The International BBQ Cookers Association Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon those who have shown to be true ambassadors of our organization. These members (and/or promoters) exemplify what IBCA is truly about: the integrity it brings to the BBQ world and the continued outreaching support of countless charities throughout its years of existence.
Requirements for members to nominate:
– Must be a member in good standing.
– No self-nominations allowed.

Requirements for members to be nominated:
– Must be a member in good standing with at least
10 years of competing/service.
– Must promote IBCA in the utmost positive form.

Requirements for non-members to be nominated (i.e. Promoters, supportive cook team members)
– Should be able to reflect on services displayed to promote/support IBCA.Please complete the form below or you can download the application and send it in.

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