Q?COOK-OFFS – Why a competition ?

Over the past few years competition barbecue cooking has expanded from the small homemade charcoal cookers to the elaborate trailer rigs. It has progressed from “I cook better burgers than you do” to thousands of dollars, both in equipment and prize money. We have seen barbecue spread across the world, whether it is a BYC (backyard cooker) or the elaborate trailer rigs. The results of this, coupled with cookers generating substantial monies for local and national charities and the fulfillment of some delicacies that can only be found through the independent small catering businessman, it that the barbecue cook-offs have flourished.

Q?International Barbeque Cookers Association (IBCA) – Why an International Organization ?

The national progression lends itself to the association. Barbecue cooking on competitive levels have progressed to the point that cookers are demanding it. Hence, International Barbeque Cookers Association hereafter referred to as IBCA. It is our goal and purpose to promote and develop equitable, competitive barbecue cooking.

Q?Rules – Why have Rules ?

The system of IBCA rules, procedures, policies, and guidelines is the outlet of the cooks. When IBCA rules, etc., are followed, it provides that the best of any given day will be recognized. Through IBCA procedures, the recognized cooks will be qualified to enter the IBCA championship.

Q?IBCA Membership – Can I make a difference ?

YES, you can make a difference. IBCA is structured with the cooks in mind. IBCA works through its voting members. Local Chapters called “PITS” elect their Pit Boss. They in turn dictate, so that IBCA, along with the founding members and Board of Directors, propose rule changes, and any changes of the procedures, policies, and guidelines, voted on as a body.

One does not have to be a member of the IBCA in order to cook in competition at an IBCA event, but must be an IBCA member to qualify for the IBCA Championship added money.