appointed by Lynn Shivers when BCA was formed and Andy Hollerman had resigned.

Myself and the BOD would like to thank Danny for serving as the Louisiana Pit Director.

At this time there is no immediate plans to continue with a Louisiana Pit in IBCA. The BOD will review this at our next board meeting and if something is changed a notice will be issued. All Louisiana pit members will remain members of IBCA but upon renewal will need to select another pit. Anyone that has already renewed will be contacted to see what pit they would like to be a member of.

Current cook offs that are scheduled in the Louisiana Pit will still be IBCA Sanctioned events. Piney Woods Pit will help with assigning judges and making sure things run smoothly.

Thank you.


Craig Sharry
IBCA Executive Director