IBCA Promoter Obligations

IBCA Sponsor Obligations

Promoter Packets are available at a cost of $35


1. Furnish one (1) copy of the cook-off rules and one (1) copy of the entry form
to be reviewed with IBCA representative prior to advertising to make sure
rules are in compliance.

2. If tagging or inspecting meat, specify check-in time and set Turn-in times for

3. Provide judges for all levels of competition.
a. Head cooks CANNOT be used as judges.
b. Team members may be used at the Preliminary Judging level – NOT

4. Complete IBCA Form 99 (or similar computer print out) and present to the
Head Judge prior to the Head Cook’s meeting.

5. Provide the following supplies:
a. Copies of judging sheets (Form 102) and pencils for judging
b. Plastic forks, knives and spoons in BULK form (not party packs),
napkins or paper towels. (see attached formula for judging)
c. Condiments for judges (example: crackers, grapes, carrots, dill slices)
d. Bottled water for judges
e. A specific area with enough tables and chairs for judging.
Also, supply 4 to 6 persons to help in judging area.
f. A sound system, if necessary
g. Furnish a sandwich tray for lunch for the Head Judge & helpers.

6. Provide a room and gas mileage to cover the Head Judge’s expenses.
We recommend a minimum of $100.00 for his/her services.

1. Be available to the Sponsor/Promoter to answer any questions and provide
possible help to make the cook-off a success.
2. Provide a Head Judge to administer all levels of the competition judging.
3. Attend the Head Cook’s meeting to explain the IBCA rules, discuss turn-in
times, and answer any questions from the cookers.
4. Prepare Turn-in Containers that will be issued at the Head Cook’s Meeting
or at a specified time.
5. Instruct the judges as to the judging procedures.
6. Administer and tabulate judges’ score sheets and assist in announcing final
7. Provide the following supplies:
a. Trays with foil and/or cups for competition (Cost will be submitted to
b. Double tickets and tape.

For additional information contact us at – 512-806-3287 or info@ibcabbq.org