Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 1, 2015 for the Annual IBCA Meeting in Austin at the VFW Post 8787. Time to be announced.

Remember 2015 will be election year with all positions to be filled.
Executive Director
Board of Director at Large (2)
These are 2 year terms.

Stop and think about who you would like to see fill these offices – but make sure that they have the time and will be willing to do what is required to help make the growth of the IBCA continue. Nominees must be a member of good standing in the IBCA.

The floor is open for Nominations and Proposed Rule Changes. Proposed Rule changes MUST be submitted in writing to: by email ( or letter to the office,
P O Box 81, Keller, TX 76244. All Proposed Rules Changes must be submitted no later than July 15, 2015, so that we will have time for the Pit Directors to get the information to their members to vote on.


Soap Box:

There seems to be too many cooks out there that aren’t interested in what is good for all of the cooks but just what will benefit them most.

This organization was formed by cooks for cooks — The growth of the organization because of all of the exposure on TV has been amazing. The social media has become an thorn in the side because of egos getting in the way of reality.

On the road with Michelle & Ronnie Wade:

5/2 Graham, Possum Hollow BBQ
26 teams
This is our third time to cook Graham. If you live in Central TX, this location is a little hard to get to, but the cookoff site makes it worth the effort. There are elect & water hookups amid big shady oaks for rv’ers and cabins for those that want to rent one. Thankfully, this year, the water in Possum Kingdom had come up some. There is a restaurant & bar, with a pool table, shuffleboard and live music on Sat nights. Their outdoor patio has a nice view of the lake.
Thanks to Roger Ballinger, Randy Burkhart and their crew for the breakfast. Roger had a nice big grill and I think he cooked everything he got his hands on! Big thanks Roger!
Thank you, Judy, who head judges this contest every year and to Jim for putting it on. I heard there might be another bbq in Dec along with the steak cookoff. I saw pictures & videos of how they decorate the entire park with Christmas lights along with music and it looked pretty amazing.
Congrats to all that walked:
1st place bean winner Ronnie Wade
1st place fajitas Charlie Simpson
1st place salsa Roger Ballinger
1st place appetizer Mike Gilley
Congratulations to Blake Stoltz (with 29 points) for GC, and to Ronnie Wade for Reserve.

5/9 Edgewood, Sabine Shootout State Championship
27 teams
We started out on a 2 hr journey to cook Edgewood. We pulled over at a Valero on I-20, in Terrell, to meet Smokin’ Trigger and head to the cookoff site. Our old van had “other” ideas. That was as far as it was going Friday. While waiting on my dad to rescue us & bring some alternate transportation, the Shivers showed up. They were head judging the cookoff in Terrell & happened to see me, Ronnie & Trigg sitting in lawn chairs in the truck parking area. After shooting the bull, telling stories & reminiscing, (trust me, Shivers & Trigg have some good old time bbq stories), my dad shows up with the other van & we got back on the road.
Friday night at the cooks meeting, the bottom fell out with heavy blowing rain that lasted about 45 min.
After the rain, came some entertainment I have not seen before. A Redneck obstacle course, (a big bounce house actually) was inflated, and for some reason, (it could have been the beverages) some young buffed up guys decided to have a relay race against some, well, let’s say, older guys with buffed up bbq/beer bellies. They had to get thru & over the obstacle course, down a beverage & tag the next guy to go. In the end, I’m sure you can guess who won! It was fun being a spectator!
Jeremy did a good job as first time promoter. He said he learned some things to make it better next year and enjoyed the challenge. Thanks to Jeff Goggins for checking on cooks for their any needs.
Thank you Brad & Mary for head judging this event. They said the public came out & they had more than enough judges. That always makes a head judges job a little easier.
Congratulations to Ronnie Wade for his 7th qualifying GC and to Craig Sharry for Reserve.
I think we might take the next couple of weekends off!

5/30 Eighter from Decatur, TX State Championship
83 teams

Last year this cook off set an IBCA record for having the most teams for a first year contest with an amazing 97 teams!
Even though rain was forecasted this year, and the event is on grass, it didn’t deter 83 teams from bringing their “A” game. There was $8,500 in prize money and to sweeten the pot, they paid 15 places deep in each of the three meats.
The cook off area had good drainage, and most spaces were on high ground. Bob McKinnon & Randy Burkhart did a good job getting everyone parked in the driest of spots.

Many Thanks, to our head judge, Judy, and to Lynn & Jeff for coming out to help. Terri McKinnon did an excellent job having judges signed up for each category and seated right on time. Thanks to the Burkhart’s, McKinnon’s, and others, for having their family and friends to help in the judging area. These are the things that make a cook off run smooth and allow for speedy awards!

It was announced this year that because they invite almost everyone in town to come out to judge, and they want to assure they have plenty of different judges for each categories to assure for the best judging possible, 2016 will be limited to 100 teams.

1st place bean winner was Chuck Faulder.
Terry Johnson was named GC and Gary Howard RGC!
Congrats to them and all that got called!

Pit Added money events:

Panhandle BBQ – BBQ in the Boonies, Amarillo, TX 9-11/12-2015
Membership must be current as of 8-1-15

The IBCA added money will be Delight, AR this year at the Smokin’ at the Mill,
October 9-10, 2015 –details to follow.

Good Luck on the Smokin’ Trail. If anyone would like to submit an article for the Smokin’ Log – it is always appreciated.

Support your organization!!!