Steve Shamlian / Team SAS

Cook of the Year Season:


507/17/2021Quail Creek VFD498
609/25/2021Pit Kings Laredo 2021498
510/30/2021Cookin’ and Spookin’478
811/06/2021Refugio County Fair Association 1st Annual473
712/11/2021Raymondville Police Dept Cops for Tots 498
1001/08/2022Big Buc BBQ Bash514
901/15/20228th Annual BCJLHS BBQ Cook Off539
1002/05/2022Two Broke Cookers479
202/19/2022Victoria Livestock Show BBQ Cookoff 542
703/05/20229th Annual ABC Burning Meat BBQ Cook Off524
103/12/20222nd Annual Meat Burning Contest552
503/19/20229th Annual Gruenau Hall Cook-off515
204/02/2022Blue and Gold Cook Off493
304/23/2022Kenedy Bluebonnet Days Triple Heat BBQ Cook Off588
405/14/20224th Annual Battle on the Bay522


609/11/2021Danny Dietz Memorial Classic BBQ Cook-off183
510/30/2021Cookin’ and Spookin’150
911/06/2021Refugio County Fair Association 1st Annual151
412/11/2021Raymondville Police Dept Cops for Tots 175
801/08/2022Big Buc BBQ Bash181
101/15/20228th Annual BCJLHS BBQ Cook Off193
302/05/2022Two Broke Cookers176
502/19/2022Victoria Livestock Show BBQ Cookoff 178
203/12/20222nd Annual Meat Burning Contest186
1003/19/20229th Annual Gruenau Hall Cook-off173
404/02/2022Blue and Gold Cook Off161
604/23/2022Kenedy Bluebonnet Days Triple Heat BBQ Cook Off190

Pork Spare Ribs

307/04/2021$20 K Guarantee Payout 4th of July "Bring the Heat"175
307/17/2021Quail Creek VFD172
410/30/2021Cookin’ and Spookin’156
311/06/2021Refugio County Fair Association 1st Annual171
501/08/2022Big Buc BBQ Bash182
902/19/2022Victoria Livestock Show BBQ Cookoff 181
103/05/20229th Annual ABC Burning Meat BBQ Cook Off203
203/12/20222nd Annual Meat Burning Contest192
803/19/20229th Annual Gruenau Hall Cook-off165
204/02/2022Blue and Gold Cook Off179
704/23/2022Kenedy Bluebonnet Days Triple Heat BBQ Cook Off197
605/14/20224th Annual Battle on the Bay176


307/17/2021Quail Creek VFD184
209/25/2021Pit Kings Laredo 2021184
110/30/2021Cookin’ and Spookin’171
302/19/2022Victoria Livestock Show BBQ Cookoff 182
1003/12/20222nd Annual Meat Burning Contest173
403/19/20229th Annual Gruenau Hall Cook-off176
904/02/2022Blue and Gold Cook Off152
104/23/2022Kenedy Bluebonnet Days Triple Heat BBQ Cook Off199
405/14/20224th Annual Battle on the Bay173
706/11/2022Texas Hero Memorial BBQ Cook Off172