Membership and Top Cooks runs from September 1st to August 31st of each Year.

IBCA will recognize a Cook of the Year based on points earned Sept 1 thru Aug 31 of each year. Cook of the Year points will be accumulated based strictly on the points that are earned at an IBCA event. There will be no multipliers based on size of contest. You must be an IBCA member at the time of the event to earn points. At the end of of the contest year the top 10 winners will be awarded a prize to be announced. All points accrued from Sept 1st 2015 thru now will be adjusted to reflect this new point system. Any ties will be broken the same as at a cook off. Brisket will be first tie breaker, then ribs, then chicken, then Pork Butt. If this does not break a tie then the BOD will decide the tie breaker. Points are assigned based on the following;
For each category 10pts – 1st place | 9pts – 2nd place | 8pts – 3rd place | 7pts – 4th place | 6pts – 5th place | 5pts – 6th place | 4pts – 7th place | 3pts – 8th place | 2pts – 9th place | 1pt – 10th place
Overall Points are determined by a summary of points from the primary categories.

A. Joe Bittner - Rottenwood Cookers (Houston, TX)
Aaron Alvarez - The Meat Sweat BBQ Co (Bertram, TX)
Aaron Barrios - Gordo's Good Eats (Corpus Christi, TX)
Aaron Bisher - Pork Pachanga (Spring, TX)
Aaron Lesley - Texas Oil Dust (Midland, TX)
Aaron McMurry - Mc Cookers (Houston, TX)
Aaron Ralston - The Smoker King (Victoria, TX)
Abby Gonzalez - No Team Name Listed (Corpus Christi, TX)
Adam Bergerson - Sons of Smoke too (Keller, TX)
Adam Luna - Black Label Smokers (New Braunfels , TX)
Adolfo Pompa - Great Plains Smokers BBQ Team (Lubbock, TX)
Adrian Benavides - Rack'em & Stack'em (Alice, TX)
Adrian De La Cruz - West Texas Smoke (odessa, TX)
Adrian Guerra - Lonestar grills (San Antonio, TX)
Adrian Martinez - El Dorado BBQ Company (Katy, TX)
Adriana De La Rosa - No Team Name Listed (San Juan, TX)
Agustin Gomez - AG Cooking Team (Elsa, TX)
Al Liendo - Big Al's BBQ (Laredo, TX)
Al Longoria - Whodat BBQ (Nevada, TX)
Al Smith - Back Porch BBQ (North Richland Hills, TX)
Al Velez - Smokin' toros (Brownsville, TX)
Alan Fennell - Big Al's B-B-Q (Irving, TX)
Albert Barrientes Sr - Familia Y Amigos (Clute, TX)
Albert Sosa - Smokin’ Hot Smokers (San Antonio , AL)
Alex Martinez - Roughneck BBQ (Sundown, TX)
Alex Sosa - Kinfolk Kookers (Rosenberg, TX)
Alexandra Gibbs - Hideout Cookers (Houston, TX)
Alfinio Flores - Pistoleros BBQ (Del Rio, TX)
Alfonso Armando Ruiz - Ruiz of Fire BBQ Team (Elgin , TX)
Alfonso Castillo Jr - Team Chulo (Brownsville , TX)
Alfred Benavidez - Blazing B kookers (Beeville , TX)
Alfredo De Los Santos - Old Style Saloon#7 BBQ (jourdanton, TX)
Allan Freeman - Take It To The Bank (Spring, TX)
Allen Ayres - Compassion's Smokem' if You Gottem' (Beaumont, TX)
Allen Day - Sons of Barbecue (Lake Jackson, TX)
Allen Freeman - Stop, Drop and Roll BBQ (Amarillo, TX)
Allen Grasmick - Black Rock BBQ (Grand Prairie, TX)
Allen Gray - No Team Name Listed (McAllen, TX)
Allen Mosher - Flyng A (Breckenridge, TX)
Allen Ray Brown - Hog Wild Cookers ( Orange, TX)
Allen Smithhart - SBK BBQ (Midland, TX)
Alton Paris - Team Chupacabra (San Antonio, TX)
Amber Haynes - Swamp Bottom Smokers (Rusk, TX)
Amber King - Hen House BBQ (Wills Point, TX)
Andrew Garcia - DANA Smokers (League City, TX)
Andrew Garcia - SMOKE'N 830 (Pleasanton, TX)
Andrew Gonzalez - SMOKIN' GUNS COOKING TEAM (Weslaco, TX)
Andrew Heckman - HonkyTonk Smokers (Cedar Creek, TX)
andrew hobbs - Blow'n Smoke (Azle, TX)
Andrew Simpson - Holy Mohler's BBQ (Pineville, LA)
Andrew Urban - Urban Backwoods Cookers (Navasota, TX)
Andrew Vargas - Smoke N Tunes Cooking Team (La Porte, TX)
Andrew Williamsen - Kenedy Cty Sheriff's Posse (Sarita, TX)
Andy Ables - Bad Luck Bbq (Edgewood, TX)
Andy Lugo - Coopers Meat Market (San Antonio , TX)
Andy Machuca - Smokin Trail BBQ (Pecos, TX)
Andy Pompa - Ready To Smoke Ya (Goliad, TX)
Andy Sain - Come and Take It Cookers (Portland, TX)
Angie Pruett - Grillin' Granny (Granbury, TX)
Anna Bryce - East Texas Smokers (Timpson, TX)
Anselmo Villarreal - BBQ Frenzy (Mission, TX)
Anthony Ceballos - Del Rancho Cookers (Baytown , TX)
Anthony Cortez - Haass Customs (Devine, TX)
Anthony De La O - FRIO COOKERS (San Antonio, TX)
Anthony Hernandez - Los Primos BBQ (Lawton, OK)
Anthony Horvath - Smoke'n Stooges BBQ (Fort Worth , TX)
Anthony Jezierski - Honky Tonk Cookers (Spring, TX)
Anthony Minderman - PITBULL BBQ (Elgin, OK)
Anthony Quinney - Anthy Que (Delight, AR)
Anthony Rodriguez - Grills gone Wild (San Antonio, TX)
Antonio Perez - Rub'em Out BBQ (Fort Worth, TX)
antonio urrea - Los Teros (mcallen, TX)
Archie Donaho - FIRE&SMOKE cooking team (Live Oak, TX)
Archie Wetuski - smoken w (plantersville, TX)
Armando Frias - Mission City Smokers (Cibolo, TX)
Arnie Segovia - Smokin' Lonestar (Edinburg, TX)
Arnold Garza - Texas Pit Stop BBQ (Hitchcock , TX)
Art Munoz - Rise and Shine It's BBQ Time (Beeville, TX)
Arthur Head - Big Meat BBQ (Lumberton, TX)
Arthur Jimenez jr - Smoke Sumpn Cookers (Katy, TX)
Arthur Ramirez - Texas Hardcore Cookers (Pasadena, TX)
Ashton Hunter - Almost Put Together (Dayton, TX)
Austin Kramr - Inlaw Outlaws BBQ (San antonio, TX)
Baldemar Garcia - Propit cooking team (Edinburg, TX)
Barbara Godejohn Faulkner - Fostoria No Bull Cookers (Cleveland, TX)
Barbara Williams - Barbie-que (Midland, TX)
Barbie Strein - Lost Gonzo (Ft Worth, TX)
Barry Putnam - Meat You BBQ (Flower Mound, TX)
Barry Spencer - Sultans of smoke (Diboll, TX)
Bart Wingard - Last Minute Cookers (Texas City, TX)
Ben Bailey - Squeezers & Teasers (Houston, TX)
benet gaytos - Pinoy Pitmasters (meadows place, TX)
Bennie Koger - Short Rib BBQ (Alvord, TX)
Benny Rocha - How Ya Derrin BBQ (Carrizo Springs, TX)
Betty Joseph - No Team Name Listed (Midland, TX)
Bill Arata - Dempseys et al. (Bogalusa, LA)
Bill Eaton - Ding-a-ling C/T (Tomball, TX)
Bill Lucas - 1 A.M. Productions BBQ (Euless, TX)
Bill Manning - BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ (Deer Park, TX)
Bill Milroy - Texas Rib Ranger (Denton, TX)
Bill Ritter - Mud Creek BBQ (Ringling, OK)
Billy Blackmon - Billy Ray's Backyard (Burnet, TX)
Billy Claude Woolard - No Team Name Listed (Granbury, TX)
Billy Fuller - Grand Slam Cookers (Ingleside , TX)
Billy Hearron - Good'r-N-Hell Cookers (La Porte, TX)
Billy Hoft - Lucky 7 Cookers #2 (Richmond, TX)
Billy Honea - Brisket Cases (Tomball, TX)
Billy Powell - Texas Select BBQ (Santa Fe, TX)
Billy Riggs - The Dusk till Dawn Kokkers (Houston , TX)
Billy Rodgers - Outlaw Cookers (Manvel, TX)
BJ Kirkpatrick - Enterprise Commercial Paving Cook Team (Alvin, TX)
Blair Stewart - Smokin' Stewarts (Lubbock, TX)
blake gentry - smoking chief (Bedford, TX)
Blake Van Dusen - Smokin N Squatchin (belton, TX)
Blas Villarreal - U B Da Judge BBQ (Robstown, TX)
Bob Bryant - Do No Harm (Bulverde, TX)
Bob Coats - Bottom of the Barrell (Irving, TX)
Bob McKinnon - Pop's Que'n (Decatur, TX)
Bob Meyer - Rottenwood Cookers (Katy, TX)
Bob Monaghan - Butt First BBQ (Double Oak, TX)
Bob Wherry - RibShack Roamers (Granbury, TX)
Bob Wilson - Itasca C of C (Itasca, TX)
Bobby Jarrett - Texas Flame And Smoke (Bryan, TX)
Bobby Johnson, Jr. - Backwood Cookers (LaPorte, TX)
Bobby Kelley - Hardin County (Silsbee, TX)
Bobby King - Kings Street (Paradise , TX)
Bobby McMillin - LoneStar Cowboy Cookers (Richmond , TX)
Bobby R. Sanders - B & D C/T (Ft Worth, TX)
Bobby Smithson - Rowdy Redneck Bunch (Hempstead, TX)
brad anderson - No Team Name Listed (Kingwood , TX)
Brad Caraway - Pit Rasslers (Naples, TX)
Brad Chappell - 342 BBQ (Bryan, TX)
Brad Dalby - Double D Bar-B-Q (Beaumont, TX)
Brad Dupont - Cochon 225 (Baton Rouge, LA)
Brad Fowles - BBQ Boys (Round Rock, TX)
Brad Graham - Specktackulure BBQ (Victoria, TX)
Brad Hartman - ELICTRI-QUE BBQ (New, TX)
Brad Olenick - Burnin' Money (Katy, TX)
Brad Willemin - Backassward Cookers (Victoria, TX)
Bradley Pauling - Big Country BBQ (Plano, TX)
Bradley Rosiek - No Team Name Listed (Texarkana, TX)
Brady Phillips - Manlodge Smokers (Canyon, TX)
Brandon Blain - Conspicuous Cookers (, TX)
Brandon Cruz - Bailed Out Cookers (Wharton, TX)
Brandon Rivera - JokingandSmoking (El campo , TX)
Brandon Winn - BBQ Rescue (Gilmer, TX)
Brandy Molina - Texas Heavy Smokers (EL CAMPO, TX)
Brek Webber - TinRoof BBQ (Humble, TX)
Brenda Waters - Smokey Perfume (Karnes City, TX)
Brendan Henze - Bottoms Up BBQ (Yorktown, TX)
Brennan Schaefer - B bar B Que (Katy, TX)
Brent Allen - The Buzzard Bar Cooking Team (George West, TX)
Brent Jordan - Gettin' Lucky (Fulshear, TX)
Brent McDonald - Twisted Q (Nederland, TX)
Brent Smith - FM 740 BBQ (Forney, TX)
Brian Anding - No Team Name Listed (Southlake, TX)
Brian Erbe - Big B BBQ (Mesquite, TX)
Brian Huss - Twin Pigs BBQ (Keller, TX)
Brian Jarrett - Jarrett's Q Company (Liberty Hill, TX)
Brian Kempker - The LeftOvers (Universal City, TX)
Brian Strein - Little Man's BBQ (Ft Worth, TX)
Brian Thompson - Triple A (Porter, TX)
Brian Yates - 1484 Front Porch Cookers (Conroe, TX)
Britt Massie - Second Hand Smoke (McAllen, TX)
Brodie Burton - Double B Cookers (Sanger, TX)
Bruce Cox - No Team Name Listed (Tinley Park, IL)
Bruce Krietsch - No Team Name Listed (Corpus Christi, TX)
Bruce Shuler - 3 Do's & A Don't (Pinehurst, TX)
Bryan Beal - BB's Q (Big Spring, TX)
Bryan Crawford - Crawford's BBQ (Helotes, TX)
Bryan Hall - Peace Maker BBQ (Burleson, TX)
Bryan McLarty - BigFish BBQ (Southlake, TX)
Bryant Harris - No Team Name Listed (San Antonio, TX)
Bubba Clark - Hog Wild BBQ (Corpus Christi, TX)
Bubba Garrett - Twisted Pitsters (Wichita Falls, TX)
Bubba Garza - Hitmen Bar-B-Q (Alice, TX)
