Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 1, 2015 for the Annual IBCA Meeting in Austin at the VFW Post 8787, 500 VFW Rd., Austin, TX. 10:00 a.m. – The VFW will be cooking hamburgers for lunch, $6.00.

We have received several FREE ENTRIES for the raffle and anyone wanting to donate anything for the raffle items will be appreciated.
The money raised through the raffle is given to the IBCA Charity, Kash For Kids, right before Christmas each year enabling the charity to provide needs of abandon or abused children. IBCA has been involved with this charity since 1992.

Remember 2015 will be election year with all positions to be filled.
Executive Director
Board of Director at Large (2)
These are 2 year terms.

Stop and think about who you would like to see fill these offices – but make sure that they have the time and will be willing to do what is required to help make the growth of the IBCA continue. Nominees must be a member of good standing in the IBCA.

The floor is open for Nominations and Proposed Rule Changes. Proposed Rule changes MUST be submitted in writing to: by email ( or letter to the office, P O Box 81, Keller, TX 76244. All Proposed Rules Changes must be submitted no later than July 15, 2015, so that we will have time for the Pit Directors to get the information to their members to vote on.


Currently nominated are as follows – (nominations will be taken from the floor at the meeting)
Ex. Director – Craig Sharry

Secretary – Sara Trevino

Treasurer – Ty Hill

BOD at Large: (2 to be elected)
Lars Flores
Angie Pruett
Blake Stoltz
Michelle Wade
Kent Wheelis
MEMBERSHIP Renewals – it is time to renew your dues. Remember $35.00 includes 1 PIT, additional PITS are $10.00 each. MEMBERSHIP runs from SEPTEMBER 1 thru AUGUST 31 of each year.

Those joining now will be credited through August 31, 2016.

To be eligible for the IBCA ADDED MONEY, membership must be current as of August 31, 2015 for the 2016 fiscal year. Each year the added money is paid out to the TOP 15 in each meat category.

There have been some questions about the IBCA Invitational that is held each year. This is held in coordination with the ADDED Money event – this year’s meat will be Pork Butt/Shoulder – pulled. This event is for 1st place in each of the basic meat categories and Grand Champion. You do not have to be a member to cook in the IBCA Invitational, however, if you chose to participate in the OPEN event, you would not be eligible for the IBCA added money.

Pit Added money events:

Panhandle BBQ – BBQ in the Boonies, Amarillo, TX 9-11/12-2015
Membership must be current as of 8-1-15
The IBCA added money will be Delight, AR this year at the Smokin’ at the Mill,
October 9-10, 2015

From Eddie Tapia:
we had a blast this weekend, 113 teams, beautiful weather and great barbecue. First of all, a big thank you to my crew, Jake Barrera, Maurice Barrera, Sonia Vargas, Chloe Tapia, Ronnie Larralde and all our volunteers that came out.

This was our 10th Annual Texas Cook’em High Steaks in Edinburg and the people came out to support this great event. The aroma of brisket and pork ribs emanating from more than 100 barbecue pits; Old Glory flying high; music filling the air; plans of fireworks illuminating the night sky — it was Saturday, July 4th, and Edinburg was celebrating America the old-fashioned way.

Independence Day never smelled and tasted so good as 113 competitors fired up their grills to compete in the 10th annual Texas Cook’em: High Steaks in Edinburg.

The event featured four categories of competition — rib-eye steak, brisket, pork spare ribs and chicken — and attracted thousands to Edinburg Municipal Park,

Good Luck on the Smokin’ Trail. If anyone would like to submit an article for the Smokin’ Log – it is always appreciated.

Support your organization!!!