8th Annual Neals Lodges BBQ Cook-off

April 9, 2021 - April 10, 2021

Contest Details

8th Annual Neals Lodges BBQ Cook-off
20970 Hwy 127
Concan, TX 78838
Head Judge: Charlynn
Tray Pickup: 3:00
Cooks Meeting: Friday at 5:00

Turn in times / Schedule
12:00 Chicken
1:30 Pork Spare Ribs
3:00 Brisket



Meats to be Cooked

Half Chicken 2 Fully Jointed Chicken Halves (Complete with wing, breast, thigh and leg.)
Pork Spare Ribs (Required: 9 Individual Pork Spare Ribs)
Brisket (Required: 9 Full Slices)

Friday Ancillaries

Beans $25 6:30
Chefs Choice $25 7:30

Saturday Ancillaries

Bloody Mary $25 10:30
Dessert $25 4:30

Contact and Registration

Contact: Jackie Simmonds


Entry Fee: 150.00

Contest Registration/Flyer

Competition Results

Head Judge: Charlynn
Number of Teams: 69

Grand Champion

Tracy Douthit / Howl at the Moon BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion

Jason Reyes / Pura Vida BBQ

Brisket: Tracy Douthit / Howl at the Moon BBQ
Chicken: Jason Reyes / Pura Vida BBQ
Pork Spare Ribs: Jorge Flores II / CSM Cooking


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Tracy DouthitHowl at the Moon BBQ18
2Jason ReyesPura Vida BBQ15
3Hampton PratkaBottlecap Cookers12
4Richard SappingtonKickin Ash Cookers11
5Aaron BisherDream Catcher11
6Jacob WalkerJ-Town Grillers10
7Andy LugoBlack Dog BBQ10
8Jorge Flores IICSM Cooking10
9Becky MartinezBlowin Smoke BBQ9
10Kit PolkKanned Heat8


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Jason ReyesPura Vida BBQ10
2Aaron BisherDream Catcher9
3Bob BryantDo No Harm8
4Luis FernandezLos Slow Cookers7
5Sergio ChapaKyotee Kookers6
6Wes ReidSmoke Showin' Cookers5
7Jackie MilliganTeam Chupacabra 24
8Tracy DouthitHowl at the Moon BBQ3
9Robert RoizR & M Smokers2
10Jacob WalkerJ-Town Grillers1

Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Jorge Flores IICSM Cooking10
2Becky MartinezBlowin Smoke BBQ9
3Richard SappingtonKickin Ash Cookers8
4Kit PolkKanned Heat7
5Andy LugoBlack Dog BBQ6
6Tracy DouthitHowl at the Moon BBQ5
7Hampton PratkaBottlecap Cookers4
8Justin SappingtonBeef Show BBQ3
9Aaron BisherDream Catcher2
10Jeffrey Dillon3-D BBQ1


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Tracy DouthitHowl at the Moon BBQ10
2Jacob WalkerJ-Town Grillers9
3Hampton PratkaBottlecap Cookers8
4Amber ForrestGet Lit7
5Sean HayGood Trade Cookers6
6Jason ReyesPura Vida BBQ5
7Andy LugoBlack Dog BBQ4
8Richard SappingtonKickin Ash Cookers3
9Tim MilliganTeam Chupacabra 12
10Kit PolkKanned Heat1



PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Ernest MartinezVatos Locos BBQ0
2Anthony AndradeBandera Bandits0
3Max EvettsSWT Smokers0
4Tommy TomsuA Cut Above0
5Tracy DouthitHowl at the Moon BBQ0
6Sergio ChapaKyotee Kookers0
7Patrick HolliwayQue It Up0
8Dorothy HarrisHot Flash Cookers0
9Corey FloresTexas Poker Smokers0
10Hampton PratkaBottlecap Cookers0

Bloody Mary

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Sean HayGood Trade Cookers0
2Scott StanushTaiter's Surf N Turf0
3David PuryearFull of Bull 20
4Jeffrey Dillon3-D BBQ0
5John Cox2 Beards BBQ0
6Jacob WalkerJ-Town Grillers0
7Amber ForrestGet Lit0
8Patrick HolliwayQue It Up0
9Steve GramsHow Many Grams0
10Carlos RuizLone Star Cookers0

Chefs Choice

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Dru CanionSmokin Millers0
2Hampton PratkaBottlecap Cookers0
3Jorge Flores IICSM Cooking0
4Fernando MorenoLos Bomberos0
5Jeffrey Dillon3-D BBQ0
6Andy LugoBlack Dog BBQ0
7Patrick HolliwayQue It Up0
8Bill WiseSmoking BWs0
9Jackie MilliganTeam Chupacabra 20
10Heath GauldinFlop-N-Holler0


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Amber ForrestGet Lit0
2Joe SheeranSmokin Pits for Paws0
3Rhett ButlerThe Butler Did it!0
4Justin SappingtonBeef Show BBQ0
5Artemio HernandezUnifirst Smokin Uniforms0
6Justin MoodyHigh Line BBQ0
7Neal BrodbeckPantalones en Fuego0
8Patrick HolliwayQue It Up0
9Dorothy HarrisHot Flash Cookers0
10Carlos RuizLone Star Cookers0