About IBCA

International Barbeque Cookers Association’s purpose is to develop and bolster equitable competitive Barbeque cooking internationally.”  We give competitive cookers the peace of mind when their product is placed in the judging area. IBCA shall know no boundaries nationally or internationally.

IBCA History

In 1988 nine (9) interested parties (Doug Beich, Terry Blount, Henry Cutaia (d), Jim Hudgins,
Tom Kennedy, Obie Obermark, Charlie Rogers, Jeff Shivers, and Waldo Strein) met for the first time in Irving, Texas to discuss the possibilities of starting a new BBQ organization. We spent the first year writing a constitution, by-laws, and cook-off rules. The intent of the IBCA is to offer a set of uniform cook-off rules that are fair and “user friendly” for the cooks. In 1989 we opened up the membership in IBCA. We currently have over 700 members.

Competition BBQ

As the sport of competition BBQ cooking grows IBCA has grown with it. From the beginning until now we have built a great reputation of assisting BBQ promoters, providing information and offering a fair judging system to all participants.

Contact Information

11807 Westheimer Road
Suite 550 PMB 827
Houston, Texas  77077
or Email Us

Executive Director / Craig Sharry 512-806-3267

Secretary / Dawn Mason 512-806-3287

Our 2018 Top Cook! Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers) 561 Pts.

The IBCA board would like to announce and congratulate the Top Ten Overall Cooks of the Season. In addition to the embroidered directors chair they will receive, we would like to showcase them on our website and on social media. Starting tomorrow, we will introduce each top ten cook with their bio and pictures. Please join us by celebrating each cooks hard work to earn this recognition

1. Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers) 561 Pts.
2. Frank Flores (Texas Heavy Smokers) 502 Pts.
3. Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers) 415 Pts.
4. Phil Breeden (Lucky Charms) 410 Pts.
5. Jaime Garcia (JCG Barbecue & Co.) 393 Pts.
6. Chad Marshall (LTP BBQ) 392 Pts.
7. Ralph Flores (Cowboy Up Cooking Team) 389 Pts.
8. Daniel Garcia (STX Smokers) 388 Pts.
9. David Gonzalez (Blowin’ Smoke Cooking Team) 379 Pts.
10. Arnie Segovia (Smokin’ Lonestar) 375 Pts.

Top Cooks Top 10

Membership and Top Cooks runs from July 1st to June 30th of each Year.

IBCA will recognize a Cook of the Year based on points earned July 1st thru June 30th of each year. Cook of the Year points will be accumulated based strictly on the points that are earned at an IBCA event. There will be no multipliers based on size of contest. You must be an IBCA member at the time of the event to earn points. At the end of of the contest year the top 10 winners will be awarded a prize to be announced. All points accrued from Sept 1st 2015 thru now will be adjusted to reflect this new point system. Any ties will be broken the same as at a cook off. Brisket will be first tie breaker, then ribs, then chicken, then Pork Butt. If this does not break a tie then the BOD will decide the tie breaker. Points are assigned based on the following;
For each category 10pts – 1st place | 9pts – 2nd place | 8pts – 3rd place | 7pts – 4th place | 6pts – 5th place | 5pts – 6th place | 4pts – 7th place | 3pts – 8th place | 2pts – 9th place | 1pt – 10th place
Overall Points are determined by a summary of points from the primary categories.

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 $points_year

Overall Chicken Ribs Pulled Pork Brisket

Lee Hickel (Redmule's Bad Ass BBQ) 243 Pts.
Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers) 218 Pts.
Aaron Lesley (Texas Oil Dust) 216 Pts.
Phil Breeden (Lucky Charms) 198 Pts.
Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke!) 188 Pts.
Kelly Curtis (Panther Creek Cookers) 182 Pts.
Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW BBQ) 175 Pts.
Salomon Hernandez (HD BBQ) 163 Pts.
Gil Martinez Jr (Double G Southern BBQ) 143 Pts.
Allan Freeman (Chickapicow) 142 Pts.

IBCA Sponsors

IBCA is proud to announce that B&B Charcoal is the official Charcoal of IBCA.

Since 1961 B&B Charcoal Inc. has manufactured/distributed a complete line of quality charcoal products made from 100% natural selected woods. Through our unique processes we are able to rid our wood of the unwanted foreign materials including resins/acids. What remains is only natural fiber, accounting for the subtle, natural flavor that foods capture when cooked with our B&B Charcoal products. That process has made the B&B brand “The Expert’s Choice” for more than 50 Years!

