DJ Carlson Memorial Bust N Burn

September 10, 2021 - September 11, 2021

Contest Details

DJ Carlson Memorial Bust N Burn
IBCA Contest Number: 2022-15

2111 W FM 462 W
Moore, TX 78057
Head Judge: Brenda
Tray Pickup:
Cooks Meeting: Friday at 6:00

Turn in times / Schedule
12:00 Chicken
1:30 Pork Spare Ribs
3:00 Brisket


Meats to be Cooked

Half Chicken 1 Fully Jointed Chicken Half (Complete with wing, breast, thigh and leg.)
Pork Spare Ribs (Required: 7 Individual Pork Spare Ribs)
Brisket (Required: 7 Full Slices)

Friday Ancillaries

Chefs Choice $25 7:00
Dessert $25 8:00

Saturday Ancillaries

Beans $25 11:00
Open Drink $25 4:00

Contact and Registration

Contact: Misty Stricker


Entry Fee: 200.00

Contest Registration/Flyer

Competition Results

Head Judge: Brenda
Number of Teams: 22

Tickets Summary: [PDF]

Master Ticket Details: Must be a member [Login]

Grand Champion

Felix Dominguez / Done Right Cookers

Reserve Grand Champion

Jorge Flores II / CSM Cooking

Brisket: Jacob Carrizales / J & M Cookers
Chicken: Daniel Flores / Shade Tree BBQ
Pork Spare Ribs: Felix Dominguez / Done Right Cookers


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Felix DominguezDone Right Cookers497.78
2Jorge Flores IICSM Cooking480.72
3Carlos EnriquezLos Milagros QCrew477.22
4Vincent ReginoRegi-Q BBQ474.34
5Chevy HernandezSmokin' C's468.72
6Kit PolkKanned Heat463.74
7Tim LemonY B Legal460.92
8Jacob CarrizalesJ & M Cookers459.26
9Joe MunozSmokin Too Loud BBQ440.96
10Mark LeachMarky Mark & The Funky Fresh Boys434.38


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Daniel FloresShade Tree BBQ166.88
2Felix DominguezDone Right Cookers162.08
3Chevy HernandezSmokin' C's159.78
4Carlos EnriquezLos Milagros QCrew157.94
5Jorge Flores IICSM Cooking154.94
6Vincent ReginoRegi-Q BBQ154.5
7Michael WalkerFireWalker Cookers148.54
8Kit PolkKanned Heat144.04
9Tim LemonY B Legal143.58
10Joe MunozSmokin Too Loud BBQ142.96

Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Felix DominguezDone Right Cookers175.6
2Mark LeachMarky Mark & The Funky Fresh Boys165.55
3Jorge Flores IICSM Cooking164.12
4Carlos EnriquezLos Milagros QCrew163.86
5Chevy HernandezSmokin' C's163.28
6Kit PolkKanned Heat162.98
7Daniel FloresShade Tree BBQ162.74
8Joe MunozSmokin Too Loud BBQ161.28
9Vincent ReginoRegi-Q BBQ158.76
10Tim LemonY B Legal157.78


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Jacob CarrizalesJ & M Cookers171.06
2Jorge Flores IICSM Cooking161.66
3Vincent ReginoRegi-Q BBQ161.08
4Felix DominguezDone Right Cookers160.1
5Tim LemonY B Legal159.56
6Kit PolkKanned Heat156.72
7Carlos EnriquezLos Milagros QCrew155.42
8AJ GarzaGod’s Country BBQ152.28
9Chevy HernandezSmokin' C's145.66
10Joe MunozSmokin Too Loud BBQ136.72



PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Carlos EnriquezLos Milagros QCrew

Chefs Choice

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Michael WalkerFirewalker Cookers


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Vincent ReginoRegi-Q BBQ

Open Drink

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Chelsea Levy