IBCA Smokin’ Log

By Lynn Shivers

September, 2014


MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NOTICE – all General Memberships must be current for 2015 by August 31, 2014 to be eligible for IBCA Added Money.  Payments can be made online or by check mailed to IBCA, P O Box 81, Keller, TX 76244.   General Membership is $35.00/year and includes 1 PIT (local chapter) each additional PIT is $10.00.   Lifetime members must pay the PIT dues to be eligible for PIT added money events.


The Annual IBCA Meeting was held in Austin on August 2nd.  We had approximately 60 people in attendance.  I would like to say Thank You to all that attended.

Also, want to say THANK YOU to all of the Promoters who donated free entries for their contest – we were able to raise over $2,000 for Kash For Kids.


The new rules will be posted on the website along with copies of the By-Laws and Constitution.  There weren’t any major changes just clarification.


Brisket                        seven (7) full slices, approximately 1/4″ to 3/8”thick

All blocking must be done before cooking.  The fat cap may be trimmed or cut away before the slices are placed into the tray.


            Pork Spare Ribs        seven (7) individual cut ribs (bone in) (St. Louis Cut acceptable)

                                                Ribs must be placed in the tray TOP side up lying parallel to the



Chicken                      1/2 fully jointed chicken (to include breast, wing with tip (visible not tucked under), thigh and drumstick.  SKIN ON (No Cornish Game Hens)


            Pork                            Pulled.


If the event has 50+ teams, turn-in quantities shall be two (2) 1/2 chickens, 9 pork spare ribs, and 9 slices of brisket shall be submitted for judging or at the Head Judge’s discretion.


  1. TURN-IN TIMES – Once this time is set and/or announced at the Head Cooks meeting no change will be made.  A turn-in window of ten (10) minutes before and after the set turn-in time will be recognized.  Judging trays received after that time will not be accepted for judging. Ten minutes and one second is considered after the set turn-in time.



Another policy that is being put into place – Once the tickets are pulled from the tray to verify the winner, the meat will not be available to be tasted or viewed.


On the Road with Michelle Wade.


Aug 9, 2014.
Buffalo Springs. An oasis in west Texas,……this park WAS booming! Lots of tents, RVs, cruising cars, golf carts, ATVs, motorcycles and of course, BBQ smoke.
On arrival at the park gate, the woman said they had one RV spot left, but it was in camp S, which was on the “other side” of the lake from the cookoff. She said, “there’s a bridge, you can walk to the other side where the cookoff is”. Ronnie had his doubts but I’m saying,… it’s the only one they have,… I need a/c,….we can make do! We pull in camp S. We are in #4…. Only 15 spots up to the bridge, but, only 10 feet from the bank of the lake! The water was only chest deep all the way to the other side, so, I made do!

On “the other side” there were vendors with snow cones, kettle corn, lemonade and other goodies. Ribbons of Love had raffle tickets for a really neat custom golf cart & a Big Green Egg, plus 50/50 tickets. Amoung all the campers were 68 teams entered in the bbq competition.

Awards were in the amphitheater on a big stage with a good PA system.
The bean winner got a 20 lb bag of Casserole Beans……..Ronnie won’t have to buy beans for a while!……Look out Jeff Wyatt! LOL

As always, thanks to Dana, Matt and all those that helped in the judging area. Congrats to Ronnie Wade GC and Junior Urias Reserve.   Jenna (our rat terrier) and I, had a fun filled time, at, and in, Buffalo Springs Lake!



UPCOMING PIT added money events:


PHBA             Lubbock         9-5/6   Red Raider BBQ


RGBA                        Blanconia       10-17/18       David Loosemoore Foundation BBQ


STBA             Kirby              11-07/08       TylerQue


All IBCA/PIT memberships must be current for 2015 as of 8-31-14.


TOP COOK POINTS  Effective September 1 the points will count from September 1 through August 31st of each year – this is the IBCA fiscal year.   2014 Cook of the Year ends August 31st.


Good Luck to all.


Remember – the IBCA added money will be at the Briscoe County BBQ, Silverton, TX  September 19/20 this year.    The IBCA Invitational will also be held at this event – this year’s meat will be Beef Short Ribs.  It was voted on by the BOD to move the added money each year into the different PIT areas.  Upcoming locations will be announced.


Thank you for supporting IBCA!!!