Mijo's 1st Annual BBQ Christmas Cook Off

December 15, 2023 - December 16, 2023

Contest Details

Mijo's 1st Annual BBQ Christmas Cook Off
IBCA Contest Number: 2024-102

9120 Winkler Dr
Houston, TX 77017
[Driving Directions]

Head Judge: Leslie
Tray Pickup: 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Friday
Additional Tray Pickup: 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. Saturday
Cooks Meeting: Friday at 7:00 P.M.

Turn in times / Schedule
12:00 Chicken
1:30 Pork Spare Ribs
3:00 Brisket


80% Payout

Meats to be Cooked

Half Chicken 1 Fully Jointed Chicken Half (Complete with wing, breast, thigh and leg.)
Pork Spare Ribs (Required: 8 Individual Pork Spare Ribs)
Brisket (Required: 8 Full Slices)

Friday Ancillaries

Chefs Choice 25.00 8:00 P.M.

Saturday Ancillaries

Contact and Registration

Contact: Carlos Reyes


Entry Fee: 200.00

Contest Registration/Flyer

Competition Results

Head Judge: Leslie
Number of Teams: 26

Tickets Summary: [PDF]

Master Ticket Details: [PDF]

Grand Champion

Bill Purvis / Chicken Fried BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion

Enrique Munoz / Not To Worry BBQ

Brisket: Ted Skinner / Mad Scientist Social Club
Chicken: Steve Siebeneicher / Wild Thang Cookers
Pork Spare Ribs: Louie Cortez / Shut Em Down Cookers


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Bill PurvisChicken Fried BBQ515.46
2Enrique MunozNot To Worry BBQ498.3
3Eddy MoralesThe Pitfather BBQ497.16
4Ted SkinnerMad Scientist Social Club480.66
5CARLOS REYES IIIFork Em Up Cookers479.92
6Louie CortezShut Em Down Cookers475.96
7Omar CharlesEl Chingon Cookers 471.84
8Steve SiebeneicherWild Thang Cookers470.24
9Adam MartinezAmp Cookers469.56
10Eric QuezadaKinfolk Cookers467.18


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Steve SiebeneicherWild Thang Cookers170.28
2Bill PurvisChicken Fied BBQ166.2
3Anthony RedondeSecond To None 162.28
4Eddy MoralesThe Pitfather BBQ161.22
5Adam MartinezAmp Cookers160.68
6Albert SosaSosa Barbecue Co.157.94
7Omar CharlesEl Chingon Cookers 153.7
8Enrique MunozNot To Worry BBQ151.38
9Tim WhiteBearded BBQ151.0
10CARLOS REYES IIIFork Em Up Cookers150.52

Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Louie CortezShut Em Down Cookers179.66
2Tino QuezadaPatron Kookers172.94
3Bill PurvisChicken Fried BBQ172.7
4CARLOS REYES IIIFork Em Up Cookers171.74
5Omar CharlesEl Chingon Cookers 170.66
6Steve SiebeneicherWild Thang Cookers169.2
7Enrique MunozNot To Worry BBQ166.66
8Eric QuezadaKinfolk Cookers163.1
9Ryan SteppTexas Highway Cookers162.68
10Bobby RiggsBrisket Cases162.68


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Ted SkinnerMad Scientist Social Club188.4
2Eddy MoralesThe Pitfather BBQ187.66
3Enrique MunozNot To Worry BBQ180.26
4Bill PurvisChicken Fried BBQ176.56
5Paul FloresNut’n But Smoke Kookers174.32
6David LindquistNo Maintenance170.14
7Adam MartinezAmp Cookers167.8
8Tom ClarkeJC's Good Ol' Boys163.7
9Bobby RiggsBrisket Cases160.86
10Tim WhiteBearded BBQ158.8


Chefs Choice

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Steve SiebeneicherWild Thang Cookers179.86
2Albert SosaSosa Barbecue Co.164.38
3Tino QuezadaPatron Kookers160.6
4Adam MartinezAmp Cookers155.32
5Eric QuezadaKinfolk Cookers151.74
6Louie CortezShut Em Down Cookers148.08
7Tom ClarkeJC's Good Ol' Boys143.86
8Bobby RiggsBrisket Cases142.6
9Paul FloresNut’n But Smoke Kookers121.4