Bubba Gump - Bubba's Shrimp BBQ (Gumpville, LA)
Bud Alexander - Alexander Family BBQ (Big Spring, TX)
Buddy Adams - 360 Smokers (Pinehurst, TX)
Bullhorn BBQ & Catering - Bullhorn BBQ (CYPRESS, TX)
Butch Bingham - Bad smoke rising (Amarillo, TX)
Buzz Berry - B-T-L BBQ (Kilgore, TX)
Byron Buzzini - Wack'em & Stack'em (San Antonio, TX)
C J Bean - Smokin Frijoles (San Antonio, TX)
Cade Gault - Hat Creek BBQ cook team (Keithville, LA)
Cale Hoch - Jarhead-Q (Lawton, OK)
Caleb Jordan - Carnivore Cartel (Wichita Falls, TX)
Calvin Schmalz - River Bottom Smokers (Bridgeport, TX)
Cam Day - Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Co. (Elk City, OK)
Cameron Bayer - Brown Water Kookers (Cypress, TX)
Cameron West - West Barbecue Co. (Dallas, TX)
Candy Chambers - No Team Name Listed (Skidmore, TX)
Candy Weaver - BBQr's Delight (Pine Bluff, AR)
Carey Templeton - Thrillin' To Be Grillin' ( Burleson, TX)
Carl Spellman - Bottom Of The Barrel Cookers (Navasota, TX)
Carlos Calzada - Smokin Los BBQ (Selma, TX)
Carlos Guerra - Smokin C's. (Lasara, TX)
Carlos Longoria - C&C Smokehouse (San Antonio , TX)
Carlos Perales - Sir Charles BBQ Team (Mission, TX)
Carlos Salazar - Monster Grillers BBQ (New Braunfels, TX)
Carlton Migura - Just For Fun BBQ (Meyersville, TX)
Carmen Breeden - Chicken On A Chain (Sour Lake, TX)
Carmen Napp - JCG Barbecue & CO (Dumas, TX)
Carter Gresham - No Team Name Listed (Granbury, TX)
Cathy Demottier - No Team Name Listed (Caldwell, TX)
CD SOUNDS - Patron Kookers (houston, TX)
Cecil Gentry - The Bunkhouse Boys (Iraan, TX)
Chad Becker - Bayou State Smokers (Gloster, LA)
Chad Helfenbein - Gourmet Wood Products, Inc. (Fort Worth, TX)
Chad Jebousek - Exotic Bunch (Lockhart, TX)
Chad Knight - No Team Name Listed (Shamrock, TX)
Chad Marshall - LTP BBQ (Corpus christi, TX)
chad steinbach - 3B COOKERS (seminole, TX)
Chad Trimble - Dad's Grillin' Crew (Sherwood, AR)
Chantz Hawley - H2 BBQ (Amarillo, TX)
Charles H Pleasant - Holy Smoke (Austin, TX)
Charles Schroeder - Thas Riight! BBQ (Yorktown, TX)
charles tant - Bury Da Bone (wichita falls, TX)
Charles Villanueva Jr. - BROS BBQ (La Feria, TX)
Charley Walker - Blue Star Smokers (Corpus Christi, TX)
Charlie Ruyle - Going South BBQ (La Vernia, TX)
Charlie Shirley - Turn-N-Burn Smokers (Rogers, TX)
Charlotte Ragan - premier (Vidor, TX)
Charlynn Sharry - Head Judge (Houston, TX)
Chase Hawley - Shack Attack (Woodward, OK)
Cheree Bade - No Team Name Listed (San Antonio, TX)
Cheryl Hullum - Hands Down Cookers (Jarrell, TX)
Cheryl Marak - STILL SMOKIN' (West, TX)
Chris Allison - Lone Star Brew-N-Que (Burleson, TX)
Chris Bitner - Cooks of Hazzard (Arlington, TX)
Chris Dunn - 3 Kings BBQ (Aledo, TX)
Chris Gatica - CGC Smoke Crew (San Angelo, TX)
Chris Griffith - Lil Earls' Butt Naked BBQ (Longview, TX)
Chris Hatcher - Chat N Choo BBQ (Haslet, TX)
Chris Henry - Crazy Henry Cookers (hockley, TX)
Chris McDonald - The Brother's Boo Cooking Crew (Pattison, TX)
Chris Nevarez - Cool-Pits Too (Palacios, TX)
Chris Oliveira - Rock'n O BBQ (San Marcos, TX)
Chris Rodriguez - Tejano cookers BBQ team (Georgetown, TX)
Chris Schultz - IDK PIT CREW (humble, TX)
chris schultz - PITMONKEY (humble, TX)
Chris Webb - BUSHMASTER BBQ (El paso, TX)
Chris Wollenzin - Wolley Q (Live Oak, TX)
Christian Wagner - SmoQue Show (Metairie, LA)
Christopher Cooper - Everett's Barbecue (Fort Worth, TX)
Christopher Davis - CROSSED RIFLES BBQ (Canyon lake, TX)
Christopher Williams - CEW BBQ. (Seguin, TX)
Christy Rosson - No Team Name Listed (Shallowater, TX)
Chuck Faulder - Limey BBQ Co. (Burleson, TX)
Chuck Kluna - Goin down in flames cookers (Magnolia, TX)
Chuck Long - Texas Rebel Smokehouse (Lubbock, TX)
Chuck Salinas - A Ver Que Sale (Alamo, TX)
Chuck Sellman - Smokin' on the Rio (Progreso, TX)
Cindy Niles - No Team Name Listed (Tomball, TX)
Cindy T. Salley - Hottin Holler Smokers (Conroe, TX)
CJ Patton - Chunky Jokers BBQ (Haslet, TX)
CJ Veazey - Smokin' Aces (Vidor, TX)
Clarence Joseph - Mama and Papa Joe's BBQ (Converse, TX)
Clay Boyce - Smokin' Porkers (Whitehouse, TX)
Clay Ganey - South 36 Cookers (Rosenberg, TX)
Clay Raesz - straight up bbq (Taylor, TX)
CLAY williams - twisted Texas Que (moody, TX)
Clayton A Bell - No Team Name Listed (Cibolo, TX)
Clayton Shedd - Fired Up Cookers (Victoria, Texas)
Clint Koch - Young Gun Cookers (Cypress, TX)
Clint Swindall - Good Life! Barbeque (Bulverde, TX)
Clinton Ullmann - Double U BBQ (Burnet, TX)
Clyde S Porter - Smokin' Horns (Mansfield, TX)
Cody Lubyinesky - GOAT SMOKERS (Nordheim, TX)
Cooter Gibson - Double Nickle (Evadale, TX)
Corey Albert - V Bar Cookers (Falls City , TX)
Corey Clark - BBQ I.T. (Fort Worth, TX)
Corey Flores - Texas Poker Smokers BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Corey Johnson - Smokin' Bones Cookers (Plantersville , TX)
Corey Mikes - Fat Boys BBQ (Temple, TX)
Corey Nelson - The Lonely Gringo (Beaumont, TX)
Corley Davis - All sauced up (Temple, TX)
Cory McMahan - Dirty Boys BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Cory Wilson - Lil Cory's BBQ (Atlanta, LA)
Coty Alambar - LoneStar Que Crew (Sanger, TX)
COURTNEY JOHNSON - JP Smokers (Sweeny, TX)
Coy Miller - M5 Cookers (West, TX)
Craig Bingham - Carved N Smoked (Denton, TX)
Craig Bowen - CNC cookers (victoria, TX)
Craig Hall - Hall-B-Q (Shallowater, TX)
Craig King - Coal Train Cookers (College Station, TX)
Craig Morris - Swingin Meat (Amarillo , TX)
Craig Peters - Bubbas bbq (Canyon, TX)
Craig Ray - Brewing Smoke BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Craig Shannon - OMG BBQ (Houston, TX)
Craig Sharry - Texas Pepper Jelly (Houston, TX)
Craig Smith - Hot Ash Smokers (Maurepas, LA)
Craig Wood - Peppers Barbecue & Ice House (Tyler, TX)
Craig Yeszin - Cynical BBQ (Manteca, CA)
Cruz Tijerina - Boot Co. (Raymondville, TX)
Curt Harbers - CC's Country BBQ (La Grange, TX)
Curt Mortenson - MOSMOKIN (SPRING, TX)
Curtis Espedal - Bert's BBQ (Sanger, TX)
Curtis Jorgenson - Big Red's BBQ (Santa Fe, TX)
Curtis W Clerkley Jr - Bayou City Grillaz (Houston, TX)
D P Moore - No Team Name Listed (Dallas, TX)
D. Stan Smith - Life Is Good Cooking Team (Channelview, TX)
Dale Freytag - Snake Farm Czhili and BBQ (Dripping Springs, TX)
Dale Porubsky - Good Ol' Boys (Troy, TX)
Dalene Caffey - Beach Bum Cooker's (Sugar Land, TX)
Dalia Garza - No Team Name Listed (Edinburg, TX)
Damian England - Sawdust BBQ (Tomball, TX)
Dana Sandoval - No Team Name Listed (Amarillo, TX)
Daniel Enfield - Smok'n Red White & Q (Rockwall, TX)
Daniel Garcia - STX Smokers (Laredo, TX)
Daniel Hanzik - Chasin Bacon (Houston, TX)
daniel Montgomery - Who Cares (Lake Jackson, TX)
Daniel Wright - Rockin W Smokers (Boyd, TX)
Dannielle Cupples - No Team Name Listed (Seguin, TX)
Danny Evans - Just Showed up Bunch (N. Zulch TX, TX)
Danny Gamez - D&D Barbecue (San Antonio, TX)
Danny Helms - BBQ Xtreme (Cleburne, TX)
Danny House - Double D's BBQ Co. (SHALLOWATER, TX)
Danny Leal - DAMMIT BOYZ (Edinburg, TX)
Danny Luera - Inhognito (San Juan, TX)
Danny Patton - One Man Pits (Shiner, TX)
Danny Regan - HELL YEAH BBQ (Tomball, TX)
Danny Wilson - D&D Woodfired Cookers (Montgomery , TX)
Danny Woodring - Texas Brew-N-Que (Cypress, TX)
Darnell Taylor - smokin it the rite way (Midland, TX)
Darrell Byers - Seven Acres Barbecue (Arlington, TX)
Darrell Carothers - Smokin' with Attitude (Arlington, TX)
Darrell Duarte - Gorgeous Smokers (Friendswood, TX)
Darrell Marek - Country Cookers (Bryan, TX)
Darrell Phillips - Hot Skillet Lickers (Waxahachie, TX)
Darrell Weatherford - Just Smok'n (Mena, AR)
Darrell Weed - The Smokin Weeds (Bryan, TX)
darren nikkel - Hickory Street BBQ (Hereford, TX)
Darrin Thumann - Lucky 7 cookers (Houston, TX)
Darryl Blase - Guzzlin' Gourmets 2 (Needville, TX)
Darryl Shelton - AlwaysSmoking (Lugoff, SC)
Darwin Hoel - Giant BBQ (Universal City, TX)
Dave Cybulski - Aporkalypse Now (Beaumont, TX)
Dave Meador - Are You Lazy Two (Hockley, TX)
David Almaguer - Southbound Smoke (Eagle Pass, TX)
David Barker - Poke It & Smoke It BBQ (pearland, TX)
David Boedeker - Bad Boys (Lockney, TX)
David Boudreaux - No Team Name Listed (Donaldsonville, LA)
David C. Miller - Smokin and Drinkin Again (Lufkin, TX)
David Calvery - 3 Cookers (Denton, TX)
David Clevenger - Triple "C" Cookers (Plantersville, TX)
David Coble - Pals (San Antonio, TX)
David Cook - Burn Shop BBQ (Wichita Falls, TX)
David Darnell - HAWG BANDIT BBQ (Canton, TX)
David Davila - Triple D BBQ (West, TX)
David Dominguez - Los Texas Boyz (Rosenberg, TX)
David Glass - BC Cookers (Victoria, TX)
David Gonzalez - Blowin' Smoke Cooking Team (Harlingen, TX)
David Hernandez - Whatcha Smokin' (Santa Fe, TX)
David Hintz - Pork County Barbeque (Summerfield , NC)
David II Strobridge - No Team Name Listed (Haywood, OK)
david jones - The Jones' (clifton, TX)
David K James - No Team Name Listed (New Braunsfel, TX)
David Kirkland - It Is What It Is BBQ (Seguin, TX)
David Lape - Camphouse BBQ (New Braunfels, TX)
David Lefler - Squeals on Wheels (Bardwell, TX)
David Leos - Papa Leos Fire Station BBQ (Mesquite, TX)
David Lindsey - JR Cooking Team (Kemp, TX)
David Miller - Smokin and Drinkin Again (Lupkin, TX)
David Oswald - Tex's Smoke (Shady Shores, TX)
David Pierce - Texas Q (Caldwell, TX)
David Sanchez - Thin Blue Smoke (Brownsville, TX)
David Segovia - No Team Name Listed (garland, TX)
David Shannon - OMG BBQ (Houston, TX)
David Sloan - No Team Name Listed (Lantana, TX)
David Sterling - Uncle Stids bbq (Walker, LA)
David Strobridge - Double Stro BBQ (Burleson, TX)
David Underwood - Pot Bellied Stallions (Miami, TX)
David Vernon - Bud Boys (Irving, TX)