IBCA Photo Gallery Back to top

IBCA Photo Gallery 

IBCA Hall of Fame Back to top

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Arnie Segovia. Terry Blount. Jeff shivers. Lynn shivers. Ronnie wade

Nominations for 2018 have been closed.

In 2017, IBCA will proudly unveil its very own Hall of Fame.  Nominees can be submitted by any current member of the organization, but must follow within the parameters laid out by the Board of Directors.  You can download the document below and e-mail or mail it back to the Board or you can submit online below.  Thank you for your help in recognizing our members for this prestigious honor.  Nominations will begin in the spring of 2018.

The International BBQ Cookers Association Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon those who have shown to be true ambassadors of our organization. These members (and/or promoters) exemplify what IBCA is truly about: the integrity it brings to the BBQ world and the continued outreaching support of countless charities throughout its years of existence.
Requirements for members to nominate:
– Must be a member in good standing.
– No self-nominations allowed.

Requirements for members to be nominated:
– Must be a member in good standing with at least
10 years of competing/service.
– Must promote IBCA in the utmost positive form.

Requirements for non-members to be nominated (i.e. Promoters, supportive cook team members)
– Should be able to reflect on services displayed to promote/support IBCA.Please complete the form below or you can download the application and send it in.


There are many reasons why I choose to cook IBCA competitions. Of these reasons, integrity is the most important to me. I know that when I enter an IBCA event, I can rest assure that the judging and awards will be handled with professionalism and trust-worthiness. I really enjoy seeing the pride IBCA judges exude when working the event. Consistency of rules is another reason I prefer IBCA. I know that wherever I go in the state, as long as it’s an IBCA cookoff, I will have the same set of rules as the over events I’ve competed in. IBCA doesn’t allow their judges to create new or omit existing rules. Finally, I would say the camaraderie of the competitors in IBCA is a driving reason why I choose to cook events sanctioned by the organization. I love pulling up on site and seeing friends from around the state that I would have never met had it not been for IBCA. When you walk around the cookoffs you’ll see many cooks hanging out together, sharing a drink and engaging in spirited conversations. These are just a few of the many reasons why I cook and will continue to cook IBCA events.

Dennis Butterworth
Pitmaster – WarPig BBQ

IBCA Sanctioning   Back to top

Please click on the Sanctioning Form Link and complete you will also need to pay a Non-Refundable payment of $35.00.

This must be received 90 DAYS prior to your cook-off.

We will then send you a complete new Promoter’s Book and updated IBCA membership mail list. A completed Form 99, Entry List, and Form 105, Winner’s List, with $4.00 per cook attached must be received no later than 15 days after the event. Judging trays will be furnished by the IBCA Head Judge at the cost of $0.50 per Styrofoam container.

(If large trays are used, cost per container of $1.00 each)

*Note: Head Judges expenses (mileage & hotel).

If you prefer to download the application and mail in with your fee click here 

Contest Event Listing

Select Contest Year to see events and results
2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

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Current Year: 2018
Contest Year: 2018 | Month: 12

2nd Annual Pearland Area Dads Club Jingle Bell Cookoff

Click for Contest Information

Contest Information / Flier | (Click for Contest Results)
Contest Date: 12-07-2018 - 12-08-2018
Contact Information: Troy Bayham (P) 832-264-2432 (E) click to email
Pearland, TX Head Judge: Maria
Region: 2

Briscoe Ranch Cookoff at the Crossroads

Click for Contest Information

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP www.uvaldebbq.com
Contest Information / Flier | (Click for Contest Results)
Contest Web Page
Contest Date: 12-07-2018 - 12-08-2018
Contact Information: Wade Carpenter (P) 830-486-7055 (E) click to email
Uvalde, TX Head Judge: Dawn
Region: 3
Notes: www.uvaldebbq.com

Noche De Paz CookOff

Click for Contest Information

(Click for Contest Results)
Contest Date: 12-07-2018 - 12-08-2018
Contact Information: Roy Garcia Garcia (P) 956-608-0611 (E) click to email
San Juan , TX Head Judge: Eddie
Region: 4

