THANKS to all attended the annual IBCA meeting in Austin. 80+ in attendance – also, THANKS to all of the Promoters that donated Free Entries —and to those that donated their product for the raffle. All money raised will be given to KASH FOR KIDS, Community Partners of Tarrant County, an emergency pantry for abandoned and abused children. This money is always presented to them the first Wednesday of December which enables them to make some children’s Christmas a little better.

If by chance you won a free entry and decided to swap or sell it, please let the office know so that we can advise the Promoter.

ELECTION YEAR: Ballots will be emailed to all members that we have good email addresses for and you will vote online. Please vote!!!

Ex. Director – Craig Sharry
Jim Simola

Secretary – Sara Trevino
Walker Keeney

Treasurer – Ty Hillin
Joey Smith

BOD at Large: (2 to be elected)
Lars Flores
Angie Pruett
Blake Stoltz
Michelle Wade
Kent Wheelis
Jeff Wyatt

All terms are 2 years.

MEMBERSHIP Renewals – it is time to renew your dues. Remember $35.00 includes 1 PIT, additional PITS are $10.00 each. MEMBERSHIP runs from SEPTEMBER 1 thru AUGUST 31 of each year.

Those joining now will be credited through August 31, 2016.

To be eligible for the IBCA ADDED MONEY, membership must be current as of August 31, 2015 for the 2016 fiscal year. Each year the added money is paid out to the TOP 15 in each meat category.

There have been some questions about the IBCA Invitational that is held each year. This is held in coordination with the ADDED Money event – this year’s meat will be Pork Butt/Shoulder – pulled. To qualify for this event you must have a 1st place in each of the basic meat categories and/or Grand Champion. You do not have to be a member to cook in the IBCA Invitational; however, if you chose to participate in the OPEN event, you would not be eligible for the IBCA added money.

Pit Added money events:

Panhandle BBQ – BBQ in the Boonies, Amarillo, TX 9-11/12-2015
Membership must be current as of 8-1-15
The IBCA added money will be Delight, AR this year at the Smokin’ at the Mill,
October 9-10, 2015 (2016 IBCA membership must be current as of 8-31-15 to be eligible for the added money)
On the road with Ronnie & Michelle Wade:

7/4 Ennis, Red, White & BBQ
There was a small turn out with only 11 teams competing. Sandy Moritz and her BBQ committee did a great job on this event and are hoping for more teams next year. There was a farmers market set up on a side street near the cook’s area. Lynn had a problem that she wished for at every event – too many judges — Mark your calendar for July 1/2, 2016.

7/18 Gatesville, Coryell Creek Critters BBQ
47 teams converged at Faunt Le Roy Park in Gatesville for this State Championship. Nancy Mitchell and her family host this cook-off to benefit the American Cancer Society. Friday night starts off with a salsa & Margarita contest. Saturday is a kids que, kids activities, arts & crafts, among a few things going on.
If you haven’t cooked this one, check it out next year. Nancy & her family do a great job to put on this cooker friendly contest.
Congrats to Danny Helms GC & Ronnie Wade Res.
Thank you Judy for being the head judge!

Good Luck on the Smokin’ Trail. If anyone would like to submit an article for the Smokin’ Log – it is always appreciated.

Support your organization!!!