David Whitaker - Bee Team BBQ (Midland, TX)
Dawn Mason - Head Judge (Pleasanton, TX)
Dawson Young - Twisted Sisters Cook Off Team (Conroe, TX)
Debbie Miller - Tequila Sunrise Part 2 (Vidor, TX)
Debbie Rolf - Sundown Bar-B-Que (Mt Pleasant, TX)
Debbye Robason - Swingin' Meat (Burleson, TX)
Debra Cole - Hot Coles (Itasca, TX)
Debra Rodgers-Pitts - Rusted Shut BBQ (Buda, TX)
Dee Dee Barton - B & D Cookers (Taylor, TX)
Den May - Smoke N The Dark BBQ (Silsbee , TX)
Denise Munoz - Grillers Gone Wild Too (Needville, TX)
Dennis Alvarez - Tito's #4 (Austin, TX)
Dennis Butterworth - Warpig (Houston, TX)
Dennis DeWeerd - Ellis County BBQ (Midlothian, TX)
Dennis Gorrell - One More Shot Cooker (Conroe, TX)
Dennis Green - BBQ Brisket Co (Deer Park, TX)
Dennis Loper - Heavenly Smoke (Ardmore, OK)
Derek A Fritsch - All in the Family Cookers (Sugarland, TX)
Derek C Hoggins - 4812 BRBQ (San Angelo, TX)
Derek Crumpton - Half Fast Barbecue (Wichita Falls, TX)
Derrell Hanson - Wicked Smoke (Clovis, NM)
Derrick Bermea - We Stay Smokin' (Edna, TX)
Derrick Walker - Smoke-A-Holics BBq (Ft Worth, TX)
Dewayne Saverance - Hell's Kitchen (Coleman, TX)
Diane Jarrett - Lady Bug Cookers (Tomball, TX)
Dick Spier - Old Coaches BBQ (Cameron, TX)
Dirrty Swamp - No Team Name Listed (Houston, TX)
Don Logan - No Team Name Listed (LEANDER, TX)
Don Wright - Moonlight Cookers (Houston, TX)
Donald Alejandro - PRIME TIMERZ (Uvalde, TX)
Donald Angell - Sum Beach BBQ (Sanger, TX)
Donald Avery - Family Tradition Cookers (Navasota, TX)
donald beck - TEXAS SMOKE MASTERS (houston, TX)
Donald Herrera - Up N Smoke (Meyersville, TX)
Donald J. Mueller - Korynnco Cookers (San Leon, TX)
Donald Sablatura - Texas Armadillo Cookers (Houston, TX)
Donald Weeks - No Team Name Listed (Gladewater, TX)
Donna Rowley - No Team Name Listed (Lubbock, TX)
Donna Williams - No Team Name Listed (Houston, TX)
Donnie Hill - The Right Stuff BBQ (Hobbs, NM)
Donny Cummings - High On Shine Cookers (Natalia, AL)
Donny Yargo - Dead Broke Cookers (Anderson, TX)
Doris Coats - Bottom of the Barrell (Irving, TX)
Dorothy Harris - No Team Name Listed (Von Ormy, TX)
Doug Barrow - ups Grillbillys (iowa park , TX)
Doug Hedges - HALF COCKED BBQ (Gonzales, La)
Doug Homann - Boozin Bucs (Universal City, TX)
Doug Scheiding - Rogue Cookers (Bulverde, TX)
Duane Clark - Pinkie's BBQ (Dumas, TX)
Dustin Bottoms - Smokin Bs (Alvin , TX)
Dustin Cole - DRT Outdoors (PANHANDLE, TX)
Dustin Junek - Over and under (Victoria , TX)
Dustin Lackey - Woodrow's Meat Shack (COLLEYVILLE, TX)
Dustin Rangnow - 2 Drunk 2 Que (New Braunfels, TX)
Dwain Garber - Mid-Coast Cookers (Meyersville, TX)
Dwaine Cooper - North Harris College (Houston, TX)
Dwayne Turnbo - Steel Smoke (Waco , TX)
Dylan Collins - Collins Bar B Q (Centerville, TX)
Ector Cienega - Lobo's Den BBQ (Del Rio, TX)
Ed Faulder - Big Ed BBQ (North Richland Hills, TX)
Ed Myers - M&M Cookers (Katy, TX)
ED VANWINKLE - Allnighters (Portales, NM)
Eddie Escobar - Dirty Bone BBQ (Richmond, TX)
Eddie Tapia - What the Judge Said (San Juan, TX)
EDUARDO MEDRANO - Kiss My Ash (New Braunfels , TX)
Edward Chupp - No Team Name Listed (Argyle, TX)
Edward Corona - Hook it up (Converse , TX)
Edward E. Kelley - Team Midland (Midland, TX)
Edward Warford - Baywolf (Huffman, TX)
Edward Wilson - Black & Blue BBQ Cookin' Team (Tynan, TX)
Edwin Manotas - Smokin' Coonasses BBQ (Port Vincent, LA)
Elaine Ralston - Double R BBQ (North Richland Hills , TX)
Eli Valdez - DOS PRIMOS BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Elias Quiroz - Natural born grillers (Mcallen , TX)
Elisha Williams - 3 Woody's (Kennedale, TX)
Elizabeth Arnold - No Team Name Listed (Spur, TX)
Elizabeth Garza - Fire & Smoke Cooking Team (San Juan, TX)
Elmer Combs - Holly's Hope (Ropesville, TX)
Eloy De Leon - Los Buzzards (Weslaco, TX)
Eloy Hernandez - (TEX M.E.X.D. BBQ) (Kingsville, TX)
Emilio Velasquez - 3-V BBQ (Seguin, TX)
Enrique Munoz - Not To Worry Cookers (Pasadena , TX)
Eric DeHoyos - Los Veteranos BBQ (LOCKHART, TX)
Eric Gonzalez - Smokin Bucks (Harlingen, TX)
Eric Hernandez - Houston All Star Kookers (Houston, TX)
Eric Hernandez - Smoke N' Poke (Weslaco, TX)
Eric Honeycutt - Old 99 Meat Co. (Spring, TX)
Eric Rodriguez - Toro Loco Tres (Sugar Land, TX)
Eric Sanchez - Lone Star Smoque (Live Oak, TX)
Eric Villarreal - Gettin’ Sauced Pit Crew (Beeville, TX)
Erik Martinez - Double M BBQ Family (San Antonio , TX)
Erin Kennedy - Domino effect 2 (Sweeny, TX)
Ernest Contreras - E's Smokin' BBQ (Houston, TX)
Ernest McCoslin, Sr - Bellville Heritage Gathering (Bellville, TX)
Ernest Ramirez - Salt Creek Bbq (Houston, Texas)
Ernest Servantes - Burnt Bean Co (New Braunfels, TX)
Ernest Spradling - Hook, Line N BBQ (Kirby, TX)
Euvaldo Pena - South Texas Ranchands (McAllen, TX)
Eva Martinez - No Team Name Listed (Raymondville, TX)
Everardo Villarreal - Kool Arrows BBQ (Harlingen, TX)
Ezra Wilson - Black Hat Kookers (Conroe, TX)
Felipe Rosales - Smokin Rose BBQ (Victoria, TX)
Fernando Lopez - Sling N' Meat (Poteet, TX)
Fernando Ruiz - Texas Family Kookers (Houston, TX)
Floyd Solomon - Eye-One Cookers (Baytown, TX)
Forrest Browdy - Hooters & Honkers (Brazoria, TX)
Frank Chappa - B&Q First 57 (San Angelo, TX)
Frank Flores - Texas Heavy Smokers (EL CAMPO, TX)
Frank Peplinski - No Team Name Listed (Ft Worth, TX)
Frank Rubac - Ring Of Fire Cookers (waller, TX)
Fred Arias - Smokin A's (Brownsville, TX)
Fred Leal - Toro Loco Dos (League City, TX)
Fred Robles - Rio Valley Meat (Weslaco, TX)
Freddie Waters - Caribbean Smoke (San Antonio , TX)
Fredrik Borgstrom - Tall Swede BBQ (Frisco, TX)
Gabe Hoke - Kelly Down Barbecue Company (spring, TX)
Gabriel Gonzales - Lemme See It Cookers (Houston, Texas)
Gabriel Herrera - Smokin G's BBQ (Denver City, TX)
Gabriel Herrera - Smokin G's BBQ (Denver city, TX)
Garry Rolf - Outhouse Bar-B-Que (Mt Pleasant, TX)
Gary Chenault - Riders in the Sky BBQ (Farmersville, TX)
Gary Cole - Hot Coles (Itasca, TX)
Gary D Warren - No Team Name Listed (Beaumont, TX)
Gary Green - Straight outta Adkins (Adkins, TX)
Gary Howard - Non-typical bbq (Clifton, TX)
Gary Kelley - Road Crew Bbq (Sinton, TX)
Gary Redden - 3rd Coast Smoke (Corpus Christi, TX)
Gary Rodriguez - Grillers Gone Wild (El Campo, TX)
Gary Saiz - Bar-B-Que Rangers (Rio Rancho, NM)
Gary Sanderlin - Chowhounds (Opelousas, LA)
Gary Shook - Big Daddy's Grill (Lamesa, TX)
Gary Teston - The Kokomo Q (Hattiesburg, Ms)
Gary W. Snokhous - Hambone & The Boners (West, TX)
Gary Wallace - Lug Nut BBQ (Seguin, TX)
Gay Attebury - Flatlanders (Lubbock, TX)
Gearo Rodgers - Triple RBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Gene Pipes - Big Britches BBQ (Joshua, TX)
Gene Pruett - One Slice at a Time (Granbury, TX)
Geoeffery Williams - North Dallas Chamber of Commerce-Big D BBQ Battle (Dallas, TX)
Geoff Perego - Hick Beach BBQ Squadron (Shreveport, LA)
George Brown - Brown-B-Q (Bedford, TX)
George Campbell - George's Jungle (New Braunfels, TX)
George Littrell - No Team Name Listed (Denison, TX)
George Major - No Holes Barred (San Antonio, TX)
George Ramirez - Captain Goose (rio grande city, TX)
George Taylor - On It (Terrell, TX)
George Valerio - Big Daddy Gs BBQ (Odessa , TX)
Gerald Holubec - Head Judge (Tynan, TX)
Gerald Maynard - Kick'N Back Kookers (Euless, TX)
Gerald Mercer - No Team Name Listed (N Richland Hills, TX)
Gerardo Cardenas - Loaded Smoke! (Raymondville, TX)
Gerry Self - No Team Name Listed (Austin, TX)
Gil Martinez Jr - How Ya Derrin BBQ (Carrizo Springs, TX)
Gilbert Casanova - Team Casanova (Mission, TX)
Gilbert Gomez - Midnight Smokers (Mercedes, TX)
Gilbert Perez - No Team Name Listed (Edinburg, TX)
gina smith - No Team Name Listed (Palestine, TX)
Glenn Jarrett - She Thinks My Slabs R Sexy (tomball, TX)
Glenn Rodriguez - Smokin' Cowboys II (Converse, UT)
Gloria Livingston - Hawg Heaven (Vidor, TX)
Gordon McCleary - Smokealicious BBQ (Canyon Lake, TX)
gordon mccleary III - Smokealicious BBQ (New Braunfels, TX)
Grady Speed - Grade A BBQ (Corpus Christi, TX)
Grant Mars - Kenzie's Hot Shot BBQ (Longview, TX)
Grant Pinkerton - COME AND EAT IT Cookers (Houston, TX)
Grant Shoffner - Pops' Smokin' BBQ (Edmond, OK)
Gray Cartwright - The Smoke Kings (Haughton, LA)
Greg Austin - Picketwire BBQ (Kaufman, TX)
Greg Bade - Brew'n-N-Que'n (San Antonio, TX)
Greg Brenham - Third Coast Cookers (CYPRESS, TX)
Greg Burger - Fat side up (San Antonio, TX)
Greg Clark - Lost in the Sauce! (Corpus Christi , TX)
Greg Evans - Loose Moose Cookers (Pilot Point, TX)
Greg Holloman - Brotha from Anotha Motha Cookers (BFAM) (Richmond, TX)
Greg Lathem - Holy Smoke Arkadelphia (Arkadelphia, AR)
Greg Montalvo - QUE PADRE (Helotes, TX)
Greg Moore - Rottenwood Cookers (Livingston, TX)
Greg Phillips - The Smokin Cajun (Midland, TX)
Greg Pitts - Rusted Shut BBQ (Buda, TX)
Greg Snider - No Team Name Listed (Norman, OK)
Greg Sonnier - La-Tex Cookers (Beaumont, TX)
Greg Vrana - Shaller BBQ Cookers (Flatonia, TX)
Gregory C Evans - Loose Moose Cookers (Pilot Point, TX)
Gregory Staisiunas - No Team Name Listed (McAllen, TX)
Guy Mitchell - Piggie Smalls (Dallas, TX)
Gwyn Sommerfeld - Gene's Country Cookers (Austin, TX)
Hampton Pratka - Bottle Cap Cookers (Bulverde, TX)
Hank Wallace - No Team Name Listed (Austin, TX)
Harlan Wayne Dizmang - Dizzy Bee Kookers (Midland, TX)
Harry Sanchez - Slap yo' Family BBQ (Beeville, TX)
Harry Smithwick - Smithwick 46 (ALICE, TX)
Harvey Holmes Jr. - No Team Name Listed (Universal City, TX)
Heath Walden - River Bottom Boys (Bastrop, TX)
Heather Johnson - No Team Name Listed (Denton, TX)
Hector Cantu - BBQ-HOLICS (La Feria, TX)
Hector Hernandez - Me Rub You Long Time (Mission, TX)
