IBCA By-Laws






For purposes of the Constitution, these By-Laws and the Rules promulgated by the IBCA, the following definitions are hereby adopted:

BARBECUE: Any and all meat cooked over direct (grilling) or indirect (smoking) heat derived from wood or wood products.

BACKYARD COOKER (BYC) Any cooking device that~ by design or inherent nature, is portable and is intended for recreational cooking. A backyard cooker is typically a commercial product intended for home use and is not a custom trailered BBQ Pit.

BBQ PIT: Any commercial or homemade, trailered or untrailered, pit or smoker normally used for making competitive barbecue. A BBQ Pit may include gas or

electricity for starting the combustion of wood or wood products, but NOT to complete the cooking process

ON-SITE:  The preparation and completion, excluding pre-trimming of any and all meats in competition within the confines of the cook-off site and during the time limits designated by the cook-off promoter.

PIT:     Local chapter affiliated with the IBCA.

PIT Director: Local Chapter President.

ROTISSERIE:            A spit or combination of racks that allow meat to be turned above a source of heat.

SANCTIONED COOK-OFF: Any cook-off event with at least 15 teams or one listed in a BBQ publication at least ninety (90) days prior to the date of the cook-off

SANCTIONING FEE: A portion of the entry fee at any cook-off that is collected per entry and held in escrow. The total of this escrow fund will be paid out as additional prize money to IBCA members at the annual cook-off.

SPICE/SAUCE:  Any commercial or homemade cooking enhancements.



Special meetings may be called by the Executive Director or any two (2) Directors of the IBCA for any purpose. Written or printed notice stating the purpose, place, day and the hour of a meeting, shall be delivered not less than ten (10) days before the date of the special meeting to each member by mail or email. The Executive Director may designate any place as the place of meeting for any annual or special meeting.

A meeting of the BOD shall be held as necessary.  A quorum of five (5) Directors shall be required to conduct business at BOD meetings.


All elections shall be decided by a simple majority of votes received. All other questions shall be decided by majority vote except as otherwise provided by the Constitution and these By-Laws.

Each member is entitled to one vote at the annual meeting. Each Pit shall be entitled to one vote provided the fees set forth in Article XII of the Constitution have been paid. The Pit Director shall be charged with casting the vote as the Pit decides.

Election ballots will be sent to all members via US Postal Service with a self-addressed envelope to be returned to IBCA in sealed envelopes or by any other method designated by the BOD. Ballots will be numbered and will be opened, validated, and counted by a committee.


General membership dues will be $35.00 annually. Lifetime memberships shall be $250.00. Lifetime members will pay an additional $10.00 per pit each year. Membership dues will be divided between the IBCA ($25.00) and the local Pit ($10.00). When paying dues, members will declare their Pit affiliation. Additional Pit affiliations will require $10.00 each.

An annual fee of $100.00 shall be required of each Pit and shall be due within thirty (30) days of the formal organization of the Pit and each succeeding year thereafter. All applications to form a new Pit will be decided by the BOD, to ensure that it is plausible to add a PIT in any specific area.

An application to sanction an event is to be submitted annually for a fee of $25.00, with $10.00 going to the specified “PIT” and $15.00 to the IBCA general operating account. A copy of the rules and flyer MUST be attached at least 90 days prior to the cook-off event. The Promoter’s Packet will include the following: (1) cook-off and information package, (2) a mailing list, (3) a set of cook-off competition rules, and (4) informational assistance on promotion, site preparation and tray handout, judging procedures, awards, and event wrap-up.

A sanctioning fee of $3 .00 per entry shall be required to sanction an event. The total of these fees will be distributed to an escrow account with $2.00 going to the IBCA and $1.00 going to the sanctioning Pit. A cook-off shall be deemed sanctioned by a Pit only if the Pit assumes the primary responsibility for the coordination and judging of the event.


The BOD may enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of the IBCA. No indebtedness shall be issued on its name, unless authorized by a vote of the membership.  The Executive Director and the Treasurer shall sign all checks, drafts, or other orders for payment of money. All funds of the IBCA shall be routinely deposited in the account of the IBCA in such financial institution as the Treasurer may select.


These By-Laws may be amended only at the annual meeting.  Special meetings may be called for the purpose of proposing changes to the By-Laws.  All proposed amendments must be submitted to the BOD at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the meeting with time, date and place of meeting.  The proposed amendments approved by the BOD shall be presented at the annual meeting for membership approval.  Amendments shall be approved by simple majority of votes cast. .


The Rules of the IBCA provide the standard procedures, policies and guidelines to be used during competitive cook-offs to assure that such contests remain equitable and fair to all.

Any member may request a change to the Rules by submitting a written request to any BOD member. The BOD shall vote on any proposed changes to the Rules.