Kennedale Barbeque Showdown

May 19, 2023 - May 20, 2023
This includes two tickets to the races. Not to mention a great cause.

Contest Details

Kennedale Barbeque Showdown
IBCA Contest Number: 2023-229

6737 Hudson Village Creek Rd
Kennedale, TX 76060
[Driving Directions]

Head Judge: Jenn Sewell
Tray Pickup:
Cooks Meeting: Friday at 6:00pm

Turn in times / Schedule
12:00 Chicken
1:30 Pork Spare Ribs
3:00 Brisket



Meats to be Cooked

Half Chicken 1 Fully Jointed Chicken Half (Complete with wing, breast, thigh and leg.)
Pork Spare Ribs (Required: 8 Individual Pork Spare Ribs)
Brisket (Required: 8 Full Slices)

Friday Ancillaries

Saturday Ancillaries

Contact and Registration

Contact: James Brown


Entry Fee: 200

Contest Registration/Flyer

Competition Results

Head Judge: Jenn Sewell
Number of Teams: 20

Tickets Summary: [PDF]

Master Ticket Details: [PDF]

Grand Champion

Chris Hatcher / Chat N Choo BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion

Cameron West / West Barbecue Co.

Brisket: Steve Granat / No Quarter Que
Chicken: James Page / Patriot BBq
Pork Spare Ribs: Chris Hatcher / Chat N Choo BBQ


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Chris HatcherChat N Choo BBQ489.6
2Cameron WestWest Barbecue Co.478.54
3Tim KuykendallRenegade BBQ478.08
4Jason GeerBuckwheat Cookers477.88
5James PagePatriot BBq477.86
6Ricky BocanegraWe Dem Boyz bbq474.1
7Steve GranatNo Quarter Que470.42
8Mike WinfreyWinfrey's BBQ463.08
9Jamie RobeyTexas Smoke462.96
10Jeff WyattRedneck cooker462.62


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1James PagePatriot BBq173.26
2Jamie RobeyTexas Smoke164.6
3Jason GeerBuckwheat Cookers163.14
4Cameron WestWest Barbecue Co.163.08
5Tim KuykendallRenegade BBQ162.46
6Ricky BocanegraWe Dem Boyz bbq156.62
7Paul AlanizMeat - N - Potatoes155.72
8Jeff WyattRedneck cooker155.66
9John SmithArticle 15 BBQ154.4
10Chris HatcherChat N Choo BBQ153.54

Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Chris HatcherChat N Choo BBQ179.46
2Steve GranatNo Quarter Que163.78
3Todd EllerbrookBackyard Full of Smoke163.66
4Mike WinfreyWinfrey's BBQ162.44
5Jeff WyattRedneck cooker161.16
6Jamie RobeyTexas Smoke159.96
7Tim KuykendallRenegade BBQ159.94
8Cameron WestWest Barbecue Co.157.88
9Garland CraftonRated PG BBQ157.86
10Ricky BocanegraWe Dem Boyz bbq155.34


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Steve GranatNo Quarter Que169.82
2Jason GeerBuckwheat Cookers165.26
3Ricky BocanegraWe Dem Boyz bbq162.14
4Cameron WestWest Barbecue Co.157.58
5Mike WinfreyWinfrey's BBQ156.64
6Chris HatcherChat N Choo BBQ156.6
7Tim KuykendallRenegade BBQ155.68
8James PagePatriot BBq153.86
9Paul AlanizMeat - N - Potatoes153.76
10John SmithArticle 15 BBQ153.52