Hector Longoria - Big Dawg Smokers (beeville , TX)
Hector Villanueva - Killer V Cooking Team (Santa Rosa , TX)
Henry Erwin - Hank's BBQ (Ft Worth, TX)
Heraclio Gonzalez - Smokey & The Bandits (Kingsville, TX)
Herb Batten - BMC Cookers (Bryan, TX)
Herschel Williams - Trailriders 3 (Houston, TX)
Hill Country BBQ Supply LLC - No Team Name Listed (San Marcos, TX)
Holden Wright - Hula Hut kookers (Crosby, TX)
Howard Anderson - No Team Name Listed (Lake Jackson, TX)
Howard Muniz - Orange Maple Cookers (Hempstead, TX)
Howard Wright - JSO BBQ (Houston, TX)
Hunter Birky - MoBinks BBQ (bossier city, LA)
Hunter Emfinger - Bearded BBQ Co. (Andrews, TX)
Ian Boyles - West Texas Smoke (Big Spring, TX)
Ian Summers - No Team Name Listed (Shreveport, LA)
Ira Green - Flying G Barbcue (kingsbury , TX)
Israel Mendiola - Uncle Ira's BBQ (Raymondville, TX)
Ivan Boots - Boots BBQ and Catering (Friendswood, TX)
J. Arthur Garcia - Smoke Across Texas (Lubbock, TX)
J. Kevin Richardson - Flamin Kajun BBQ (Denham Springs, LA)
Jack Cashman - Cashman Q (Prosper, TX)
Jack Goodwin - Full Draw Bar-B-Que (Orange Grove, Texas, TX)
Jack Perry - Bad Boys III (Lubbock, TX)
Jackie Milligan - Team Chupacabra (Poteet, TX)
Jacob Gonzalez - Casi Nada Cooking Team (Alice , TX)
Jacob Lester - No Team Name Listed (Georgetown, TX)
Jacob Lilley - Suburban Gringo Cookers (Richmond, TX)
Jaime Escamilla - Mad Mexican BBQ (Leesville, LA)
Jaime Garcia - JCG Barbecue & Co. (Dumas, TX)
Jaime Gonzalez - Triple J Grillers (San Benito, TX)
Jake Barrera - Smokers Wild South Texas BBQ (San Juan, TX)
James Adcock - Smokin Big Dogs (Corn, OK)
James B Chappell - 342 BBQ (Bryan, TX)
James Boyd - Boooger County Bandits (Groesbeck, TX)
James Bustos - 1 Stop BBQ (Kingsville Tx, TX)
James Cagle - No Team Name Listed (Hillsboro, TX)
James Dodson - LimpBrizkit BBQ (Saginaw, TX)
James Farek - Into the West (White Settlement, TX)
James Frazier - Porky Smoking Butts (Splendora, TX)
James Garza - The Republic of 'Que (Dripping Springs, TX)
James Gentry - No Team Name Listed (Colleyville, TX)
james Gerstenkorn - IMS BBQ (Waco, TX)
James Hill - Tbone & Tammy's Smokin' Q (Aledo, TX)
James Howerton - Heavy Metal Bbq (Wichita Falls, TX)
James Keen - Ridge Cookers (Houston, TX)
james kettle - Kettle's Kitchen (midland, TX)
James Mahaffey - No Team Name Listed (Dumas, TX)
James Mazoch - Dune Dwellers (Corpus Christi, TX)
James McCullar - Jimmy Nicks (Vidor, TX)
James McGary - Walking Dead Cookers (Bryan, TX)
James Mckee - Red Fire BBQ (Pitkin, LA)
James Meyer - Hey Blue BBQ (College Station, TX)
James Paddack - Texas Chow (Krum, TX)
James R Schmidt - It's All About That Smoke (WILLIS, TX)
James Reyes - Believers BBQ (Cypress, TX)
James Torres - Latin Gringo Cookers (Baytown , TX)
James Vance - No Team Name Listed (Cypress, TX)
Jamie Ashworth - Smoke Addiction BBQ (Sarepta, LA)
Jamie Geer - Jambo Pits (Burleson, TX)
Jamie Robey - Texas Smoke (Conroe, TX)
Jamieson Crahen - Team Nice Rack (Cottage Grove, WI)
Jan Canterbury - We B Smokin' Too (Conroe, TX)
Janie Duran - Black Jack BBQ (Littlefield, TX)
Janis Hahn - Que'in and Brew'in (Bryan, TX)
Jared Goldman - Six gun Smokers (League City, TX)
Jared Hill - Thunder Smoke (Rosharon , TX)
Jason Bray - Verti-Bray BBQ (Kingsville, TX)
Jason Bridgeman - 3 Dean BBQ (Paradise , TX)
Jason Drouin - Prime 8 cookers (Cypress, TX)
Jason Haynes - Boat Trash BBQ (RUSK, TX)
Jason Hefner - Burnin' Ring of Fire (Hutto, TX)
Jason Hodges - JL's Lone Star BBQ (Willis, TX)
Jason Jordan - Double JJ BBQ (Ft Worth, TX)
Jason Krueger - Fired Up Kickin Ash (Poteet, TX)
Jason McDaniel - Hot Racks BBQ (Stinnett , TX)
Jason Mote - Dirt City Smokers Too (Lubbock, TX)
Jason Puryear - 1836 BBQ (Bellaire, TX)
Jason Ragsdale - Lucky Dawgs' BBQ (New Braunfels, TX)
Jason Sagmiller - RACE CREW BBQ (SPRING, TX)
Jason satterfield - PoBoys BBQ (north little rock, ar)
Jason Streib - Hookin-n-cookin (Springtown, TX)
Jason Templeton - Slobberin' Mule BBQ (Wichita Falls, TX)
Jason Wilhite - 3W Bacon Eaters (Lubbock, TX)
Javier Luna - Twisted J's BBQ (Arlington, TX)
Jay Vinson - No Team Name Listed (Austin, TX)
Jayde Henley - BUCKSHOT BBQ (Midland, TX)
JD Williams - Droptine Cookers (Schertz , TX)
Jean Ann Holubec - Head Judge (Tynan, TX)
Jef Beyer - Wasted Smoke (Clovis, NM)
Jeff Adamcik - Sandy Sue's BBQ (ROCKWALL, TX)
Jeff Caldwell - Bodacious Cookers (Magnolia, TX)
Jeff Hall - Peacemaker BBQ (Burleson, TX)
Jeff Johnson - 3 & 1/4 Dog Cook Team (San Angelo, TX)
Jeff Kirchner - Bad Ash BBQ (La Vernia, TX)
Jeff Navarro - Smoke Ring WoodHouse (Lytle, TX)
Jeff Rankin - 10 Pt. BBQ (Canyon Lake , TX)
Jeff Shivers - Taste of Texas Cooking Team (Joshua, TX)
Jeff Smith - SmokeSmith BBQ (Rowlett, TX)
Jeff Suckow - MI COW ES SU COW (Helotes, TX)
jeff taylor - Taylor Made BBQ (san.antinio, TX)
Jeff Tollett - Lone Star Pony Express (Kingwood, TX)
Jeff Wyatt - Redneck cooker (Glen rose, TX)
Jeffrey Kapsiak - Smoking Wizards (Crosby, TX)
Jeffrey Tozier - T&T Smokers (Rowlett, TX)
Jennifer B Homer - No Team Name Listed (Amarillo, TX)
Jennifer Dizmang - No Team Name Listed (Midland, TX)
Jennifer Gustin - The House of Blue Smoke (Corpus Christi, TX)
Jennifer Paddack - Texas Chow (Krum, TX)
Jeramy Hughes - FATZ BBQ (Farmington, NM)
Jered Glass - BC Cookets (Goliad, TX)
Jeremy Cortez - Smoking OCD (Odessa, TX)
Jeremy Cuevas - BLOWIN' SMOKE (Beeville, TX)
JEREMY MCMINN - McKeen BBQ (conroe, TX)
Jeremy Rogers - Gruene-gos Barbecue (New Braunfels, TX)
Jeremy Salas - Rub-N-Butts Smokers (Montgomery, TX)
Jerry Bethell - No Team Name Listed (Cameron, TX)
Jerry Cabriales - Brasas and Beer Cooking Team (Laredo, TX)
Jerry Cardenas - Loaded Smoke! (Raymondville, TX)
Jerry Court - Courthouse Cooking Team (N Richland Hills, TX)
Jerry Garcia - No Team Name Listed (Corpus Christi, TX)
Jerry King - Jerry King Midland (Big Springs, TX)
Jerry Kopriva - No Team Name Listed (Troy, TX)
Jerry Krabe - Lite Blue Smoke (Elgin, TX)
Jerry McCuistion - McCuistion's BBQ (Sanger, TX)
Jerry Pierce - Grills Gone Wild (Houston, TX)
Jerry Rhodes - Sauced Up & Smokin' (LaGrange, TX)
Jesse Aguirre - Jack Pot Jesse (Pharr, TX)
Jesse De Los Santos - Rathole Drilling (Alice, TX)
Jesse Gonzalez - Los Cazadores (Alice, TX)
Jesse Lopez - Grave Robber Cookers (Corpus Christi, TX)
Jesse Ruiz - TEAM BIG NASTY (Brownsville, TX)
jesse salcido - CHUEY (Andrews, TX)
Jesus Aguirre Jr - No Team Name Listed (Edinburg, TX)
Jesus Cano - Rio Smoke BBQ Team (McAllen, TX)
Jesus Guerra - Southern Smokeaters (Porter, TX)
Jesus Ochoa - Dem Smokin' Boyz (San Juan, TX)
jesus vielma - Que Se Mueve BBQ cookers (san antonio, TX)
jim Fly - Sweet Heat BBQ (Victoria, TX)
Jim Hudgins - No Team Name Listed (Ft Worth, TX)
Jim Oetting - Ottz Bbq (Arlington , TX)
Jim Simola - Smokin Roses BBQ (Beeville, TX)
Jim Worsham - J & J Rednecks (Winfield, TX)
Jimmie Livingston - Hawg Heaven (Vidor, TX)
Jimmie Ott - No Team Name Listed (League City, TX)
Jimmy Faulkner JR - Cockpit Cookers (Montgomery, TX)
Jimmy Gillory - Airtex Still Smokin' (Houston, TX)
Jimmy Green - Rockbottom Cookers (WIllis, TX)
Jimmy Harrell - Black pot cookers (, TX)
Jimmy Karstedt - 3rd Coast Elite (Sweeny, TX)
jimmy lawler - hollywood hellraisers (canadain, TX)
Jimmy Martin - River Bank BBQ (San Angelo, TX)
Jimmy Shotwell - Memphis Barbeque Supply (Memphis, TN)
Jimmy Svec - Hillbilly Cookers (Caldwell, TX)
JL Hodges - JL's Lonestar BBQ (Willis, TX)
JoAnn Holubec - Head Judge (Tynan, TX)
Joe Cantu - Henry's Barbeque (cedar creek, TX)
Joe Castillo - The Worms (Houston, TX)
Joe Dan Leal - J9 Cattle Company (Benavides, TX)
Joe Gallardo - Los Necios (Baytown, TX)
Joe Koch - Over Doin' it Kochers (Crystal City, TX)
Joe Limon - Jokers-N-Smokers BBQ Cooking Team (Houston, TX)
Joe M Soto Sr - Pappy Be Smoking AGAIN! (Katy, TX)
Joe Martinez - Pits & Chains (Stockdale , TX)
Joe Moreno - Calpine Cookers (Edinburg, TX)
Joe Munoz - Grillers Gone WIld Too (Needville , TX)
Joe Ornelas - BODACIOUS BBQ (Victoria, TX)
JOE PEREZ - GIl's B. B. Q. Bandits (Edinburg, TX)
Joe Perez - Los Tres Cazadores (Alice, TX)
Joe Pichey - GO Blue BBQ (Mckinney, TX)
Joe Reyes - Talk of the Town (Skidmore, TX)
Joe Rios - Smokin' Joe's BBQ (Brownsville, TX)
Joe Soto - OFT SMOKERS (Conroe , TX)
Joe Tapia - BBQ Lover (Arlington, TX)
Joe Torres - Torres Competition Cooking (Justin , TX)
Joe Way - Texas Way BBQ (Tx, AL)
Joe Webster - Rollin' Smoke (Fort Davis, TX)
JOEL CARSON - Boss Hawg BBQ (Sapulpa, OK)
Joel Nash - Double Duece (Rowlett, TX)
Joey B.R. Sutphen - Joey'sTexas Thunder (Borger, TX)
Joey Garcia - Chillin n grillin (Highlands , TX)
Joey Gutierrez - Ash-Hole BBQ team (Uvalde, TX)
Joey Machado - Guadalupe BBQ Co. (Seguin, TX)
Joey Smith - Joe'sCookshack (leander tx, TX)
Joey Vasquez - Lone Star BBQ (Del Rio, TX)
John B. Moore, Jr. - No Team Name Listed (Scurry, TX)
John Brian - Southern Comfort (Kirbyville, TX)
John Burg - E Z Eats (Sugarland, TX)
John C Naumann - Little Big John's (Bruceville, TX)
John Cortez - Mesquite Heat (KINGSVILLE, TX)
John Earnhardt - WB Cookers #1 (La Vernia, TX)
John Fisher - Team Fisher Swine & Dine (Borger, TX)
John Garcia - Smokin J's BBQ (Corpus Christi, TX)
John Hernandez - Smoking J's BBQ (Burleson , TX)
John Keith - Possum Holler BBQ (Mesquite, TX)
John Kindler - Smokin 2 Pleaz (Hockley, TX)
John Leifester - Tall Boys BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
John Loftin - Jesus Take The Grill (DeRidder, LA)
John Macom - 4-J Choo Choo BQ (Levelland, TX)
John McCage - Pearl Snaps BBQ (Tuttle, OK)
John Miko - Fire It Up! (Katy, TX)
John N Luce - Black Sheep (San Angelo, TX)
John Paine - up in smoke bbq team (Bullard, TX)
