Points for
top 10 overall placement score is awarded as such:

1st – 1000 points – Grand Champion
2nd – 900 points – Reserve Grand Champion
3rd – 800 points
4th – 700 points
5th – 600 points
6th – 500 points
7rd – 400 points
8th – 300 points
9th – 200 points
10th – 100 points
11th+ – no points
Bonus Contest Size points (only awarded to teams who receive a 1st-10th on the
above scale):
2 points for each team up to the first 50  at the contest (23 teams = 46
1 additional point per team from 51-100 (57 teams = 100 points (50*2) + 7
additional points for a total of 107 bonus points).
Bonus points max out at 100 teams. Maximum bonus points that can be earned is
2nd place at a 23-team contest = 900 + 23*2 = 946
4th place at a 125-team contest = 700 +150 = 850 points

website will automatically calculate your best 12 events.

Note: Individual
overall meat categories are calculated using the same formula as top ten
overall finish at an event
. The meat
scores may not match a cook’s overall points. This is due to overall points
being calculated independently of meat placement


At a 45
team event 1st place brisket = 1000 + (45*2) = 1090 brisket points and 7th
chicken = 400+ (45*2) = 490 chicken points and places 11th overall = no overall

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PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Ace Marquez11112.0
2Richard Fregia11012.0
3Phong Vuong1912.0
4Caleb Warden1812.0
5Paul Martinez1712.0
6Carlos Reyes IV1612.0
7Chris Cannon1512.0
8Kelly Curtis1312.0
9Joe Castillo1212.0

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Overall Ribs Brisket


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Carlos Reyes IV11112.0
2Joe Castillo11012.0
3Caleb Warden1912.0
4Phong Vuong1712.0
5Matias Serrata1612.0
6William Purvis1512.0
7Tom Clarke1412.0
8Kelly Curtis1212.0

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Overall Chicken Brisket


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Paul Martinez11112.0
2Kelly Curtis1912.0
3Ace Marquez1812.0
4James Pavia1612.0
5Ira Green1312.0
6Kevin Caldwell1212.0

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Overall Chicken Ribs


PlaceHead CookContestsPoints
1Chris Cannon11012.0
2Ace Marquez1912.0
3Kevin Caldwell1712.0
5Phong Vuong1512.0
6Ira Green1412.0
7Caleb Warden1312.0