Hello fellow IBCA members and welcome to 2017.  Today I am announcing an exciting new way that IBCA will keep track of it’s members.  I will try to make this as simple as possible.  However if anyone gets confused feel free to send an email to info@ibcabbq.org and we will help answer any questions you may have.

As you know the IBCA fiscal year runs Sept 1 thru Aug 31 of each year.  This means that anyone that joins IBCA in July pays $50 to be a member until the end of August then they have to renew for the next year.  This has worked for years with some minor bumps and headaches but as we get larger it has become more of an issue.

Moving forward it has been decided that when a person joins IBCA their membership will be for one full year from the date of joining.  Example:  If a “new” member joins July 1 then their membership is good until July 1 the following year.  This solves a lot of problems moving forward.

Now if your currently a member of IBCA then your start day will default to Sept 1 2017.  This means all current members will need to renew prior to that date to remain a member.  This was not meant to be confusing but we had to start somewhere and this was the easiest thing to do.

In order to make this system easier we have also set up automatic email reminders to be sent to each member 2 weeks prior to their membership expiring.  Another email will be sent 1 week prior to expiration for those that did not renew with the first email. This means everyone will get an email reminder to renew.

I know someone is thinking how will this affect my ability to qualify for the IBCA Added Money event?  Well that will be simplified as well.  We will be announcing a cut off date before each IBCA Added Money event each year.  If your a member prior to that cut off date then your in.  If your not a member prior to that date then you need to join.  We have made this as easy as possible folks.

Also in an effort to make things easier we are going to improve your ability to check on your current membership.  Later today or tomorrow check out the Membership tab at the top of the web site.  We are adding some more information so that you will be able to plug in your name and it will show your anniversary date as well as your membership expiration date.  This way you know simply if your a current member or not.

The last thing some may be curious about is how does this affect my points?  Again simple.  If your a member your points will be counted.  If your not they wont.  Points start with the beginning of the Fiscal Year which is Sept 1.  If your not a member and want points and you join IBCA then your points will be calculated forward from your join date.  Example:  If you join Feb 1 then your points will be calculated from Feb 1 (your join date) until Aug 31.  No retroactive points.

Folks if all of this is to confusing and you want something easier I also have the answer for that.  It’s called a Lifetime Membership. Pay $300 and join for life and three things happen.  First your always qualified to cook the IBCA Added Money event each year. Second you will always get points for the events you earn points in.  Third you never have to worry about when to renew your membership.  Now thats as easy as it gets.

In closing I would like to thank each of you for your time and support of IBCA.  We have made a lot of progress moving forward this past year and there is more yet to come.  Hope to see each of you on the Smoking Trail soon.


Craig Sharry

IBCA President