John Partida - Killer Kamados (McAllen, TX)
John Peter - No Team Name Listed (La Porte, TX)
JOHN PHILLIPS - Six Shooter Junction BBQ (Riesel, TX)
John Pound - Hoof and Beak (Lakeway, TX)
John Reeves - Smokin' X (Lubbock, TX)
John Rogin - No Team Name Listed (Farmington Hills, MI)
john sanford - BBQ On The Brazos (Granbury, TX)
John Servantes - Cold Smoke (Edna, TX)
John Stone - Smoke N Flames (Houston, TX)
John Swager - Big John's Texas BBQ (Bradenton, FL)
John Trahan - Shake N Bake (Texas City, TX)
John Truesdell - Little John's BBQ (Georgetown, TX)
johnie griggs - Holy Smoke BBQ (burleson, TX)
Johnny Dunn - Bourbon Cowboy Cookers (Huffman, TX)
Johnny Humphreys - No Team Name Listed (Sonora, TX)
Johnny Leal - No Team Name Listed (Campbellton, TX)
Johnny Love - Huntspoint Meat Company (Epping, NH)
Johnny Moon - Beef Brothers (Mansfield, TX)
Johnny Rodriguez - J Rod's Catering (Alice, TX)
Johnny Stewart - No Team Name Listed (Natalia, TX)
Johnny Trigg - Smokin' Triggers (Alvarado, TX)
Johnny Watts - Jus Blow'n Smoke (Spring, TX)
Jon Aguilar - Dirty Mike’s BBQ (Corpus Christi , TX)
Jon Clark - RioGrande RiverCats (Austin, TX)
Jon Conaway - The Up All nighters (Upan) (Santa fe, TX)
Jon Dodson - Dodson's BBQ (Abilene, TX)
Jon Kingston - Jersey Lily BBQ (Corinth, TX)
Jon Laxton - FamBam Cookers (Azle, TX)
Jonathan Bonds - River Rats BBQ (Eagle Pass, TX)
joni schug - Double J BBQ (saginaw, TX)
Jordan Allen - Bent Nail BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Jorge Flores II - CSM Cooking (Eagle Pass, TX)
Jorge Rodriguez - Imperial BBQ (Sugar land, TX)
Jorge Salinas - Hooked On BBQ (Mission, TX)
Jose Dominguez - Leatherneck BBQ (Mathis, TX)
Jose Hernandez - Blazin Bullz Cookerz (Humble, TX)
Jose Herrera - You Kill'em We Grill'em (Pettus, TX)
Jose M Soto Jr - OFT SMOKERS (Conroe, TX)
jose pulido - Pigz in the hood (edinburg, TX)
Jose Valenzuela - Skin-N-Bones (Robstown, TX)
Jose Vedia - No Team Name Listed (LAREDO, TX)
Joseph Coyle - green eggs & ham (Springtown, TX)
joseph heflin - No Team Name Listed (N Las Vegas, NV)
joseph perritte - No Team Name Listed (Austin, TX)
joseph reyes - Midnight smokers (houston, TX)
Joseph Rodriguez - Reel Smoke BBq (Beeville, TX)
Joseph Severson - Cool Hands Cookers (Tomball, TX)
Joseph Sylvie - Kaleb and The Cane River Texans (Houston, TX)
Josh Branam - No Team Name Listed (, )
Josh Chadwick - Mesquite Misfits (Orange Grove, TX)
Josh Ferguson - Fergalicious BBQ (Silsbee, TX)
Josh Fuller - Shake N Bake (Santa Fe, TX)
Josh Kovar - No Team Name Listed (Pettus, TX)
Josh Peevey - P.V.'s Smokehouse Bbq (Vidor, TX)
Josh Tielke - Triple D Cookers (Brazoria , TX)
Joshua Buske - All burnt up cookers (New waverly , TX)
Joshua Norris - Roundhouse Cookers (Pearland, TX)
Joy Williams - Crystal Creek Cookers (Conroe, Texas)
Jr Noteware - No Team Name Listed (Powderly, TX)
JR Repka - Full Boar BBQ (Robstown, TX)
JT Pouland - Off On Cue (Richardson, TX)
Juan Arce - Puro Ranch BBQ Team (Alamo, TX)
Juan Avila - Pit Vipers (LaCoste, TX)
Juan Hinojosa - Fugazi BBQ (San Benito, TX)
Juan Padilla - Smoking Just stice (Rio Hondo, TX)
Juan Perez - Third Coast Tailgaters (Cyress, TX)
Judy Ann Tapia - What the Judge Said 2 (San Juan , TX)
Judy Keeney - No Team Name Listed (Springtown, TX)
Julian Garcia - JG Welding (Pleasanton, TX)
Julie Jonas - Shotgun Saloon (New Braunfels, TX)
Junior Lozano - Red Oak Smokers (Pasadena, TX)
Justin Flores - Family Grillers (Beeville, TX)
Justin Howle - Hogg Butt BBQ (Iola , TX)
Justin Lang - Firehouse Smokers (Midland, TX)
Justin Nichols - Fellowship of the Smoke Rings (Midland, TX)
Justin West - Hatcreek Q (Decatur, TX)
Karl Mutz - BLAZIN N GLAZIN BBQ TEAM (Falls City, TX)
Kassie Smith - Kaboos Cookers (Leander, TX)
Kathleen MacIntosh - No Team Name Listed (San Diego, CA)
Kathleen McIntyre - No Team Name Listed (Childress, TX)
Kathryne Herrera - Boots & Crowns BBQ (Kingsville, TX)
Kay Lefler - No Team Name Listed (Bardwell, TX)
Keith Christian - That Krazy kitchen (Forest hill, TX)
Keith Cordell - Antler Creek BBQ (Boyd, TX)
Keith Knee - Triple A Cookers (Conroe, TX)
keith murrell - montgomery county smokers (pinehurst, TX)
Keith Stolle - FInger Lickin Good Cooking Team (Wharton , TX)
Keith Ward - No Team Name Listed (San Angelo, TX)
Keith Wilson - Smoking Weibalos (New Waverly, TX)
kelli Wilson - Lone Star Lip Smackin BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Kelly Calvery - 3 C Cookers (Denton, TX)
Kelly Curtis - Panther Creek Cookers (Montgomery, TX)
Kelly MacIntosh - No Team Name Listed (San Diego, CA)
Kelvin Ellender - Get Jiggy Wit It BBQ (Sulphur, LA)
Ken Bertelson - Silver Beard Texas BBQ (Leander, TX)
Ken Pearson - Hey Mister Who? Cooking Team (Sandia, TX)
Ken Taylor - C-N-B BBQ (San Angelo, TX)
Kenneth Chessher - No Team Name Listed (Mathis, TX)
Kenneth Johnson - Cajun Smokers (Saint Cloud, FL)
Kenneth Toney Jr - Late Nites BBQ (Tatum , TX)
Kenneth W Vajdak - Hawg Wild Cookers (Snook, TX)
Kenny Jenkins - Kenny's Smokehouse (Garland, TX)
Kenny Thompson - No Team Name Listed (Willis, TX)
Kerrie Longoria - Whodatbbq (Nevada, TX)
Kesa Giles - Getchusome (Forney, TX)
Kevan Amonett - No Team Name Listed (San Angelo, TX)
Kevin Collier - Smashed Potatoes (McAllen, TX)
Kevin Duncan - Coon-Billy Cookers (Beaumont, TX)
Kevin Gressett - KB Wellbore Solutions (Iola, TX)
Kevin Howe - Howe U Q'in (Euless, TX)
Kevin Jones - Southern Swine Smokers (Texas City, TX)
Kevin Knight - Smokin Knights BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Kevin L Morosin - Beef Pokers (Houston, TX)
Kevin Malcher - K bar J (Floresville, TX)
Kevin Miller - Tequila Sunrise BBQ Team (Vidor, TX)
Kevin Minnick - Crownin' Around (Corpus Christi, TX)
Kevin Newton - Figgy's Q (Amarillo, TX)
Kevin Ramey - Outsiders BBQ (Fort Worth, TX)
Kevin Schwake - Getcha Dome of That BBQ (La Vernia, TX)
Kevin Thacker - DK's Twisted Smokers BBQ (Southlake , TX)
Kevin Thornton - Hell I Don't Know Cookers (Liberty Hill, TX)
Kevin Woolf - Baba Kevin's American Barbecue Co., Ltd. (Taipei City, AL)
Kimberly Walton - Smoky Okie & Co (Lubbock, TX)
Kindal Trapp - Simply Ribdiculous Kookers (Cleveland, TX)
Kirk Filipp - Czech Cherokee Cookers (Cleveland , TX)
Kirk Jankowski - Saltwater Smokers (Houston, TX)
Kirk Pittman - Fishing Eagles (Lubbock, TX)
Kit Parten - Texas Smoke Whisperers (Midland, TX)
Kit Polk - Kanned Heat (Lakehills, TX)
Kristi Griffin - No Team Name Listed (Midland, TX)
Kurt Andersen - Kurty's BBQ (Beaver, OK)
Kyle Butler - Butler's Backdraft (Claude, TX)
Kyle Harkrider - Sevens Out BBQ (Cedar Park, TX)
Kyle Hoefling - Fowl Play BBQ (Georgetown, TX)
Kyle Murphy - Roughhouse Smokers (Fresno, TX)
Kymberly Norris - The Hogs (Cleburne , TX)
Lana Branam - Potbelly Smokers Too (Plainview, TX)
Lance Hill - Smokin Bones BBQ (Shady Shores, TX)
Lance LyBrand - Packin Heat BBQ (Terrell, TX)
Lance Moore - West Texas Pit Masters (Plainview, TX)
Lance Muzyka - Eat'em Up Kookers (Bremond, TX)
Lanette Silvey - No Team Name Listed (ARGYLE, TX)
Larry Anderson - DU's CREW REAL SMOKE BBQ (Tenaha, TX)
Larry Barber - Smokin' Gamblers (Katy, TX)
Larry Bittner - Guzzlin' Gourmets (Rosenberg, TX)
Larry Burks - Smokin' Ashes (Lubbock, TX)
Larry Elrod - You Be the Judge BBQ (Nashville, AR)
Larry Ewing - Marathon BBQ (Rockwall, TX)
Larry Fuentes - Official "Q" BBQ (Lantana, TX)
Larry Griggs - Texas Up in Smoke (Fort Worth, TX)
Larry Harville - Smoke Ya Honey (Bells, TX)
Larry Hillin - No Team Name Listed (The Colony, TX)
Larry Holley - No Team Name Listed (Allen, TX)
Larry McGee - Live Action Smokers (Katy, TX)
Larry Peplinski - No Team Name Listed (Ft Worth, TX)
Larry Russell - South 277 BBQ (San Angelo, TX)
Larry Sbrusch - Hazardous Waste Cookers (Weslaco, TX)
Lars Flores - Piping Hot (Corpus Christi, TX)
Laura Blount - Executive Head Judge (Talty, TX)
Lauren Hoel - No Team Name Listed (Universal City, TX)
Laverne Akin - Lady L (College Sta, TX)
LB Photos - Smokin' Ashes (Lubbock, TX)
Lea Anne Lemon - YB Legal (Orange Grove, TX)
Lee Gunn - Gunn's A Smokin (Cedar Hill, TX)
Lee Hickel - Redmule's Bad Ass BBQ (Sinton, AL)
Lee Mayeux - Uncle Lee's BBQ (Cottonport, LA)
Lee Vasquez - Smokin' & Jokin' Q Co. (Big Spring,TX, AL)
LeeAyn Lesley - No Team Name Listed (Midland, TX)
Leisa McLeod - Jar Head Cookers (New Braunfels, TX)
Leo Soliz - Eagle's Nest Bbq Team (Robstown, TX)
LeRoy Ludemann - The Breadman (Austin, TX)
LeRoy Stevens - Cousin LeRoy's BBQ (Austin, TX)
Leslie Johnson - What You Smokin' Cookers (Tomball, TX)
Lester Anderson - Double A Cookers (Kountze, TX)
Levi Van Camp - No Team Name Listed (Antoine, AR)
Linda Bartole - L & L's Backyard BBQ (Corpus Christi, TX)
Linda Napier - No Team Name Listed (Anderson, TX)
Linda Reed - 2nd Annual Grapeland BBQ Cookoff and Car Show (Grapeland, TX)
Lindi Bowker - Just cook'in (Sanger, TX)
Lisa Curtis - Panther Creek COOKers 2 (Montgomery, TX)
Lisa Martens - Smoke Works (Katy, TX)
LisaLuv Martens - No Team Name Listed (HOUSTON, TX)
Liz Shamlian - HotMes! (HARLINGEN, TX)
Loren Baker - Blue Cloud BBQ (Mesa, AZ)
Lorna Holley - No Team Name Listed (Allen, TX)
Louie Liendo - Toro Loco Cookers (Sugarland, TX)
Lucas A Garcia - "Barbells And BBQ" (McAllen, TX)
Lucas Garcia - Vicious & Delicious (Weslaco, TX)
Lucas Schuckenbrock - O-U-8-1-2 (Victoria , TX)
Lucio Turner, Jr - TNT Cookin' Crew (Weslaco, TX)
Luis De Leon - KillN’ GrillN’ N' ChillN’ (Los Fresnos, TX)
Luis Faz - Big Lou's BBQ (Del Rio, TX)
Luis Fernandez - No Team Name Listed (Uvalde , TX)
Luis Lopez - Lett's eat. (San Antonio, TX)
Luke Mauro - Pyromaniacs (Houston, TX)
Lupe Garcia - Big G Cooking Team (Dayton, TX)
Lupe Nevarez - Man Cave Pellet Smokers (Palacios, TX)
