Regional TOY Standings

Region 1

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Cody Malin (Smokin’ Aces BBQ)6414.0
2Gene Pipes (Smokin Pipes BBQ)6124.0
3Darrell Marek (Country Cookers)6014.0
4Dwayne Turnbo (Steel Smoke)5684.0
5Ed Faulder (Big Ed BBQ)5590.0

Region 2

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Phil Breeden (Lucky Charms)11995.0
2William Purvis (chicken fried bbq)11006.0
3Allan Freeman (Take It To The Bank)10907.0
4Jason Sagmiller (RACE CREW BBQ)8828.0
5Paul Martinez (Po'Meskin Cookers)8448.0

Region 3

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Matias Serrata (Pit Boss Smokers)10345.0
2Lee Hickel (Redmule's Bad Ass BBQ)10187.0
3Ira Green (Flying G Barbcue)9280.0
4Jim Fly (Sweet Heat BBQ)9030.0
5Grady Speed (Grade A BBQ)5732.0

Region 4

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Jerry Cardenas (Loaded Smoke)10263.0
2Hector Cantu (BBQ-HOLICS)10058.0
3Danny Luera (Inhognito)9335.0
4Fred Robles (Rio Valley Meat)9106.0
5Steve Shamlian (Team SAS)7734.0

Region 5

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Tommy Smith (Bent Nail BBQ)11446.0
2Aaron Lesley (Texas Oil Dust)10989.0
3Chuck Long (Texas Rebel Smokehouse)10836.0
4Paul Whitaker (Scooter's BBQ)6439.0
5Kevin Newton (Figgy's Q)4961.0

Out of State

PlaceHead CookPoints
1Mike Steele (Pigs & Cows Gone Wild)2611.0
2Randall Kendrick (Hide-A-Way Ranch Cookers)2014.0
3Damon Blue (Babee’ Blue’s BBQ)850.0
4Cam Day (Elk Creek BBQ)844.0
5Adam Gautreau (Adam Gautreau)794.0