March, 2014


As the new smoking year gets into full swing, I thought I would review the rules as some questions have been brought up.


CHICKEN:  1/2 fully jointed domestic chicken, must include breast, wing with tip, visible not tucked under, thigh and drumstick.  The tip should be complete – NOT cut off at the bend.


PORK SPARE RIBS:  7 (9) individual pork spare ribs, meat side up, – place in the container parallel with the hinge – extra ribs should be placed directly on top of the bottom pork spare ribs, St. Louis Cut acceptable.   NO Baby Back or Country Style Ribs accepted.


BRISKET:  7 (9) full slices, approximately 1/4” to 3/8” thick.  Fat cap may be removed after cooking is allowable but BLOCKING IS NOT.  If you want the slices to fit into the container, the brisket must be blocked prior to cooking.  Slices are to be placed in the container to where they are countable parallel with the hinge.


If any liquid or juices are visible at turn in you will be asked to sop them up – NO PUDDLING IS ALLOWED.


Hello everyone,

Couple of things I need to let you know about:
To be eligible for the TXBA added money, to be paid out at the Ft Worth Cops for Kids cook-off,  March 27-28th, your pit dues must be paid by February 28th 2015.
Also, to be eligible for the TXBA “Cookers Challenge” your dues must be paid by the same date, 
Feb 28th 2015. The Cookers Challenge will run from March 1st thru August 31st 2015, points will be kept for all eligible TXBA members in the three primary meat categories, Chicken, Spare Ribs, and Brisket. The points will be given in the same way that the IBCA points are given for the Top Cook, with one exception…. It will only be for eligible TXBA members and only at TXBA cook-offs.


I have secured 2 elite sponsors for this challenge, where the Top Cook in each of the 3 meat categories listed, will receive $500.00 and Product from both of the sponsors, at the end of this challenge 8/31/15.

I am very pleased to announce the 2 title sponsors for this event are….

Texas Pepper Jelly, Craig Sharry


Oakridge BBQ, Michael Trump

Both of these gentlemen are well known for their superior BBQ products, and graciously accepted to be the Title sponsors for this challenge. So please give their products a try, and look for their ads on the IBCA web site.

You do not want to be left out come September when these prizes will be awarded, so get your pit dues current for the 2015 cooking year by 
February 28th 2015.

Hope to see everyone at our TXBA cook-offs this year.

Gerald Maynard
TXBA Pit Director



Remember 2015 will be election year with all positions to be filled.

Executive Director- Lynn Shivers

Secretary – Lori Griffith

Treasurer – Laura Blount

Board of Director at Large (2)  Angie Pruett & Michelle Wade.


These are 2 year terms.


Stop and think about who you would like to see fill these offices – but make sure that they have the time and will be willing to do what is required to help make the growth of the IBCA continue.


Pit Added money events:

Mar. 27-28, 2015          TxBA                   Ft. Worth Cops for Kids, Ft. Worth, TX

                                      Membership in IBCA/TxBA must be current 2-28-15


Apr. 24-25, 2015           Blackland  Wiener Dog Races & BBQ, Buda, TX

                                      Membership in IBCA/BBQA must be current 3-31-15


Apr. 24-25, 2015           TCBA        Texas Bar-B-Que Festival, Vidor, TX

                                      Membership in IBCA/TCBA must be current 3-31-15


June 5-6, 2105              LABCA      Cookin’ on the Cane, Natchitoches, LA

                                      Membership in IBCA/LABCA must be current 4-30-15


Also, mark your calendar for aturday, August 1, 2015 for the Annual IBCA Meeting in Austin at the VFW Post 8787.  Times to be announced.




Good Luck on the Smokin’ Trail.   If anyone would like to submit an article for the Smokin’ Log – it is always appreciated.



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