February 2014

Watch for changes this year with the IBCA.


The Board of Directors voted to move the IBCA added money to the different PIT areas.   A drawing was held in Marksville, LA. in November.  We are in the process of finalizing where the 2014 event will be – which will be in the Panhandle BBQ Assn. area.   The added money event will be held in conjunction with an existing event and the criteria will remain the same – membership must be current as of 8-31-14 to be eligible for the added money.


There will be a Traders Village event this year, however, it will be a self standing event and will only be a Friday-Saturday event, October 10-11, 2014.  Watch for the details on it.


Other exciting news is the growth of IBCA – we have 180+ events on the calendar already this year and the membership is continuing to grow. In 2013 we sanctioned 243 events.


Several PIT added money events have been announced – check to make sure that your membership is current with the PIT if you plan to participate in the added money event.


TxBA              3-21/22            Ft Worth Cops 4 Kids, Ft Worth, TX –  membership must be  

                                                current as of February 28.


Blackland       5-2/3                Snook Fest – Snook, TX –  membership must be current

                                                As of 3-31-14


RGBA                        5-2/3                San Juan Cinco de Mayo, San Juan, TX – membership must

                                                Be current as of 3-31-14


TCBA             5-16/18            Beaumont Masonic Lodge – Beaumont, TX – membership

                                                Must be current as of 4-30-14



Email:  info@ibcabbq.org