4th Annual Thin Blue Line BBQ Cookoff

Click for Contest Information

No Results Posted
Contest Date: 12-14-2018 - 12-15-2018
Contact Information: Benny Rocha Jr (P) 512-201-5354 (E) click to email
Carrizo Springs, TX Head Judge: Jeff
Region: 4

7th Annual Bert Ogden Mission Chevrolet Christmas Cook Off

Click for Contest Information

No Results Posted
Contest Web Page
Contest Date: 12-14-2018 - 12-15-2018
Contact Information: Johnny Rodriguez (P) 956-212-1163 (E) click to email
Mission , TX Head Judge: Eddie
Region: 4

Burnet Co Rodeo Assn BBQ Cookoff

Click for Contest Information

Power available for $30 per night
No Results Posted
Contest Date: 12-14-2018 - 12-15-2018
Contact Information: Matt Cogburn (P) 512-706-5782 (E) click to email
Burnet, TX Head Judge: Melissa
Region: 1
Notes: Power available for $30 per night

First Annual Central Texas Towers 4 tots cookin for the kids

Click for Contest Information

Entry fee is 200.00 plus one toy.
Contest Information / Flier | No Results Posted
Contest Web Page
Contest Date: 12-14-2018 - 12-15-2018
Contact Information: Geoffrey Nienstedt (P) 2106588610 (E) click to email
Selma, TX Head Judge: Rose
Region: 3
Notes: Entry fee is 200.00 plus one toy.

McMullen County Cowboy Cookoff

Click for Contest Information

Contest Information / Flier | No Results Posted
Contest Date: 12-14-2018 - 12-15-2018
Contact Information: Jason Jones (P) 9038210753 (E) click to email
Tilden, TX Head Judge: Gerald
Region: 4

Spikes Ford 1st Annual BBQ Toy Drive Event Has Been Postponed

Click for Contest Information

Event has Been Postponed
No Results Posted
Contest Web Page
Contest Date: 12-14-2018 - 12-15-2018
Contact Information: George Lopez (P) 956-533-0746 (E) click to email
Mission, TX Head Judge:
Region: 4
Notes: Event has Been Postponed

IBCA Regional Information   Back to top

Regional Representation

Region 1

Terry Blount
469-332-5066 terryblount005@gmail.com
Judy Keeney
817-304-0518 jkeeney5804@aol.com

Region 2
Kevin Miller
409-673-3884 kevinmiller@ibcabbq.org
Robin Myers
713-906-6284 r.myers3709@yahoo.com

Region 3
Jim Simola
832-677-6950 region3directorjs@gmail.com
Roddy Trevino
361-459-9425 roddytrevino@gmail.com

Region 4 
Jake Barrera
956-457-0929 jakebarrera@hotmail.com
Fred Robles
956-650-5272 fcapstone@gmail.com

Region 5
Kristi Griffin
325-665-8387 browngriffin@live.com
Sheryl Valentine
806-683-4234 outdoorcheflubbock@gmail.com

IBCA Regional Map – Click on the map image to view a larger image.

11807 Westheimer Road
Suite 550 PMB 827
Houston, Texas  77077

<<color=”blue”>>Click Here to email the Board<</color=”blue”>>
President / Craig Sharry 512-806-3267
Secretary / Dawn Mason 512-806-3287
Treasurer / Brenda Waters 512-806-3277
Director at Large / Darwin Hoel 210-336-3511
Director at Large / Arnie Segovia 956-221-1000

Why International Barbecue Cookers Association?   Back to top


Why do I cook IBCA?

We cook IBCA events because it’s an organized event. “This is how it’s gonna go, these are the rules, pay to play and have. Nice day!” We have gained something through IBCA that we weren’t expecting at all, and that’s a whole new group of family and friends. Making your rounds at a cook off to see everyone is my favorite part. (Winning money isn’t so bad either!) All these cookers become a part of your life, and for that we feel truly blessed! Also now that the kids are getting outside and cooking is the best thing yet! This BBQ world is like a never ending learning experience and I’m glad these kids are interested and are becoming the next generation of cookers! Thanks IBCA!

Reba beard/ Justin Flores
Family grillers


I cook IBCA competition because I think they are the BEST sanctioning organization in Texas. Simply put they make sure all cooks are on a level playing field in the judging area. This means a lot. It shows they care about our product and that every cook has an equal opportunity.


News and Information   Back to top

The Smokin’ Log is IBCA’s Newsletter to keep all the teams and members up to date on changes and information.  Board Reports are reports from the board about IBCA, rule changes, sanctioning requests and overall organizational information.