Lupe Pena - Killer V cooking team (Mercedes, TX)
Lupe Ramirez - Lupes BBQ (Alice, TX)
Lya Branam - Pot Bellied Smokers (Slaton, TX)
Lyle Osadchuk - Lazy Honey Badgers (Richmond , TX)
Lynn Berry - Southern Justice Cookers (Kountze, TX)
Lynn Shivers - Taste of Texas BBQ (Joshua, TX)
Malcolm Kitchen - Cast Iron Cooks (New Braunfels, TX)
Mandy Bailey - 2BQ (Richmond, TX)
Manny Valdez - Senor Smoke BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Manuel Aguirre - Monster Bulls BBQ (Odessa, TX)
Manuel Bazan - Lonely Bones Bbq (Weslaco, TX)
Manuel Cadena - No Team Name Listed (Weslaco , TX)
Manuel Garza - No Team Name Listed (San Juan, TX)
Manuel Guerra - Smokin C's. (LASARA, TX)
Manuel Moreno - Chingon BBQ (Borger , TX)
Marc Headrick - Smoke and Heads (Magnolia, AR)
Marc Oakes - Sleepy Hollow (Mountain Home, AR)
Marco Casanova - No Nonsense BBQ (La Joya, TX)
Marcos Garcia - La Arenosa Ranch (Hebbronville, TX)
Marcus Cruz - 2nd hand smokers (Missouri city , TX)
Marcus Gonzales - Stax BBQ (Converse, TX)
Marcus Lopez - SMOKE ADDICTZ BBQ (Euless, TX)
Maria Henry - No Team Name Listed (HOCKLEY, TX)
Maria Mendiola - Uncle Ira's BBQ (Raymondville, TX)
Maribel Cuellar - Team Fired Up (Beeville, TX)
Mario Benavidez - Chillin-N-Grillin (McAllen, TX)
Mario Flores - It's a Flores Thing (San Antonio, TX)
Mario Martinez - No Team Name Listed (Freeport, TX)
Mario Silguero Jr - Oh My Bar B Que (OMB) (Kingsville, TX)
Mario Silva - KLS bbq (San Antonio, TX)
Mario Tijerina - Mary T's (Raymondville, TX)
Marjorie Boudreaux - No Team Name Listed (Corpus Christi , TX)
mark avalos - SLAB BBQ (pflugerville, TX)
Mark Bailey - Big Dawgs BBQ (Mabank, TX)
Mark Bateman - No Team Name Listed (Hobbs , NM)
Mark Bradbury - Longhorn Crossing BBQ (Oak Point, TX)
Mark Branson - Texas Masters BBQ (Houston, TX)
Mark Gallagher - Neverlaters BBQ (Dallas, TX)
Mark Garcia - Los Compadres (Edinburg, TX)
mark lambert - Hack Creek Kooking Krewe (shreveport, LA)
Mark Mika - Mildly Wild (Karnes City, TX)
Mark Montemayor - SMOKE ' EM COWBOYS (lubbock, TX)
Mark Orland - Westside BBQ (Plano, TX)
Mark Paulson - No Team Name Listed (Stagecoach, TX)
Mark Perkinson - Perk's Pit Halfway Decent Barbeque (Carrollton, TX)
mark perritte - M&M BBQ (austin, TX)
Mark Reagan - Ace In The Hole Cookers (Santa Fe, TX)
Mark Trosclair - Ace In The Hole (Alvin, TX)
Marshall D Cooper - No Team Name Listed (Dallas, TX)
Marshall Sears - Texas Rib Runners (Richmond, TX)
Martin Silva - Texas Grill Master (Corpus Christi, TX)
Marty Marak - Duelin' Stacks (West, TX)
Marvin Hanna - Kick'n Bar B Q (Mesquite, TX)
Marvin Holcomb - No Team Name Listed (Longview, TX)
Marvin Sommerfeld - Gene's Country Cookers (Austin, TX)
Mary Beth Badgett - SheBad (Bryan, TX)
Mary Caraway - Pit Rasslers (Naples, TX)
Mary Lynn Gammill - South of the Border (Houston, TX)
Mary Praytor - Flirtin' with Fire (College Station, TX)
Mary Shamlian - Team SAS (harlingen, TX)
Matias Serrata - Pit Boss Smokers (Beeville, TX)
Matt Alexander - Kiss My Rack (Carlsbad, NM)
Matt Delmas - Fire in the Hole (The Colony, TX)
Matt Majors - Minor Majors que crew (San Antonio, TX)
Matt Pittman - Meat Church BBQ (Waxahachie, TX)
Matt Riklin - Clutch City Cookers (Houston, TX)
Matt Riklin - Space City Smokers (Houston, TX)
Matt Sandoval - No Team Name Listed (Amarillo, TX)
Matt Walker - Boomerang Bar B Q (Lubbock , TX)
Matt Wheat - Good Life! BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Matthew Delmas - Fire in the Hole (The Colony, TX)
Matthew Forsberg - El Gringos (San Antonio, TX)
Matthew Torres - Sweet & Sour Cookers (El Campo, TX)
Mauricia Barrera - Mauri's Creations (San Juan, TX)
Mauro Pena - Texas Prime (McAllen, TX)
Max Brooks - GULF COAST BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Mel Murphy - Full Metal Pork (FORT WORTH, TX)
Melinda Burkhart - No Team Name Listed (DECATUR, TX)
Melissa Briggs - No Team Name Listed (Round Rock, TX)
Melissa Fabela - No Team Name Listed (Highlands, TX)
Melvin Beene - Rockin Ribs (Crosby, TX)
Merrick Hager - Smokin Raider Tailgaters (Lubbock, TX)
michael Gibson Jr - Repeat Offenders BBQ (Odem, TX)
Michael Gonzalez - Texian Cookers (Houston, TX)
michael j ureste - Salty DAWGS cookers (seadrift, TX)
Michael Kovalsky - The Three Brisketeers (Houston, TX)
Michael Moore - Rocking G bbq (Cranfills gap, TX)
Michael Murphy - Under kunstruction Kookerz (Baytown , TX)
Michael Olson - No Team Name Listed (KEMPNER, TX)
Michael Parker - No Team Name Listed (Colfax, LA)
Michael Ramirez - South Texas Smokers (Kingsville, TX)
Michael Rivera - Blowin' Smoke (Mercedes, TX)
michael sargent jr - Bubba Fatz BBQ (del valle, TX)
Michael Serna - Smokin Turtle BBQ (beaumont, TX)
Michael Torres - Sweathogs BBQ (Odessa, TX)
Michael Wheeler - Dubbie's Texas BBQ (Dallas, TX)
Michelle Gallaway - No Team Name Listed (, )
Michelle Wade - Nothin' Fancy (Hillsboro, TX)
Michelle White - Delta Lou BBQ (Baton Rouge, LA)
Mickey Boon - Tuff Uh Nuff (Terrell, TX)
Miguel A. Gallegos - RGV Catering & BBQ (Donna, TX)
Miguel Trevino - Inconvenient truth (Brownsville, TX)
Mihleder Greg - UnDivided Smokers (san antonio, TX)
Mike Beezley - Pop & Sons Cookers (Spring, TX)
Mike Berger - Wicked Temptations (West, TX)
Mike Braly - Potbelly Cookers (Sugar Land , VT)
Mike Brenner - Circle B Cookers (New waverly, TX)
Mike Chaney - Dos Eggies (North Richland Hills, TX)
Mike Coble - Steel Hog Q (Rockport, TX)
Mike Cortez - SMOKE STACK BAR-B-Q (Humble, TX)
Mike Edge - Bare Bones Cookers (Cibolo, TX)
Mike Gomez - Mike's Meatery (Kyle, TX)
Mike Hay - 4 M Cooking Team (Crowley, TX)
Mike Herrera - FORGIVEN 'Q Smokin' Team (Harlingen, TX)
Mike Jonas - No Team Name Listed (New Braunfels, TX)
Mike Moran - Blue Eyed BBQ (Torrance, Ca)
Mike Mueller - 1 More Beer (Jourdanton, TX)
Mike Puentes - No Team Name Listed (Vivtoria, TX)
Mike Riley - Piping Hot (Odem, TX)
mike sanders - Whiskey Tango BBQ (vidor, TX)
Mike Spandle - Ring of Fire BBQ (Lone grove, OK)
Mike Steele - Pigs & Cows Gone Wild (Shreveport, LA)
Mike Tahmahkera - Comanche Outlaw BBQ (Fort Worth, TX)
Mike Tristan - Lucky 7 Cookers (Richmond, TX)
Mike Waterstradt - BS Cookers (Arlington, TX)
Mike Wells - Bulldog Mountain Cookin' Crew (Katy, TX)
Mike Whitlow - Papas Smoke Pit (Ponchatoula, LA)
Mindy Burkhart - No Team Name Listed (Decatur, TX)
Misti fregia - MF squared (livingston, TX)
Misty Stricker - Bust n Burn (Devine, TX)
Mitchell Schaefer - Deer Camp Cookers (Luling, TX)
Mo Chausee - Ritch's Raiders (Hitchcock, TX)
Monica Ramos - THE WORMS 2 (HOUSTON, TX)
Monroe Koehne - Nutin-To-It BBQ & Catering (Victoria, TX)
Moulton Chamber of Commer - No Team Name Listed (Moulton, TX)
Myke Whitaker - Buster Hines BBQ (Victoria, TX)
Nacole Barron - Orange County Go Texan (Orange, TX)
Nathan Lozano - Straight Smoked BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Nathan Marechal - Take This Meat (Humble, TX)
Nicholas Solis - The Smoke Belly (Dallas, TX)
Nick Christy - All Over Your Face BBQ (Adkins, TX)
Nick Dunin - Dun-in-Time BBQ (Hallsville, TX)
Nick Vanacek - Texas Outlaw BBQ (Live Oak, TX)
Noe Cano - Smoking Guns BBQ (Beeville, TX)
Obie Obermark - Obie Que (Lancaster, TX)
Oley Willis - ALL SMOKED UP (Jacksonville, TX)
Omar Salgado - Weekend Smokers (Harlingen, TX)
Orlando Campos, Jr - No Team Name Listed (Ben Bolt, TX)
Oscar Cortez - Wesupinchemarre BBQ (Harlingen, TX)
Oscar Garcia - Blowin' Smoke (Harlingen, TX)
Oscar Garcia Jr - Sons Of SmOAK (Mission, TX)
Oscar Salinas - A Ver Que Sale (ALAMO, TX)
Ozzie Trevino - Let It Ride Smokers (Houston, TX)
Pat Howard - Granpaz Kookin (Pasadena, TX)
Pat Obermark - Obie Que (Lancaster, TX)
pat soto - Raza Con Brazas (laredo, TX)
Patricia Puente - No Team Name Listed (Beeville, TX)
Patrick Blount - Off in the Morning (North Richland Hills, TX)
Patrick Bruce - No Team Name Listed (Aubrey, TX)
Patrick Mullins - PM Cookers (Galveston, TX)
Patsy Harrell - No Team Name Listed (Strawn, TX)
Patti Dunn - Bourbon Cowboy Cookers (Huffman, TX)
Paul Bales - U Gotta B Caitlin Me. (Holland, TX)
Paul Britt - Britt's Barbecue (McKinney, TX)
Paul Carnell - PJ's Smokehouse (League City, TX)
Paul DeGolier - Open Flue BBQ (ROUND ROCK, TX)
Paul Fleener - "The Outsiders" to "Fleenerville" (Iola, TX)
Paul Jones - Patriot BBQ (Midlothian , TX)
Paul Martinez - Po'Meskin Cookers (Houston, TX)
Paul Panus - Preferred Plastics Inc BBQ (Shiner, TX)
Paul Poulton - Packin the Heat (Missouri City, TX)
Paul Whitaker - Scooter's BBQ (Midland, TX)
Pedro Perez - Bironga Patrol (Falfurrias, TX)
Pee Wee Martinez - Pot Lickers (Deweyville, TX)
Peggy Bethell - No Team Name Listed (Cameron, TX)
Penny Dahl - Light My Fire (Houston, TX)
Pete Garcia - Pete's Pan de Campo (Corpus Christi, TX)
Peter Armendariz - No Team Name Listed (Rowena, TX)
Phil Breeden - Lucky Charms (Sour Lake, TX)
Phillip Brent - No Team Name Listed (Bridge City, TX)
Phillip Wedgeworth - HQDC Cookers (Houston, TX)
Phong Vuong - Xtreme Texas Cookers (Conroe, TX)
Phyllis Mihalski - Hot & Saucy Chicks (Adkins, TX)
Pierre Lazarus - Que Royal Flush (Frisco, TX)
Preston Montgomery - Multiple Systems (amarillo, TX)
Pricilla Longoria - Sizzlin' Racks (Mission, TX)
Ralph Flores - Cowboy Up Cooking Team (Edinburg, TX)
ralph salazar - Hot Grill On Grill Action (Alton, TX)
Ralph Villarreal - Smoked Out Cookers (Rosenrberg, TX)
Ram Benitez - Two Bros BBQ (Kingsville, TX)
Ramiro Davila - Marrano Crew (Laredo, TX)
rance hogue - Smokin Mafia (wichita falls, TX)
Randall Dunn - That's The Way BBQ Go! (Flower Mound, TX)
Randall Morse - Jacob & Tyler's BBQ (Shady Shores, TX)
Randall Yauch Jr - Smoke it if ya got it (ROSHARON, TX)
