Dwayne Turnbo / Steel Smoke

Team of the Year Season:


709/07/2019Burnet County Rodeo Asociation15.0
509/14/2019Alvord Watermelon Festival11.0
109/21/2019McGregor Founder\'s Day Cook-off28.0
510/19/2019BC BBQ FEST II 15.0
111/09/2019IBCA Showdown15.0
511/16/2019McGregor Lions Club Barrels and BBQ Double Play15.0
103/07/2020Rattlesnake BBQ Cookoff21.0
306/27/2020Lake Murvaul BBQ Cook-off14.0


409/07/2019Burnet County Rodeo Asociation7.0
809/14/2019Alvord Watermelon Festival3.0
109/21/2019McGregor Founder\'s Day Cook-off10.0
210/19/2019BC BBQ FEST II 9.0
811/16/2019McGregor Lions Club Barrels and BBQ Double Play3.0
602/08/2020Big Rocks BBQ5.0
403/07/2020Rattlesnake BBQ Cookoff7.0
306/27/2020Lake Murvaul BBQ Cook-off8.0

Pork Spare Ribs

309/14/2019Alvord Watermelon Festival8.0
309/21/2019McGregor Founder\'s Day Cook-off8.0
610/19/2019BC BBQ FEST II 5.0
211/09/2019IBCA Showdown9.0
111/16/2019McGregor Lions Club Barrels and BBQ Double Play10.0
503/07/2020Rattlesnake BBQ Cookoff6.0
906/06/2020CVFD BBQ2.0


309/07/2019Burnet County Rodeo Asociation8.0
109/21/2019McGregor Founder\'s Day Cook-off10.0
1010/19/2019BC BBQ FEST II 1.0
511/09/2019IBCA Showdown6.0
911/16/2019McGregor Lions Club Barrels and BBQ Double Play2.0
303/07/2020Rattlesnake BBQ Cookoff8.0
506/27/2020Lake Murvaul BBQ Cook-off6.0