Newsletters and Board Reports

  • 2017 Election Results August 24, 2017 Congratulations to those who won!  Thank you to all those who have served and to those who put their names on the ballot! Potential Voters: 1162 Number of Voters:  574 (Some Voters chose not to answer all the ballot question) Thank you for your support. IBCA The Question Was: Please select 1 Person to be President. Craig Sharry – Number of Votes: 322 Lars ... Read more about this post
  • FEBRUARY BOARD REPORT: February 14, 2017 The IBCA Board of Directors met on Feb 11, 2017.  This was another productive meeting and I would like to thank all BOD members for attending.  I will attempt to give a recap of this meeting and make a few announcements as well. As promised, the BOD is working on a code of conduct for IBCA ... Read more about this post
  • IBCA Membership Update January 2, 2017 Hello fellow IBCA members and welcome to 2017.  Today I am announcing an exciting new way that IBCA will keep track of it’s members.  I will try to make this as simple as possible.  However if anyone gets confused feel free to send an email to info@ibcabbq.org and we will help answer any questions you ... Read more about this post
  • Region Voting Results September 23, 2016 2016/2017 Voting Results for IBCA Regional Director Elections 2016/2017 Voting Results for IBCA Regional Director Elections Total Number of Potential Voters (Active Members): 724 Number of Voters (Active Members): 452 Percentage of Members Voting: 62% Voted Region 1 (63% Voted) Position 1: Walker Keeney Position 2: Brad Caraway Region 2 (59% Voted) Position 1: Allan Freeman Position 2: Kevin Miller Region 3 (69% Voted) Position 1: Roddy ... Read more about this post
  • Annual Meeting Report for August 5, 2016 August 7, 2016 All IBCA Members, August 5, 2016 we held our annual IBCA meeting. This meeting was well attended with over 90 people in attendance. We had over $18,000 in prizes and free entries to raffle. A lot of fun was had by everyone and the members had a lot of input to the future of IBCA. I am ... Read more about this post
  • May 15, 2016 – Closing of Louisiana Pit May 15, 2016 Fellow IBCA Members,   Effective May 6, 2016 I accepted the resignation of Danny Titus as Louisiana Pit Director. Danny had served as Pit Director since appointed by Lynn Shivers when BCA was formed and Andy Hollerman had resigned. Myself and the BOD would like to thank Danny for serving as the Louisiana Pit Director. At this time there ... Read more about this post
  • March 12, 2016 – Incident involving IBCA members Pleasanton Altercation April 6, 2016 All IBCA Members, On March 12, 2016 there was an incident involving IBCA members at the Turn N Burn cook off in Pleasanton, Texas.  After reviewing the incident the Board felt like there were some offenses that warranted discipline action. For his actions in the incident Gerald Maynard resigned from the position of Pit Director of the ... Read more about this post
  • September, 2015 August 23, 2015 IBCA Smokin’ Log By Lynn Shivers September, 2015 Thanks to all that voted this year – the online voting was a success with almost twice as many voting than in the past. Introducing the elected IBCA BOD for 2015-2017 Ex. Director – Craig Sharry Secretary – Sara Trevino Treasurer – Joey Smith BOD at Large: (2) Lars Flores Michelle Wade All terms are 2 years. Congratulations and ... Read more about this post
  • August, 2015 August 7, 2015 THANKS to all attended the annual IBCA meeting in Austin. 80+ in attendance – also, THANKS to all of the Promoters that donated Free Entries —and to those that donated their product for the raffle. All money raised will be given to KASH FOR KIDS, Community Partners of Tarrant County, an emergency pantry for ... Read more about this post
  • July, 2015 Smokin’ Log July 7, 2015 Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 1, 2015 for the Annual IBCA Meeting in Austin at the VFW Post 8787, 500 VFW Rd., Austin, TX. 10:00 a.m. – The VFW will be cooking hamburgers for lunch, $6.00. We have received several FREE ENTRIES for the raffle and anyone wanting to donate anything for the raffle items ... Read more about this post

Membership    Back to top

Membership and Top Cooks runs from July 1st to June 30th of each Year.

Benefits of Membership

  • Increased Prize Money.
  • Adds your team team points towards Top Cook.
  • Support of Events, Information and promotion of BBQ.

If you have any questions please send us an email