Randell Lancaster - Rogue BBQ (White Oak, TX)
Randy Burkhart - Rocking R BBQ (Decatur, TX)
Randy Crooks - Chugar Cookie (San Angelo, TX)
Randy Francis - Big Belly BBQ 'N' More (Houston, TX)
Randy Hill - Southern Krunk BBQ Society (Hot Springs, AR)
Randy Kelley - Cooking with Wood (Groves, TX)
Randy Moran - On Point Bar B Que (Hewitt, TX)
Randy Norman - The Sausage King (Dallas, TX)
Randy Pauly - Holy Cow Cookers (Pearland, TX)
Randy Rubac - Burning Ring Of Fire (Waller, TX)
Randy Valentine - Crist Propane & Fuel (Wildorado, TX)
Raul De La Rosa - RGV Border Bandits (San Juan, TX)
Raul Martinez - what have you been smokin (pharr, TX)
Raul Rivas - Still Smoking Kookers (Houston, TX)
Raul Rodriguez - RJ's BIG BOY BBQ (Brownsville, TX)
Ray Batterton - Competition Cookers (Waldron, AR)
Ray Bonner - Outdoor Chef (Lubbock, TX)
Ray Green - Sweet Meats (Euless, TX)
Raymond Patterson - Patterson BBQ (Quitman, TX)
Raymond Rangel - Raymond's Best BBQ (Pflugerville, TX)
raymond rodriguez - We stay smokin ' ll (Edna , TX)
Reagan Broesche - La Pasadita (Bertram, TX)
Rebekah Zuniga - No Team Name Listed (Giddings, TX)
Red Ritch - Ritch's Raiders (Houston, TX)
Reggie Lamb - No Team Name Listed (Delight, AR)
Reid Arnold - Out on a Limb BBQ (Spur, TX)
Remy Morado - Off the Hook Grillers (Weslaco , TX)
Rene Alaniz - No Team Name Listed (Corpus Christi, TX)
Rene Benitez - Northside BBQ (Houston, TX)
Rene Duran - Black Jack BBQ (Littlefield, TX)
Rene Elizondo - Down By the River (Harlingen, TX)
Rene Fonseca - The Smoking Mafia (San Juan, TX)
Rene Guerrero - Mötley Que (Beeville, TX)
Rene Reyna - 2 Broke Cookers (Refugio, TX)
Rex Headrick - M&H BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Rey Tamez - Grillin’ T’s (Mercedes, TX)
Reynaldo Yzaguirre - Pop A Top Smokers (Corpus Christi, TX)
Rhannen Way - PIT WAYSTD BBQ (Paradise, TX)
Rhett Lee Self - No Team Name Listed (Hutchinson, KS)
Richard Alston - Train Gang Cookers (Magnolia, TX)
Richard Anzaldua - HCCO Red Raider Smokers (San Marcos, TX)
Richard Cantu - Light It Up Blue BBQ (Beeville, TX)
Richard Cruz - Booyah BBQ (LIve Oak, TX)
Richard Davis - Big Time Texas BBQ (Houston , TX)
Richard fregia - Kommunity Kookers (livingston, TX)
Richard Garcia - Los Compadres (Edinburg, TX)
Richard Hill - Legacy BBQ (Rockwall, TX)
Richard Layne - Sons Of Smoke (Roanoke, TX)
Richard Longoria - Cowtown Cookers (Ft Worth, TX)
RICHARD Mata - Custom Pit Cookers (VICTORIA, TX)
richard rhodes - all seasons feeders (Lavernia, TX)
Richard Solis - Country style smokers (Tivoli, TX)
Richard Vargas - A Pinch of Migra (Laredo, TX)
Rick Carnes - Smoke Signals From Texas (Fort Worth, TX)
Rick D Day - Have Grill Will Travel (Ellijay, GA)
Rick Davis - TEXAS-CAR-B-QUE (carrollton, TX)
Rick Day - Goodwood BBQ (The Colony, TX)
Rick durham - Texas Prime BBQ (Cedar Hill, TX)
Rick Juarez - Team Juarez (Austin , TX)
Rick Ortega - HATIN' 24/7 (Houston, TX)
Rick Ramirez - TEAM BUFFA COOKING (Edinburg , TX)
Rick Santos - Brush Country Smokers (Boerne, TX)
Rick Smith - Smoke N Meat Cookers (Conroe, TX)
Ricky Banks - Snooky's BBQ (Spring, TX)
ricky bocanegra - We Dem Boyz BBQ (forney, TX)
Ricky Bodin - Firehouse Cook Team (Bridge City, TX)
Ricky Gibbs - No Team Name Listed (Azle, TX)
Ricky Liston - L-5 BBQ (Fate, TX)
Ricky Quick - Bikers Adult Rally (Royce City, TX)
Ricky Sawyer - Smokin' Ashes (Lubbock, TX)
Rigo Ureste - County Line Cookers (Edinburg, TX)
Rita Marczewski - The Perfect Mess (Iola, TX)
Rita Ramon - Mad Hatters (Beeville, TX)
Rita Zamora - Sweet Vengeance BBQ (San Juan, TX)
Ritchey Robin - Gator Pit Kookers (Houston, TX)
Ritchie Avants - Men's Club SA (San Antonio , TX)
RK Halbert - Stoked N Smoked Cookers (Houston, TX)
Rob Anthony - Saints and Sinners (Texad, AL)
Rob Bailey - 2BQ (Richmond, TX)
Rob Cardenas - Texas Tough BBQ (New Braunfels, TX)
Rob Powers - We Rub You Long Time (Katy, TX)
Robbie Martinez - RAWDAWGZ BBQ (Schertz, TX)
Robbie Wolf - Wink Fire Department (Wink, TX)
Robby Kirkland - It Is What It Is BBQ (Kingsbury , TX)
Robby Pettigrew - El Rey Smoker's (Arlington, TX)
Robert Badgett - WieBad BBQ (Bryan, TX)
Robert Bear - The Mesquiters (Texas City, TX)
Robert Bryson - No Team Name Listed (Katy, TX)
Robert Campbell - Can't Beat my Meat (Magnolia, TX)
Robert Chambers - Trailriders 2 (Conroe, TX)
Robert Cunningham - All Sauced Up (Midlothian, TX)
Robert Drzymala - BBQ-Asylum (SAN ANTONIO, TX)
Robert Evans - Triple E bar b que (north zulch, TX)
Robert Flores - All in the Family (San Antonio, TX)
Robert Foreman - PITSIN' ME OFF BAR-B-QUE (Montgomery , TX)
Robert Fuentes - Smokin' Roadrunners (San Antonio, TX)
Robert Gott - Round Mountain BBQ (Round Mountain, TX)
Robert Groze - Big Pappa’s BBQ Company (Damon , TX)
Robert Guzman - Triple Crown Smokers (Weslaco, TX)
Robert King - Cast Iron Smokehouse (West Monroe, LA)
Robert Lanham - Dry Holers (Port Aransas, TX)
Robert Lew - Lew's BBQ (???, TX)
Robert Mason - South TX Que & Brew (Pleasanton, TX)
Robert McCrea - Son's of BBQ (McAllen, TX)
Robert Ralston - Double R BBQ (North Richland Hills, TX)
robert shadle - SmokEaters Bar B Q (Victoria, TX)
Robert Sierra - S&S Pit Crew (San Marcos , TX)
Robert Sims - No Team Name Listed (Childress, TX)
Robert Smith - First Class BBQ (Beach City, TX)
Robert Stovall - Slim Chance Cookers (Rusk, TX)
Robert W Housewright - Five Friends Cookin' (Ft Worth, TX)
Robert Watson - Meats' on Fire (Elgin, TX)
Robin Myers - Lady M&M (Katy, TX)
Robin Polk - Polkchop's Cooking (Beaumont, TX)
Rocky Cantu - Que Pasa Cue (Arlington, TX)
Roddy Trevino - Rodstarr BBQ (Kingsville, TX)
Rodney Bishop - No Team Name Listed (Comfort, TX)
Rodney Fleming - Back Yard Bar-B-Q Team (San Angelo , TX)
Rodney Kaltwasser - Coldwater cookers (La grange, TX)
Rodney Kennedy - No Team Name Listed (Hurst, TX)
Rodolfo Rivera Jr - Kiss of Smoke Cooking Team (San Benito, TX)
Rodrgio Vela - pollo club cooking (Floydada, TX)
Roel Rosas - BackYard BBQ ers (Beeville, TX)
Roel Villanueva - Killer V BBQ Cooking Team (Mercedes, TX)
Roger Lewis - Big R's BBQ (Newark , TX)
Roger Thomas - Tex-N-Tailgators (Houston, TX)
Roger Urbanovsky - Point Blank (Haltom City, TX)
Roger Wells - Mackenzie Ridge Smokerz (Claude, TX)
Rojelio Cuellar, Jr. - Mesquite Cooks (Alice, TX)
Roland Ruiz - Kill It & Grill It BBQ Team (Mercedes, TX)
Rolando Rodriguez - Smokin' Rodz BBQ (Laredo, TX)
Roman Olivo - Olivo Cooking Team (Edinburg, TX)
Ron A Harwell - No Team Name Listed (Trinity, AL)
Ron Bullock - Bull's BBQ (Colleyville, TX)
Ron Robason - Swingin' Meat (Burleson, TX)
Ron White - Cookin' Casanovas (Dripping Springs, TX)
Ronald Caywood - No Team Name Listed (Rockdale, TX)
Ronald Diebold Jr - Sports Pig BBQ (Waco, TX)
Ronald Smith - No Team Name Listed (Cypress, TX)
Ronnie Berger - Berger's BBQ (Victoria, TX)
Ronnie Hunt - No Team Name Listed (Wills Point, TX)
Ronnie Maness - BIGG DADDIE'S BBQ (LaRue, TX)
Ronnie Wade - Blazen BBQ (Hillsboro, TX)
Ronnie White - Broken Rib Smokers (Alvin, TX)
Ronny Farmer - Farmboycookers (Mt. Pleasant, TX)
Rosalinda Pena - No Team Name Listed (Pharr, TX)
Rose Simola - Smokin Roses BBQ (Beeville, TX)
Rosendo Chapa - RealTime BBQ Co. (San Diego, TX)
Ross Coffey - Great American Hunting Services (San Angelo, TX)
Ross Kelley - Road Crew BBQ, Jr (Orange grove, TX)
Roy Diaz - Cervezeros cooking team. (Mission , TX)
Roy Fuentes Sr. - Texan Grillerz (Weslaco, TX)
Royce Zatopek - BUDZ BBQ (Rockwall , TX)
Ruben Delgado - Third coast tailgaters (Pasasena, TX)
Ruben Hinojosa - Outlaws & Lawmen C/T (Edinburg, TX)
Ruben Naranjo Jr - Titans Smokers (Kingsville , TX)
Ruben Ramirez Jr - TEAM BUFFA (Edinburg, TX)
Rudy Rodriguez - BACKOFF COOKERS (Robstown, TX)
Russ Timms - Red Dirt BBQ (Flower Mound, TX)
Russ Watts - Texas Rollin Smoke (Amarillo, TX)
Russell Marks - Juicy Lucy (Crystal Beach, TX)
Russell T. Coats, Sr. - Throw Down Cookers (Pearland, TX)
Rusty Hamilton - On the Rocks Bar-B-Que (Bryan, TX)
Ruth Griggs - Texas Up in Smoke (Ft Worth, TX)
Ryan Deal - Smokin' Hooks (Portland, TX)
Ryan Dempsey - Dempsey Dogs (Royse City, TX)
Ryan Hernandez - 2D BBQ (Midland , TX)
Ryan Hernandez - Heavy Grillers (Harlingen, TX)
Ryan Mcnabb - Son of a Beef BBQ (Littlefield, TX)
Ryan Rigamonti - 2 HOT 2 HANDLE (Victoria , TX)
ryan Stephens - Pit Crew BBQ (tomball, TX)
S Craig Henry - No Team Name Listed (Lafayette, LA)
Sam Foster - No Team Name Listed (Freer, TX)
Sam Harpole - Team Redass (Prairieville, LA)
Sam Morales - Sam’s Smokin Pig (Justin, TX)
SAM Tranchina - The Up All nighters (Upan) (Santa Fe, TX)
Samuel Abercrombie - 79s BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Samuel Balboa - Good Times BBQ (Bishop, TX)
Samuel Featherston - Bubba Dang BBQ (Canyon Lake, TX)
Sandra DeLaGarza - County Line Cookers (Edinburg, TX)
Sandy Votion - Crooked Star Cookers (Spring Branch, TX)
santiago hernandez - 5-j cooking crew (goliad, TX)
Sara Trevino - RodStarr BBQ (Kingsville, TX)
Scott Dunn - Hungry Hounds BBQ (Tomball, TX)
Scott Fritz - Tie Dye BBQ (Huntington Beach, CA)
Scott Garris - 10-56 Cookers (Calliham, TX)
Scott Julian - DIAMOND J (Lampasas, TX)
Scott McEwen - Smoke on the Water BBQ (Lewisville, TX)
scott mohon - Pop-A-Top's Road Kill Kookers (Santa fe, TX)
Scott Olson - Sonny Jim BBQ (Midlothian, TX)
Scott Rhoades - The Original Knob Creek Cookers (Magnolia, TX)
Scott Richardson - Scotts BBQ Shack (Albuquerque, NM)
Scott Smith - Myassis Dragon (Springtown, TX)
Scott Stanush - High Strung BBQ (Canyon Lake, TX)
Scott White - Delta Lou BBQ (Baton Rouge, LA)
Sean Hay - Que For The Blue (San Antonio, TX)
Sean Hebert - Big Bear BBQ (Prairieville, LA)
Sean Jones - Jonesen BBQ (Cypress, TX)
