Schulenburg Festival

August 4, 2023 - August 5, 2023

Contest Details

Schulenburg Festival
IBCA Contest Number: 2024-5

Wolters Park
1103 Bohlmann Ave.
Schulenburg, TX 78956
[Driving Directions]

Head Judge: Robin Myers
Tray Pickup: 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. Friday
Additional Tray Pickup: 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. Saturday
Cooks Meeting: Friday at 5:00 pm

Turn in times / Schedule
12:00 Chicken
1:30 Pork Spare Ribs
3:00 Brisket



Meats to be Cooked

Half Chicken 1 Fully Jointed Chicken Half (Complete with wing, breast, thigh and leg.)
Pork Spare Ribs (Required: 8 Individual Pork Spare Ribs)
Brisket (Required: 8 Full Slices)

Friday Ancillaries

Saturday Ancillaries

Contact and Registration

Contact: Virginia Meyer


Entry Fee: 200.00

Contest Registration/Flyer

Competition Results

Head Judge: Robin Myers
Number of Teams: 55

Tickets Summary: [PDF]

Master Ticket Details: [PDF]

Grand Champion

IRA Green / Flying G Barbcue

Reserve Grand Champion

David Glass / JJJ Cookers

Brisket: Billy Sanders / Back 40 Smokers
Chicken: IRA Green / Flying G Barbcue
Pork Spare Ribs: Ashley Hoefling / Breggy Bomb BBQ


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1IRA GreenFlying G Barbcue532.62
2David GlassJJJ Cookers519.06
3Ashley HoeflingBreggy Bomb BBQ518.78
4Curt HarbersCC's Country BBQ509.74
5Brad OlenickBurnin' Money506.16
6Chris PaceTen Paces BBQ505.64
7Jamie RobeyTexas Smoke504.76
8Steven FosterD & S Cookers503.86
9Mickey LangLang’s Bad To The Bone BBQ501.64
10John Gonzales8 Ball Kookers501.22


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1IRA GreenFlying G Barbcue195.8
2Jared McCroryBearfoot cookers192.94
3David GlassJJJ Cookers177.86
4Tony WilliamsGrillas In The Pits176.48
5Robert SmithFirst Class BBQ176.22
6Keith WilliamsonSalty Dog Cookers175.22
7Bo DanielTotally Bodacious BBQ174.94
8Darrin ThumannLucky 7 bbq174.84
9Brad OlenickBurnin' Money173.14
10Curt HarbersCC's Country BBQ171.8

Pork Spare Ribs

PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Ashley HoeflingBreggy Bomb BBQ185.02
2Randall KendrickHide-A-Way Ranch Cookers184.42
3Chuck AleksinesRockin A Grilling Supplies184.14
4Steven FosterD & S Cookers182.66
5Carlos GuerraSmokin’ Dirty182.14
6Curt HarbersCC's Country BBQ180.42
7David GlassJJJ Cookers178.52
8Robert SmithFirst Class BBQ176.34
9Sam FrieseTRIPLE UP BBQ174.46
10Charlie SchulzBYOB173.4


PlaceHead CookTeamPoints
1Billy SandersBack 40 Smokers185.06
2John Gonzales8 Ball Kookers184.94
3Carlos GuerraSmokin’ Dirty177.96
4Jamie RobeyTexas Smoke176.8
5IRA GreenFlying G Barbcue176.48
6Kenneth GibsonLease Crue Cookers175.4
7Ted SkinnerMad Scientist Social Club172.46
8Chris PaceTen Paces BBQ170.14
9Mickey LangLang’s Bad To The Bone BBQ169.94
10Wallace GarnerGulf Moon BBQ169.02