Sean Larkin - The Dirty Underwear Gang 1 (Tomball, TX)
Sean Miller - Longneck Sippers (Benton, LA)
Sean Neely - BIG BOYS BBQ (Victoria, TX)
Selma Ureste - La Esperanzara Ranch Cooking Team (edinburg , TX)
Sequoya Janacek - Just Twisted (LaGrange, TX)
Serena Balch - Head Judge (Hutto, TX)
seth grigg - lazy G cookers (franklin , TX)
Shain Rhodes - Multiple Systems Too (Amarillo , TX)
Shana Hofmeister - Pots N Pits (Corpus Christi, TX)
Shane Kapka - Rusty Pit BBQ (HEREFORD, TX)
Shane Mitchell - No Team Name Listed (Georgetown, TX)
Shane Squires - Grillin the Most (Orange Grove, TX)
Shane Vaden - Vaden's BBQ Pit Crew (Fort Worth, TX)
Shawn Decuir - Black Mamba BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Shawn Hokanson - Big Belly BBQ (dumas, TX)
Shawn Neu - Blowin Smoke Barbeque (Seminole , TX)
Shawn Riley - Roonedog's BBQ Co. (Highland Village, TX)
Shawn Williams - W & W Outdoors (Kenedy, TX)
Shawndelle Harrington - Creek walkers (Keller, TX)
Shelby Green - Texas Smoke (Baytown, TX)
Shelia Williams - No Team Name Listed (Keller, TX)
Sherry Gibson - Double Nickle (Evadale, TX)
Sheryl Valentine - The Outdoor Chef Too (Lubbock , TX)
Skyler Davis - Tooters (Amarillo, TX)
Sofia Pena - Six Shooter Smokers (McAllen, TX)
Sonia Vargas - No Team Name Listed (McAllen, TX)
Sonny (Daniel) Bade - Cactus Flat Cookers (San Antonio, TX)
Sonya Tijerina - No Team Name Listed (Raymondville, TX)
Stacy Breneman - Big Horn Cookers (Pearland, TX)
Stan Branam - Potbelly Smokers Too (Plainview, TX)
Stan Evans - Texas State of Mind (Katy, TX)
Stan Hite - Hogadilla Motorsports Cooking Team (Fort Worth, TX)
Stanley Alvarado - Ghost Legends BBQ (San Antonio, TX)
Stanley Ruyle - Going South BBQ (La Vernia, TX)
Stephanie Migura - Little Chef BBQ (Meyersville, TX)
Stephen Granat - BBQBrew Cooking Crew (Bedford, TX)
Stephen Lindsay - Texas Q (Arlington, TX)
Stephen Pelphrey - Georgia Smoke (denton, TX)
Stephen Phipps - Phipplsmasters BBQ (Beeville, TX)
Stephen Salcido - Beer Love & BBQ (Midland, TX)
Sterling Smith - Loot N' Booty BBQ (Scottsdale, AZ)
Steve Carrigan - The Gnarly Mesquite (Abilene, TX)
Steve Cline - 3rd Coast Elite #2 (Angleton, TX)
Steve Fourqurean - Bear Spring BBQ (Midland, TX)
Steve Garza - Fire Pit BBQ (Spring, TX)
Steve Grams - How Many Grams (San Antonio, TX)
Steve Hill - Smokin Papa's Barbeque (Saginaw, TX)
Steve Honeycutt - Spontaneous Combustion (Bellville, TX)
Steve Hubbard - Smokin N Grillin (Baton Rouge, LA)
Steve Jefferson - Smoking Fire Dogs (Amarillo, TX)
Steve Jimenez - No Team Name Listed (Cibolo, TX)
Steve Knowles - Chef Steveo's Praise the Lard BBQ (McKinney, TX)
Steve Shamlian - Team SAS (Harlingen, TX)
Steve Thomas - Burnt Ends (Colleyville, TX)
Steve Thrasher - Pit Pirates BBQ (Canyon, TX)
Steve Traina - Ring of Fire Cookers (Houston, TX)
Steve Williams - Bubba Q Cookers (Houston, TX)
Steven Adams - Texas Stick Burners (Lubbock , TX)
steven Brooks - Double SS BBQ (san angelo, TX)
Steven Buckley - Blazin Bucks BBQ! (San Antonio, TX)
Steven Carter - Rooster BBQ (Waco, TX)
Steven Davis - No Team Name Listed (Tomball, TX)
Steven Ohler - Big O's BBQ (West Columbia, TX)
Steven Pfeiffer - Southern Smoke (Waller, TX)
Steven Pomikahl - Meat Your Makers (Austin, TX)
Steven Smith - Double Barrel Bar-B-Que (Gardendale, TX)
Steven Watts - Texas Rollin Smoke (Amarillo, TX)
Stoney Lake - What it do Barbecue (Kilgore, TX)
Stuart Bingham - Texas Swag BBQ (Midland, TX)
Sue Barkley - Bastin Away in BBQville (Bryan, TX)
Sue Mercado-Powell - Twisted Brisket (Danbury, TX)
Susan Chessher - No Team Name Listed (Mathis, TX)
Tammie Robey - Wine-A-Bite (Conroe, TX)
Tammy Alexander - Kiss My Rack Squared (Big Spring, TX)
Tammy Townsend - ALL ABOUT THE NUGGETS (Dickinson, TX)
Tanya Latortue - No Team Name Listed (Austin, TX)
Tara Mihalski - Backward Jacks (Adkins, TX)
Tatum Watson - Second hand smoke bbq and grill (Ballinger , TX)
Ted Koumonduros - SMART ALEX COOKERS (Conroe, TX)
Ted Skinner - Mad Scientist Social Club (Dickinson, TX)
Teresa Edmondson - Crazy Redheaded Cooker (Seguin, TX)
Teresa Muniz - Tweetie Q (Hempstead, TX)
Terrel Harris - Smoke U (san angelo, TX)
Terry Blount - 3B BBQ (Talty, TX)
Terry Johnson - J3 BBQ (Pilot Point, TX)
Terry Massey - Lazy S & M (Joshua, TX)
Terry Michael - Tone Deaf Cookers (Waco, TX)
Terry Roan - Punkin N Puddin QUE (Denton, TX)
Terry Samples - Mustang Country Club Cookers (Meridian, TX)
Terry Threlkeld - Krazy Ass Kookers (Chandler, TX)
Thomas Smith - Twin Pistol Cookers (Sandia, TX)
Tim Balch - Balch's Blazin BBQ (Hutto, TX)
Tim Bentley - Bent Black Cookers (San Antonio, TX)
Tim Dickey - Smoky Okie & Co (Lubbock, TX)
Tim Esh - Tiny E BBQ (Allen, TX)
Tim Hartl - 3 Meats Deep (San Antonio, TX)
Tim Johnston - QE II BBQ (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, WY)
Tim Lemon - Y B Legal (Orange Grove, TX)
Tim Lilly - Deep In The Meat (Kemp, TX)
Tim Milligan - Not So Bad Cookers (Poteet, TX)
Tim Mitchell - Mitchell 2000 (Many, LA)
Tim Roach - Dakota Brothers BBQ (San Marcos, TX)
Tim Wooldridge - Red & Blue BBQ (Wills Point, TX)
Timothy Brogdon - Whiskey Wasted BBQ (Cypress, TX)
Timothy Huckobey - 203° IT is magic club !!! (Canyon Lake, TX)
Tino Quezada - Patron Kookers (Pearland, TX)
Tirso Garza - Fire & Smoke Cooking Team (San Juan, TX)
Toby L Godfrey - Getchusome (Mt Vernon, TX)
Todd Stewart - Dirt City Smokers (Lubbock, TX)
Tom Clarke - JC'S GOOD OL' BOYS (Tomball, TX)
Tom Fuentes - Smokin Onions (SAN ANTONIO, TX)
Tom O'Shields - Come & Take It Cookers (Spring, TX)
Tom Ossenkop - TommyQ (Keller, TX)
Tomas Ochoa - T.O. Pit Crew (Edcouch , TX)
Tommy Gregg - Smokin My Azz Off (Lockhart, TX)
Tommy Smith - Bent Nail BBQ (Midland, TX)
Tommy Smithhart - Tomcats Backyard BBQ (Kermit, TX)
Toni Maynard - Redneck Woman BBQ (Euless, TX)
Toni Olenick - Smokin' Hott (Katy, TX)
Tony Chancellor - Four Shadows (Commerce, TX)
Tony Garza - Iron Horse Cooking Team (Edinbuirg, TX)
Tony Gonzalez - Come and Taste it (Lake Jackson, Tx)
Tony Hill - Tbone & Tammy's Smokin' Q (Aledo, TX)
Tony Perry - Controlled Burn BBQ (BRYAN, VT)
Tony Scafuri - Grey Ghost Cookers (Humble, TX)
Tony Valentine - The Outdoor Chef (AMARILLO, TX)
Tony Vasquez - La Vida BBQ Pit Krew (San Antonio, TX)
Tony Vedia - No Team Name Listed (LAREDO, TX)
Tony Williams - Grillas In The Pits (Keller, TX)
Tracy Douthit - Howl at the Moon BBQ (Del Rio, TX)
Tracy Troup - Horned Cookers (Houston, TX)
Travis Brown - FarrWest BBQ (Schertz, TX)
Travis Homer - No Team Name Listed (Amarillo, TX)
Travis Jaroszewski - BBQ & Blues (Lake Jackson, TX)
Travis LeDoux - The Crazy Rajun Cajun Cookers (LEAGUE CITY, TX)
Travis Mohler - Grillbillies (San Angelo, TX)
Trey Hill - Poizon Smoke (Sinton, TX)
trey hinds - All Fired up & KIcking Ash (GATESVILLE, TX)
Trey Pegues - Meat Wagon BBQ (Castroville, TX)
Trini Hernandez - Smokin' Trino's BBQ (Brownsville , TX)
Tristan Hack - Hacks Barbecue (Frisco, TX)
Troy (Bubba) Thorp - Pants on the Ground (Paige, TX)
Troy Cresswell - Can't Smoke This (Bulverde, Texas)
Troy Gibson - DRT Cookers (Conroe, TX)
Troy King - Full Moon BBQ (Wills Point, TX)
Troy Lee - Trail Riders 1 (Houston, TX)
Tyler Cannon - Cannonball Express (Glen Rose, TX)
Tyler McCulloch - Keep Calm Smoke On (PLEASANTON, TX)
Tyler Sponchia - Tankard BBQ (El Paso, TX)
Uwe Braun - Beerbelly's BBQ (Los Fresnos, TX)
Vanessa Graham - No Team Name Listed (Waxahachie, TX)
Vicki Browning - No Team Name Listed (Bandera, TX)
Victor Gutierrez - BS BBQ (Walls, TX)
Vince Colonnetta - Smoking Wizards (Houston, TX)
Virgil Way - Texas way BBQ (Andrews, TX)
Vivian Freeman - No Team Name Listed (Spring, TX)
Vu Vo - Bayou Gatorz (League City, TX)
Wade Armstrong - Backseat Cookers (Crosby , TX)
Wade Carpenter - Los Slow Cookers (Uvalde, TX)
Wade Greer - 4 Fat Guys & A Smoker (Trinity, TX)
Wade McBee - TurnD UP BBQ (Floresville, TX)
Wade Tyson - No Team Name Listed (Bronson, TX)
Wade Whitlow - Sons of Q (Lake Jackson, TX)
Wakie Dunham - B & W Cookers (League City, TX)
Waldo Strein - Lost Gonzo (Ft Worth, TX)
Wayne Fox - Cow Sow & Fowl Barbeque (Cypress, TX)
Wayne McElroy - No Team Name Listed (Perryton, TX)
Wayne Price - Family Tradition BBQ (Canyon Lake, TX)
Wayne Thomason - Smokin' Renegades (Colorado City, TX)
Weldon Oliver - No Team Name Listed (Luling, TX)
Wes Caldwell - Smok'n Quack (Boerne, TX)
Wes Reid - Smoke Showin' Cookers (Missouri City, TX)
Wes Woodring - Lit Up BBQ (Lolita, TX)
Wesley Anderson - Low-N-Slow BBQ (Weslaco, TX)
Wesley Eoff - Can't Quit Smok'n (Orange Grove, TX)
Wesley Gustin - The House of Blue Smoke (Corpus Christi, TX)
Wesley Roberts - Bad To The Bone BBQ ( Hewitt, TX)
Wesley Rumpf - Country Boys Gone Bad (Cibolo, TX)
Wesley Welch - Diamond w Cookers (Lytle, Texas)
Wilburn Hicks - Team Pit Boss (Harlingen, TX)
Will Johnson - Where There's a Will (Amarillo, TX)
William A. Cleaver - SNC (Shawnee, KS)
William Barrick - High12 BBQ (Cleveland, TX)
William Budwit - Brothers In Arms Barbeque (Helotes, TX)
William Foerster - Los Mestizos (Brownsville, TX)
William Gill - No Team Name Listed (Miami, TX)
William Henson - Smokey Valley Q (Mckinney, TX)
William Loosemore - Brisket Bums (Rockport, TX)
William Silk - Meat Slinger (Kingwood, TX)
William Steele - Impractical Smokers (Riesel, TX)
Willie Jacoby - Jacoby "Q" (Dallas, TX)
Willie Priester - Slo-Pokers (Houston, TX)
Woody Woodson - 3 Woody's (Kenedale, TX)
Wylie Bomar - Lazy S BBQ (Lubbock, TX)
Yadi Robles - Salty Seed BBQ (Weslaco, TX)
Yolanda Duenez - Ain't Nutin' But a Chicken Wing (Bloomington, TX)
Zac Hopson - D & Z. BBQ (Bowie , TX)
Zachary Hiller - Clutch City Cookers (Houston, TX)
Zee Oldfather - Club Zee's (Austin, TX)